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Lion Is Getting Nerfed (And That's A Good Thing!)


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First for Zofia is best girl

how do you play against soundwhores?



Post how you prejudice a player by their operator choice.
>glaz or blackbeard
>fuze, thatcher or jackal
>hibana or zofia

enjoy her battered mothers vagina

I will

Why does the F2 have so many good skins? I honestly can't decide which to use.

scum of the earth
>Thermite or Doc
bretty cool guys

are there any standard attachments i must use?

Xth for Blitz is fucking cancer and should never have been buffed

Little smooth-brained bitch bois who depend on flanking and dumb weapons to get kills. Also sometimes a dumbass for running out so goddamn much and fucking dying like a dumbass

Dont really hate any attackers but blackbeard and ash can be annoying

bootkamp more like throwkamp

80IQ plays from BR


anyone have that pick of someone screaming at doki about goblins?

>Anyone playing a 3speed with 100+ ping

smasher chibi

Russia plays with the EU PL or doesn't Russia play at all

There is literally nothing wrong with Blitz

>people saying dropshotting is fixed
>the fix doesn't make a huge change and the small hipfire and ads time will still guarantee kills
Unless they fuck with your accuracy hard a laser sight will still make it viable on some operators.

t.Blitz main

>have to take a shitty attachment and will only work for some operators
>still a lot less accurate and viable

sounds like a nerf to me

>using laser sights

>enemy is behind corner
>he hears me approaching and prefires first
Yeah how do I win this?

>was a fuze main until I bought jackal
>was a jackal main until i got blackbeard

what am i

Don't walk.


shoot through the corner

So it's basically impossible to get through a hallway to the objective, nice

>implying a laser sight is a super disadvantage that will guarantee your death
>implying you get hit with movement penalties while going prone so operators with bullet hoses get super small reticle's making the change do absolutely nothing except at extreme ranges
Nothing will change, you silvers will still be dominated.

i'm not against dropshotting lol, it's not that hard to fight against


Valkyrie should have impact grenades instead of a nitro cell


yet another automatic victory for blitz

>55.5% chance to get alpha pack
Can something be more rigged than this?

win more


are you just saying this because you're assblasted some cheeky valk player blew you up through the floor using her cams?

>usually use voice when playing
>suddenly notice people aren't listening to my calls
>don't think much of it as I continue playing over several weeks
>meet a couple of fun guys to play with
>adds me on Uplay and start playing together a lot
>one of them asks me "do you have a mic?"
>answer yes very confused as I (think) I've been talking to them this entire time
>continues asking me for a response
>realise no one can hear me
>spent an entire night troubleshooting
>reinstalling drivers, swapping mics despite the mic working perfectly fine elsewhere, etc.
>end up reinstalling Windows just to see if anything changes
>still the same issue
>find one reddit thread that suggests resetting audio settings to default
>mic suddenly works again

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>Burger prime time
>Ded thread

I fucking hate House

i liked the first few seasons, but house and wilson were the only characters I liked so I guess that's an understandable flaw

it went to shit in season 4

Whenever the new cast of doctors came in under house it went down in quality.
I'm glad it was removed from the ranked pool.

Always played with a 60 FOV, should I change that ?

74 I hear is optimal for acog

>he enjoys eye cancer

90 or get the fuck out.

>pick lesion in casual because he's one of my fav ops
>one guy complains saying he has to be lesion as it's his only operator
>team starts bitching too
>get kicked
the vote to kick system is fucking dumb

I'll try that, thanks

90 feels horrible for some reason

I litereally had the same question 5 minutes ago and just changed it to 74 lol. Got a 4k first round so may be good :^)

Pretty chill guys with an unusual hatred for drones. Likes Frost players
Quiet fuckers with uncanny aiming ability. Hate it when Lesion players put their mines near their traps, stealing their kills.
Well-meaning but usually incompetent
Always rushes the objective, always get tilted if their K/D isn't 10/0

hold alt

They can still hear this

Quickly tested 75 in thunt and it felt nice, not as wide as 90 and not as narrowed as 60, is nice

Main caviera

>Pretty chill guys with an unusual hatred for drones
Shit this actually applies to me. I'm always hunting and spraying the little rolly shits

So any reason why Frost's smg doesn't have a holo, like no acog I can understand but seriously even her shotgun has one. I hate using reflex and red dot

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soundwhores can hear caveira, her ability makes still noise

>wantinf a big ass circle blocking your view

Yes indeed, I like the feeling but sadly the game looks worse.

What graphic setting are you using ?

>Little smooth-brained bitch bois who depend on flanking and dumb weapons to get kills.
You know this just tells us that you're a retard that doesn't keep his head on a swivel.

Texture filtering 16x
Lod max
Texture quality max
Shadow high
Everything else off or low

Vote kick just needs to be disabled when there's a 4 man squad.

Using similar settings but it doesn't feel like looking worse. What do you mean by worse ? Only thing I noticed was the AA, seemed changed but that may be just me

>Playing against noobs
>Lion scan lets me know there's a Rook on other side of unreinforced wall
>Breach charge
>Because he doesn't have his ass cheeks spread right against the wall, it doesn't do shit
This achievement will actually be the death of me

>not getting it by accident
It'l happen eventually champ, just keep at it.

Everything looks smaller (duh), more white outlines at edges and the perspective doesn't feel like you're watching through somebody's eyes

Operators that are mistakes and should never have been added to Siege

Prove me wrong.

Too busy playing the game, copper

Poor chonk was doomed from the start. Blitz is fine

All shield ops were a mistake.

is it worth it doing ranked

Yeah, but only in small bursts.

>First Ace as Smoke on Plane
Shit that felt good. His SMG is a beast

definetly, its a lot faster and a lot more fun than casual, you learn so much more so fast, just try to imitate what kills you and youll get better FAST. The only bad part about it is that you dont get to play all the maps,which sucks since I actually like some (Plane

>Ranked bomb
>on defense
>only Doc left against a Monty
>15 seconds left, Monty has to plant
>Monty plants and wins

I hate placements so fucking much

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Placing gadgets and reinforcing walls is what's weird for me at this FOV

Also every operator is suddenly 3 speed

Shadow high or low?

Toxic offense for oof, when?

>3 speeds are now 5 speed
I get why things look so fast now in pro league

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The OP states that shadows are only working for static objects on low and that you should have them on medium at least to gain intel in certain situations, but for me medium shadows don't work on operators as well, so I need to enable high.

>game is actually fun now

>Montagne being a pussy and not going in a room first with shield deployed
Fucking shitters

I wish. I still either breeze through matches or get utterly destroyed, no inbetween

have any of you read a single Tom Clancy book?
People should not be allowed to play Siege unless they read Rainbow Six

>reading literature
get out of here

>knowing how to read

>Tom Clancy book
Come on now, they're barely novels

>rainbow six
PIck one

>Rainbow six
>not philosophy literature

I wish I looked like Ela :(

your shitposting is literature, so why isn't Clancy in your oppinion?

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Jesus how retarded are people playing outbreak? i had people trying to kill zombies all in the same door when the objective was to move on, or when is time to defend something they just run off and to the other side of the map

a roamer will always roam

writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography, and essays.
My shitposting is definitely not literature but so is Tom Clancy's body of work.