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it's ahri, who would've thought


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I wanna cuddle Jinx a certain tiny gremlin can eat a cleaver to her throat

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I want to sensually rub KIed's ears while he blushes uncontrollably!

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how do i play zoe?

Dark elf waifus.

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click her in champ select

>Tfw can't carry games in league like I can carry at life

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>pulsefire cait shard
is it worth buying cait for the skin or should I just reroll it.

Also how does rerolling work now? Heard they changed it so you get higher level skins if you reroll higher level skins but idk

Reminder that loitering under a tower with 150 HP against a full health enemy laner with both their Summs is not "playing safe".

Fuck the generic dark elf, I'd rather have an exotic scalie husbando instead.

I just started a new account, why isn't aram available at the same time as summoner rift?

it's ok to be gay!

I want to fall asleep cuddlefugging Jinx and wake up and stay inside her all day and then fall asleep again

Riot puts YOU in charge of designing the Magma Chamber map. What do you add?

Oh no


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They listen to their own board and their own board wants them to slow down the game which makes it harder to carry. I heard they're making it so Red buff no longer harms towers

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Release it once its polished



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loli Ahri

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>complaining about them getting feedback
Would you rather they write something without asking? Go write to them, dummy.

Why do lolis always have the most autistic faces

>Red buff no longer harms towers
it's bullshit, but i guess it kinda makes sense now that demolish is a thing

Switches that control permanent geometry that are worth fighting over like objectives.

Be happy thats not Anthony Burch

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delet fag

Land skillshots.

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>be the one carrying
>every one feeding their ass off with cs lower than their iq
>vote for surrender
>they keep voting no
fucking kill yourself if you are one of these people

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make veigar's ult a skillshot

the d5 police make me question my sanity

I have a d2 account but my smurf is into 50 games in d5, literal coin flip

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every game is winnable bro

>babysit a half-brained idiot all game from doing stupid shit
>somehow you're turned on by them thanking you instead of annoyed at how fucking stupid they can be
Your brain chemistry is off balance brother.

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50% wr should get you d4 in 50 games tho

yordlefags must die

>tfw no lewd support gf

What if it deals dmg to all enemies in it is path too

why did you post a blank image?


>dies in the middle of the lane

>adc and supp both have 10 deaths each
>mid doesn't know what last hitting is
>top is borderline adk
>they keep voting no because I got some ebin multi kill


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no but we got the late game dude dont surrender




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>tfw no smol tiddie goth gf

why even live

>enemy team is getting their shit pushed in
>i've secured and stolen two drakes following a tp from top
>the enemy toplaner is just running around 0/7 trying to make plays to help his team
>they're not surrendering
>we ace them
>team push inhibss
>i solo baron
>they still wont surrender

what the fuck

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>banner of command changed from giving 400 mana to a measly 125% health regen to nerf banner zzrot heimer
>anyone that actually used banner is cucked
jesus christ

>min 30
>enemy hiding In a bush preparing for a wombo combo
>veigar throw some random R

how come 95% of posts are whiny blogs from silvers? is /lolg/ all shitters?

Why did nobody tell me Jhin is retardedly overpowered right now?

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but we have?

What if they made his ult a skillshot that was just like Invoker's meteor from dota?
I don't really play dota but as a Veigar main i'd be down for something like that. And keep the part from the current ult where it gets bigger the more ap you get. Have a super late game ult basically be those Sol Qs you see run down mid lane and despite it's size miss everything.

Tank that can separate his armor into a Morde style pet and turn into a bruiser during the ult

Shield support that can make a shield over her alley then after a while whats left turns into a heal

honorable mentions: a friendly fire cc and ice sliding

Wait they nerfed banner of command again?

When it was receiving praise for stopping turtling? What in the fuck is RIot smoking?

This is a good thing though.

Riot's finally realizing that they can't just let their lore team do whatever the fuck they want when it comes to rewriting champion lore and bios. The public outrage from the Varus fiasco was probably so bad that they're going to change their methods and listen to fan and main-player feedback when it comes to lore & champion characterization and whatnot.

