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First for lynch all gopniks live on TV

First for anime skins are of the highest quality

did german aircraft cannons (20mm) get nerfed?

at least not officially i think.

nonsense ))))
just made more accurate according to documents )))))))))

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>entire team sits at this part of the map and gets in a snipefest with the enemy team while they take the caps
>every time

worst map?

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>tfw 38th Parallel is just as bad if not worse
Karelia at least has the benefit of being a CBT map, 38th Parallel has no fucking excuse to be as awful as it is

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They got a slight nerf

Threadly reminder that the la-200 is garbage and the F-84G is superior to the yak-23

just j lmao

>mfw my tiger survives multiple bomb and rocket attacks by assmad cashitters

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>muh six gorillion tiggers

>another day in the life of a Tiger 2 H
>your median speed is 15km/h
>get shot at two kilometers away by a Black Cat, breaking your gun
>40 seconds repair time
>get shot in the gun by a T54, taking out the gun, breech and the gunner
>60 second repair time
>Strv shoots HESH into your UFP, killing the driver and transmission
>30 second repair time
>T34 rounds the corner and sends you into the shadow realm
>this is after four Lorraine 40Ts drove past you and flanks the rest of your team nottin personnel honhonhon)))))))

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>a cheater is doing a questionnaire on /r/warthunder
>anton not in sight

>42 days until Victory day.

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no cheats
why confront wargaming shill
bad PR ))))


>dogfighting with a fucking f2a as a Bf109
>hit him with cannons and MG, score a few hits but nothing is happening
>he drags me to his AA and I get hit, we engage in a quick scissors and he hits me once before i disengage, can't pull up in time and hit the ground
>he gets kill credit

yeah the german 20mm feels like it got bopped hard, i can't score air kills with it for my life.


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>F-8 Crusader
I cannot imagine the amount of ))) that it will suffer

I wonder what happens on april 1st....

gib proofs
I can't wait for it to perform like dogshit because gaijin is asshurt that the russian navy is laughable while technical mods tell anyone trying to fix it that an extra 10km/h is meaningless and the official documents are wrong

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Could just be the A-7

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kill yourself

but its still a carrier plane regardless, so still subject to being made shitty

>Corsair II before Crusader
I would fucking put a bullet in Anton's head I swear to god. "engine can't handle supersonic" my ass

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*is unbeatable*

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>that fucking 2004 tier graphics
new engine tovarish gaem looks good)))))))))
can't make new engine becasue 99% of russian players won't be able to play((((((((((((((((

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How long does April Fool usually last? 3 days? A week?

>tfw soon GuPniggers will be showing themselves with user skins, making themselves easy targets for me to """accidentally""" bomb in my Arado or tier equivalent

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It's funny how WoT just had graphics update that made it look much better than WT and run even on potatoest potatoes.

Even if its for april first, it'll probably be added soon.

unironically I won't call you a nigger in-game if you hop into an arado and hit the faggots on my team instead after I kill you

12 hours

>don't add modern jets, I don't want pic related to happen in game!

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What are the odds that this April event will be on the level of fun last year had?

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>see post
>hype self up for F-8
>its actually an A-7
Its something.

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I see German MK 103s on here and the 15mm 151, but not the 20mm 151. All the 20mm are Jap.

Stop spreading this bullshit.


low since it will be about planes fighting at the speed of sound AKA boom and zoom niggers everywhere

But the pic is actually of an A-7, so we might not see supersonic planes. Might still be fun. Might even be testing new modern weapons.

fucking when

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non meme answer being?

>it would follow the F3D
I want it but for the love of god I don't want to grind the F3D to get it.

Its not an ingame picture you dunce. Its an actual picture, made to look like it was painted with real paints. zoom in if you don't believe me.

i think a couple days, like three or something

haha april fools idiot

Phantom II and Vietnam maps when?
I just want to bathe disgusting communists in napalm

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Tomcat when?

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>the Black Label Society faggot has been spamming that band for a year
I mean I sometimes still listen to what I liked 10 years ago, but that guy's just obsessed

what should I do

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>gf is coming home from Erasmus tomorrow and leaving Wednesday
>Easter is this Sunday
I guess I'll check out those modern planes in September
not that I complain tho

flying dorito when"??

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Play sim.

>coming home from Erasmus tomorrow and leaving Wednesday
what's it like having your girlfriend take BBC

idk user there's no niggers there, you tell me

what is the point of this dumb marketplace?

extra shekels

>US tech tree gets the A-7 Corsair for tier 6
>Germany gets some faggot CL-13A variant
>USSR gets Sukhoi Su-17
>UK gets Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1
>Japan gets some Lockheed F-104J version
>Italy gets prototype G.91 with sidewinders
>France gets ??????
please make it happen gaijin

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>try to play jets
>two arados sitting at their airfield
>can't do anything because AAA is fucking Phalanx CIWS
They'll never fucking fix AAA, will they?

>>Strv shoots HESH into your UFP, killing the driver and transmission
second repair time
>implying the missile nigger will not send guided nukes your way to finish you off

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>france gets the F-8 crusader

the one thing more pressing than the jewish question is the accuracy of the Pulkzerstörer's gun

Gee I wonder

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>it's that faggot that tries to convince everyone that the 262/50 is inaccurate and calls anyone who disproves him a shill
Everyone hide the (you)s

Yeah yeah new jets, whatever.
I'm more excited about the new carriers we might get so that USN jets are no longer forced to spawn on the airfield.

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>80k away from abrams
>amount of )))) and shitty teams rises exponentially

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>a jet introduced 22 years after the end of the hardship in Europe is revealed
>still no Pe-2 with M-82 engines added
Have we forgotten why we survived?

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>carrier planes
bad post ((((((((((((((((

>F-86F-40 faggot chose a new plane
Please go away.

>Pe-2 M-82
Right after we get a B-25 with carrier operation modifiacation

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>broomstick tail guns
how would all the weight loss realistically affect flight performance?

There are enough US planes that they don't need to add a variant of an existing plane with only 1 made.

>only one made

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It worked for the F-86F-40, though )))))

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Less weight means the engines don't have to work as hard, which mean it goes faster and has a lower stall speed.

>only one PBJ (USN/USMC designation for B-25) was converted for carrier trials
>posts picture of Doolittle raid, 2 years before the PBJ was converted

>the autist who thinks the B-25s used for the Doolittle raid were fully-carrier capable is back at it again

what the fuck is your problem you autist
you're worse than pasta niggers or swedish niggers

>we shouldn't add vehicles that saw service during WW2 to our predominately WW2 oriented game because i'm not interested in them
this is (You)

nobody cares about one version of some shitty bomber only autists play you retard
go play with swedish and pasta nigger screeching muh tech tree when

They were not on that carrier for decoration or cargo though. They actually operated from Hornet.

They took off and that was it.

if you like it so much why don't you learn how to 3D model and make the model yourself? not only you're gonna get plane you like but gayjin will also pay you

Launching from a carrier =/= carrier capable
Carrier capable means it can take off and land on a carrier. The PBJ-H that was modified is the only carrier capable B-25 and I don't think it was even armed.
The B-25s in the Doolittle Raid took off and landed in China, or Russia.

next sale when?

My problem is that the game does not have enough substantially different Peshkas.

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What does she see?

Attached: sherman.jpg (1000x1414, 401K)

The seemingly endless line of Shermans she has to grind through

At least its a fun grind.

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And its a Russian vehicle, so if Gaijin hasn't added yet it then they don't deem it worthy.

>shill unironically tries to defend the La-200 being faster than 9.0 jets because he can't fly it and his team sucks

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