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Duel Links General #330

You will fear the HEROes edition


● Latest News
>A new main box "Valiant Souls" was leaked with Paleozoics, E-HERO support, Geargias, Masked HEROes and other cards
>Tristan Taylor will be getting an April Fools event
>Jesse Anderson has an event and is now obtainable
>'Superb' Téa is roaming Duel World until the 30th
>The Chazz structure deck will be available late March
>The KC Cup will be back on the 5th of April
>Dr. Crowler is coming to the Gate and Yami Marik will be obtainable mid April
>A Battle City event is planned, a new Yami Yugi skill is obtainable and the level cap will increase late April.
>'Elegant' Mai will be roaming Duel World early May
>A Duel-a-thon and an obtainable character (likely Syrus) are planned for mid May

● Useful (Duel) Links
>Sites with good info on LDs, skills, deck lists, beginner guides, etc. (Partially outdated but it's the best we've got.)

● Future content (No release date but it's in the files)

● Android emulators (or just use the Steam version)

● A few tips for new players
>You can change the resolution of the Steam version with DuelLinksConfiguration.exe in the game folder
>Create and link a Konami ID to play on multiple devices and save your progress in case of a crash
>Turn your battery/power usage bar up to max in the settings menu for a smoother experience
>When sending Vagabonds, always choose the 1 card challenge because it gives the most XP.
>Decide on what deck you want to build before spending gems.
>Level up Mai, Keith, Alexis and Odion first to unlock Windstorm of Etaqua, Metalmorph, Spell Shield Type 8 and Curse of Anubis respectively
>Don't get baited into buying packs from 'Land of the Titans'.

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>add a new character
>he brings nothing new to the table
Kinda pointless really. Oh well, at least we get some more gems from leveling him.

I'm gonna fuck him so hard he'll turn into an Evil HERO

/dlg/ FEARS the Kamen Riders

K-Konami loves E-Heroes! They won't hit them on the Banlist for no reason after everyone buys the packs!

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After a horrible wave of bricking 11 wins in a row with this in platinum, is that worth something? How good or bad is platinum anyway?

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>mfw I can't afford 400 dollars a month to stay relevant in this game thanks to how often new boxes are released

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Make sure you redeem tickets, there's a good number expiring on March 30th and 31st

Shut up, Stratos

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platinum is full of bads this late in the month

Xyz summoning so he can stop being trash when

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>How good or bad is platinum anyway?
I got out of plat with Samurai.

>3 Gokas
There's your problem

look at mister good fucking samaritan over here

fucking faggot

>Errata'd to death

>Paying that much money just to show up some 12 year olds

*castrates you*

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>losing to 12 year olds because you don't keep you cards relevant

>fully fledged KoG decklist stuck in platinum
i got to legend with ghostricks, play smarter, you know you can do it if you put your mind to it

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But goka is great and summons nephthys by blowing up yaksha

damn, just when I begin to feel better about my skill, guess I'm an eternal shitter

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So what Masked HEROs were leaked, anyway?

keep frowning slut


I started this season in silver and just don't want to play that much. I have exactly 60 wins at the moment. I'm shy and hate playing other people, I only do it for the tickets.

>he doesn't get max pvp rewards every month
Grind to 120 or you're literally missing out on FREE CARDS.

>caring about losing in a game centered so much around luck and RNG
I guess someone has to pay to keep the game running, thanks user.

>I'm shy and hate playing other people
stop being a bitch they cant even talk to you in the game they may as well be NPCs

>hate playing other people
why? they can be either better than the ai or waaay dumber than the ai. do not assume that you will get screwed over by another player, they are human just like you. you may face president trump or a furfaggot who picks his nose

Ok, Goka is Agito Shining/Burning
Anki is either Amazon or Gills, right?

Reminder that if you don't use modded APK you're a sucker.

But I hate it. They bully me by playing stall shit and trap hole. Not that I lose that often, it's just tiresome playing against stuff like this. Generally I think a meta built around trap hole, wave of disruption, enemy controller and anti magic arrow is just cancerous, why are there so few effects that destroy cards anyway, regular YGO is full of them.