Would you rather have them not bothering to ask for any fan feedback at all and continue moving forward the initial nu-lore summary that was provided on Nautilus's PBE page? (Because his new lore bio summary on the PBE sounded fucking awful, by the way.) Do you really want more Varus-tier lore retcons for other champions down the line?

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>no manlet ninja dog
shit game desu

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>Mid picks Yasuo
>Jg picks Sej
>Top hovering Renek
>Jhin: "We need AP"
>Yasuo:"No we don't. It'd be nice but we don't need it, we have CONQUEROR now"
>Me, Sion Support: "All they have to do is build armor and we do almost no damage though"
>Me: "Okay, so you do 40% of your damage, so what?"
>Yasuo: "Stop crying"
>Yasuo dies 12 times
>Complains Renek isn't helping in fights the Yas goes 1v2 and 1v3 for
>Complains about other team Udyr rushing him
>Doesn't ult off 3 and 4 champ popups from my Q and R
>Threatens to int

Yeah, I'm the one crying.

>they still wont surrender
>your team with baron throws themselves into the fountain preemptively instead of hitting the nexus
>the 0/7 top laner tp's to your base to end.

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I just bought illaoi and played a match. I don't think I've played an easier top laner ever.

are they gonna nerf him?

>how do i completely remove the hud when i'm recording in the league client
>or do i need to use an external thing for it to not be garbage

>no slutty pirate wench

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No, I mean the time they nerfed banner last year by swapping out the high amount of mana it gave with health regen.
I would rush banner on certain supports for different reasons, if they ignore it pushing you get a free tower, if they follow it then you can pressure baron.

they probably will.

Miss Fortune?

>ywn hold hands with Evelynn

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Dumb webm for bakas cut the best part of the webm.

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They shouldn't nerf Jhin because of an item change like this. That'd be horrible balance.

But wait its Riot, so they'll just nerf his fucking W again.

I want to give user a succ

siege tank like in starcraft

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umm she's a slutty pirate captain idiot

you press one of the bracket keys, it's either [ or ].

>he had flash and ghost
>it was darius

Leagues biggest and best bust!

And biggest and best waifu!

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You say that like they're mutually exclusive.


t. retarded Zed that went 1v5 and didn't just let his team poke.

>Holding hands
user you will make her blush

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Best girl.
Best breasts.
Best wife.

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How does Sona stop her fat tits from bouncing out of her dress ?

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I hope not

If you play a enchanter stop go play something else be an actual champ instead of a E bot wich 0 impact.

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By not being real

>Tfw no utility item that sacrifices an item slot to keep a powerful unit comparable to Tibbers/Daisy continuously summoned.
>The unit is another cute girl
So adcucks, how would it feel to be followed by TWO supports?

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polymorph and wild growth are pretty sick for protecting things

i miss being able to play talon

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And then they'll hotfix-nerf the item.
And then they'll never give him compensation stat buffs to make up for it.
So he can be left to rot in trash bin for another 4 months until his next new skin comes along. In which they'll give him """"accidental"""" stealth buffs by buffing his core items and nerfing his counters. And then once the new skin has been out for a month or two, then they can gut him again.

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Want to hone down my drawing skills so pitch me few Ideas I could do during my free time in college.

But user magic is illegal in demacia

How could she get away with using her titty magic in broad daylight?

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>laner buys poachers Dirk
>finishes it in a timely fashion
I'm impressed

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I almost forgot how much fun Olaf is in ARAM. There's nothing better then running down fuckers who do nothing but spam their emotes. A good way to unwind from ranked games.

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Just ask your jungler to play Ivern.
THREE supports.

her magic is conveyed through music

she's also telepathic but doesn't fuckin tell anyone

I'd also give her headpats.

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Azir fucking Nami while yelling "Why are you ganking me!?" And her ADC is back at base.
Non lewds?
Shen and Zed playing cards and Zed attempts to cheat.

What's hard for you to draw user? Faces?Anatomy? Active or unusual poses? Hands? Machinery? Animals? That's usually the first step of improvement - getting good at the things you have difficulty with.

Watch out or Sona will use her lesbian magic to steal eve's titties

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>6000 aram games
>no dark harvest

Ivern isn't a cute girl

Dark Harvest is easy mode. I'm lazy but not that lazy.