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Cute Meowstress Sluts!

>Monster Hunter: World
[3/21] Deviljho and weapon rebalancing in update 2.00 -

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.
Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Small Monsters - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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>making new thread before it reaches bump limit

Hunt smart!

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OP's pic is telling this is the /bbg/

Delete this.

>deco sniping
Reminds me of 3U charm sniping, fuck I'm getting too old for this shit. Fuck it.


god bless you user

get fucked discord pedo

>implying I like XX trash
lmaoing at ur lyfe

I fucking love these

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It's exactly the same as 3U charm sniping. It's also basically mandatory unless you want to spend 3 bazillion hours to get more than 1 attack gem.

This post should be pinned so GSfags can shut the fuck up.

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discord hates xx, get a new boogieman

>Japan goes offline
>tfw no tempered elder dragon SOS's
why all these poopie investigations, laddies?

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>discord hates xx
hello discordlet

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>Monster is sleeping and bombs are planted
>Watch GS user do his gay dance to get the third hit of his combo off
>He misses

Why are GSbabs so shit?

did i good?

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>pasting a discord logo on user's comment means he's from discord

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There was a small mistake in the Boost GS time

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Westerners are selfish and greedy, shitty players as well

Hello hi yes hello

I have just got this game, what am I in for?

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>commas instead of decimals
why are there still countries that do this shit?

this needs to be the next OP image

>saying discord hates XX means they hate XX
hello discordlet
how are your XX hunts going?

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Hit monsters while and don't get hit yourself.

If you guys aren't trying to run TAs why the fuck do you care so much.

go ask your friends at reddit and they'll help you get started

I bet you use LS/DB

Is Great Wyvern Jawblade stil viable in this shit flinging contest between Anguish and Jagras III?

This perplexes me since the 9* event quest for collecting tempered elder tracks is still up. I have near 40 different quests sitting in my log by now, but i'm assuming the quest is either gonna come back or outright stick around during all of the spring event.

this is upsetting me. don't ever post five fingers again

>tfw need to farm arena and there are no arena rooms

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Do one for the great wyvern jawblade.


we need this id in the OP

There's a monster covered in bones in this game! Yes! Bones!! Have fun!

p.s. do not hurt him!!! capture only

For the same reason burgerland still uses the imperial system

So assuming a generic frostpeak weapon and a generic mantis weapon:
Mantis: 330 raw * (1 + .80 WE3 and CE3 * 1.4 CB) * 1.39 purple = 605.484 effective
Frostpeak: 370 raw * (1 + .85 WE3 and CE3 * 1.4 CB) * 1.32 white = 654.456 effective

However, Frostpeak needs sharpness + 2 to reach white and Mantis has it to start with and only needs sharpness + 1 to have more hits of its highest sharpness that Frostpeak, so you could stick a lot of other skills on it.
Assuming perfect charms, I got these for perfect sets for each using Athena's ASS:
Mantis: Sharpness+2, CE+3, Challenger+2, Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost
Frostpeak: Sharpness+2, CE+3, Razor Sharp, Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost

Which gives us these for damage calculations
Mantis (no rage): 330 raw * (1 + .80 WE3 and CE3 * 1.4 CB) * 1.39 purple = 605.484 effective
Mantis (rage): 350 raw with Chall2 * (1 + .95 WE3, CE3, and Chall2 * 1.4 CB) * 1.39 purple = 671.37 effective
Mantis (average): (605.484 + 671.37) / 2 = 638.427 effective
Frostpeak: 370 raw * (1 + .85 WE3 and CE3 * 1.4 CB) * 1.32 white = 654.456 effective

From what I can see, Frostpeak wins out, but it has less of its highest sharpness compared to Mantis and only 50% rage uptime on a G rank monster is pretty generously low. If you're using something like a GS that needs very few sharpness skills, Frostpeak is almost definitely better. I also didn't count in the ice element, but that's kinda negligible on most weapons and situations. If I could have done it with better skills or made any mistakes in my calcs then let me know.

Post build pls.
(I want to love it too)

You did not smart.

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Isn't that room going to be gone once the April update hits

haha but imagine if all he monsters were cute asian women with bare feets and big booties haha

So when you made armor and weapons they would also be cute girls making angry noises as you swing them haha

Does sticky ammo knockback melee? Causes a ton of stun damage, but if it knocks melee back from some bosses only weak point, it’s useless

What do you mean "record your results?"
Like figure out what combination makes an attack gem or what?

Okay, I will do my best to hit monsters
I don't have any friends on reddit
Capture bones? Sounds cool!

Also I see a lot of cat companions, can I have a dog companion instead??