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there is nothing wrong with picking your nose


What a cute shota

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please dont pick my nose

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I know, but i need the link for the new version

Stall is a bitch to play against when you're new I agree, I'm grinding hey trunade and komushroomo's to shut them down for the rest of the game's lifespan and I'm almost there.

It's just that i get sad or discouraged easily. Yesterday I bricked often and won less than half of my duels, I thought my deck was shit, I was stupid and gave up for the day. Today I win nearly everything with the same deck. It's like I don't realize wins but can remember every single loss. But thanks for the encouragement, bro.

Do casuals then

Are Karakuris any good? Their monster effects seem really underwhelming

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Don't you think trunade is going to get limited? It's a damn strong card. I wouldn't recommend going for more than one.

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Do the wins from these count for the ticket prizes?

>Don't you think trunade is going to get limited?
No, as it's only a slightly stronger AMA and it's completely dead against decks that run no backrow.

you gotta reignite your joy in dueling familia

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There's only three of them in there, I think they're just filler.

Wait until Ninishi and Burei get put into the game. Ninishi is lowkey the most sleeper OP card in any card game.

>j-just wait for them to add the staples bros

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>Google it
>That artwork
I wanna fuck that puppet.

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Since they forbid construct and also killed my vampires by banning stormforth I'm dead inside. I thought link would slow the game down and prevent extra deck spam, but it only made it worse. Duel Link's powercreep is also menacing, I doesn't look good. I'd love to be as excited about dueling as I was 15 years ago, but under these circumstances chances are slim for things to get better.

The worst part about it is by the time we get them it'll be too late and there will be hundreds of cards that can deal with them much like what happened to them in the TCG/OCG.

limiting stormforth, I know it's limited, it's just that it doesn't make a change for me if it's limited or forbidden.

You can only use this card name’s effect once per Duel. Cannot be Special Summoned from the GY during the turn it was sent there. (1) If this card is Special Summoned from the GY: You can draw 2 cards.


It's the only way to make it unbannable. Although not being able to special summon it the same turn it was sent to the graveyard might actually make it unplayable.


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which deck he gonna use?

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Unga bunga lava and swamp battleguard

Cyber Commander Turbo

meant for

1 S T

>TFW Playing Red-Eyes Ojama Heroes

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These fucking Duel Quizzes, Tour Guide has lost her touch.


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>Red-Eyes Ojama Heroes

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You know it

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Someone post link to leaks

Knock yourself out

The logo ruins it

then how would you know what game you're playing dumb goy

But how else would I know what game am I playing?

And then they'd ask "what game is that from" and your braindead autist self forgets what its even from. I pity your obliviousness

>Tfw not even good enough to be made into an April Fool's event

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How do I get to stage 5 with the hacked apk?

You switch to the regular game, you keep both, right user?

Should I have like, bluestacks and memu at the same time?

He is being put in because of stupid abridged memes, but I'm still glad, the group just doesn't feel complete without him. I wonder how they will retcon him into battle city pt2.

You should have the steam version or the mobile version, the hell is wrong with you?

I don't think Japs give a shit about Abridged

>nips caring about shitty youtube parodies

Then Konami is breaking tradition and actually listening to western influence

>He is being put in because of stupid abridged memes
This isn't Dragon Ball Z, user.

I dont know how is that related to what i say, but ty

Then explain for what reason someone who never dueled and is low on popularity charts is being added to the game

>This isn't Dragon Ball Z, user.

Because he is a (somewhat) of a main character in the series especially in the manga where he does a lot more?


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>low on popularity charts
Konami had a survey a few weeks ago asking players what characters they would like to see.
Tristan and Duke were more than likely to be on a lot of people's request list.

Tristan has been in every yugioh game that I can remember.

I know I asked for both of them to be included
>Orgoth the Relentless finally getting printed in the OCG means Duke Devlin has a realistic shot of getting in now with an actual ace

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“The South shall rise again Jaden”

Jesus Christ 4Kids

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>Based apk chads shitting on Komoney

Where my Dixie boys at?

>the day I duel a nigger is the day a tranny spirit possesses my body
It was a different time

A simpler time.