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in past games, it did, but no longer. go nuts.
dai-onigashima with a crag set (slugger 3, artillery 3, eat for bombadier, xeno set bonus) is great fun and the highest KO possible in the game

haha but imagine if gems were all cue asian girls with bare feets haha

If only the botanical garden tree grew tall enough to reach the gathering hall

>Poison Coat Gem x11

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I wish I could fish in the lake where the ancient tree is located.

I admire your thought friend you are best for making for sure haha

There are no dog companions. There is a big, mean monster dog, though. He'll ruff you up!

Just meld them away bro. Sure melding is a waste if you don't savescum but are you ever gonna use poisoncoat at all? might as well meld them away into more poisoncoats on the off-chance that something decent pops out. I got Tenderzier from melding earlier without savescumming. Miracles happen.

This plz

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>implying april update will even be worth installing

I'm wondering when they'll finally cave and let you have a hunting dog

>when you accidentally meld all your tremor decos because you forgot they were replaced with miasma decos for tempered vaal


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Haha I admire your wide fathom friend please be best hunting.

What affects your ability to stagger/trip monsters? Not stun, like hammer/sns shield inflict, i don't think it's the same as Slugger. Is it just pure damage? I like knocking the monster around with LS.

No dog companions?
What is this bullshit
So you're saying there's a chance this will change?

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This thing seems to burden you I apologize brother for we all will seem at this point as well.

Cats only, I'm afraid. You can also play without your kitty if you want.

the answer for sure has to do with the end in which the weapon follows the tree after hunting the monster who resembles a large hawk correct?

>join randumb sos
>run isn't going as smooth
>1 guy leaves the quest 5 mins after he joins
>we complete the quest 2 mins later
Why would you waste 5 mins of your life just so you can save 2 mins? What's wrong with people?

Alright, let's have it:

What's the most petty reason you've kicked someone?

For me
>Fighting Tempered Kirin with a bow and two melee fighters
>My character is on the ground yelling I CAN'T MOVE
>We're in a pretty cramped space and I'm right adjacent to Kirin
>Nobody helped me up and when I automatically slowly staggered back onto my feet, I got zapped
>Kicked the bowfag because I know how easy it is to turn your bow and shoot your immobilized ally

Haha quite a humorous tale hunter indeed I am kept on the edge of my chair during this time of thinking.

shit, i went and made the Jho HH, the thing is I've never played the weapon, and i have no fucking idea of what armor is good to get used to it

It's not something I'd hold my breath on but the chance is greater than zero

If you do your cat's little sidequests he can learn to temporarily recruit small monsters, but they're not especially useful

>carts your 1faint investigation

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Will it be objectively worse if I play without a cat tho?

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we should not take the gameplay to a physical level friend this is a morality flaw.

you can have dog companions

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>Minmax fags
Bow is suffering.

>Need +5 Constitution
>Need +3 Stamina Surge
>Need Level 2 Rathalos Power
>Need Weakness Exploit

>kicking someone else because you got stunned

Kill yourself shitter

C'mon mannn

obviously. a cat with a coral horn, or anything really, is amazingly helpful.

>carts your 1faint investigation
haha quite humorous picture friend may I borrow this for later personal use to indeed post?

!I wnt t giv ms cata b wte dutl yks

It'll be pretty tough, yeah. The cats are very helpful.

There wasn't even a single cart. I'm confused.

Sounds like a neat thing to do!
Looks fun! Can't wait!
I suppose I can suffer it then...

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>Not taking half a second to be a team player and help your host

clearly we have an obstacle here but the objective is lost to me I apologize fellow poster

have never kicked anyone for any reason
i'm a solo veteran, no matter how dead the weight, i can carry them.

dodogama pls

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Tremor 3, Flinch Free 1, and Blight 3 are all unironically bigger DPS boost than meme attack boosts

Sounded like he got paralyzed in which case a bow can't do anything about as far as I'm aware.

it seems like you are getting a lot of worldsperm/trash players replying to you.

cats are mostly useless. you'll get better faster without one.

To kick a fellow for burden of gameplay is a morality flaw such as psychical abuse may not be tolerated.

Ha this dog has quite the face of wonders ! I do wish to visit this feeling in my own time away from others hhhhhhhhhhh ('w')

Trying way too hard to replicate the haha meme.

There are better.

11 of those is nothing. They're some of the most common decos.

>To kick a fellow for burden of gameplay is a morality flaw such as psychical abuse may not be tolerated.
Did you reply to the right post?

Did I do something wrong in the discussion? I apologize for my manner

oh my god
are you japanese?

Why flinch free 1 and not 3?

Please I only care for your safety and that of others do not kick the fellow hunter again

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>near-perfect play

also holy fuck you can use foresight so early now.

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I might try it when I get the chance, I've only just started!
I'm sorry, what?

Also also, Can you change the look and voice of your character after you started?

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It is incorrect to release personal detail here ?