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Post girls that are DEAD

New Robin alt incoming



Kagero is my wife.

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This is the month of rolling for colorless.

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thread tailtiu!

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nice bunny

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I love Micaiah!

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Selena when

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[mad scientist laughing]



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Haha, yeah, all dragons are automatically assigned to being shit cuz of ebic Alm bro!

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She looks so much better in this pose.

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after brunnya GHB

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fuck selena, i need duessel

*smiles at death*

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Legendary F Morgan?

I want Fire Emblem Party.


>Belgion Bridge
>Arena Ferox
>Altea Castle
>Mila Tree
>Castle Shirasagi
>Nabata Desert
>Tower of Valni
>Serenes Forest
>Dread Isle
>Doors of Destiny
>Mount Garou


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ONE (1) HOUR THIRTY (30) MINUTES until Olivia!

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Why hasn't Intelligent Systems/Nintendo capitalized on the the popularity of FE: Heroes and released all the Fire Emblem games that were Japan only in the West?

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I want pussy.

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I want to start a family with Celica

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Because it won't make as much money as a Robin alt.

>Is the Nino we summon in Heroes a younger version of her FE7 self?
>""I'm Nino, a member of the Black Fang! Oh, well...I guess these days I'm just a regular ol' mage.""

There is literally nothing NoA hates more than niche games.

I like Hana

When will I finally pull my wife, Catria, instead of trash like Ninian

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what will you do to her when you get her?

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Because they all suck (lol

Cum inside Cumilla!

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Send her home.

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Marry her

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user who posted "How" last thread. Thanks for mentioning fliers, I forgot I could use that for the annoying part.

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Blue Mages: Pacebabby glass cannons
Red Mages: Slow, sometimes bulky heavy hitters
Green Mages: ????

>Do a simulator
>Get nothing
I'm starting to worry

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That's my wife

Bully her and give her shitty skills like obstruct and defiant res

>Red beats green


>H!Nowi rides a broom
>Myrrh has wings
>F!Grima has hoverboots
who will be the blue flier that doesn't ride a wyvern/pegasus to complete the team

Cherish and bully her

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don't talk to me
or the santa claus me
or the corrupted dragon me
or the genderbent me
or the genderbent me at the beach
or the legendary genderbent corrupted dragon me
or my son
or my daughter
ever again

>Blue Mages: Pacebabby glass cannons
>Red Mages: Slow, sometimes bulky heavy hitters
>Green Mages: Mage spikes for blue mages to stab themselves into

I can't believe they released zero gameplay trailers. My buying a Switch now or waiting until FE16 depends entirely on how good she turns out.

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Tine is better.

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best gay FE character?

What colour will you roll for on the b8?
I will focus on red and dip into blue if no red came up.

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Don't worry user, I wrote my own simulator and according to that you can expect about 7% of your units to be colorless, if you're sniping colorless orbs, so there's about a 2% chance of getting FGrima.
Isn't math fun?

Is this just one giant buttplug?

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ask her how she got so fucking Veeky Forums I mean goddamn check out those wide shoulders

>press snipe button
>takes a long time to give you a result
I know it's not real but please don't remind me of the time I tried to get Vanguard Ike.

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>fully built flier team with merges and an S rank
>I forgot
This is a weird way to brag


Why does she look like a kid though? Because in her supports she starts about love and fucking. Kids shouldn't be knowing about those things.

Everything but blue.

>Green Mages: Stop using Reinhardt already you faggots

I want to RAPE Xander!

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That's silly, we know Kiran shoots Bartres, Firs and Ests at people

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She's like 12. Kids know about those things at that age.

Legendary Hero Galzus next month

>Make a new unit that counters every unit in the game except like 4
Haha fuck you too ISIS.

Sigurd's JP voice is the most generic voice I've ever heard.

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Small boy Ike using a lance as pogo stick.

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>Why does she look like a kid though?
She's only slightly younger than lyn and around rebecca's age.
>Kids shouldn't be knowing about those things.
You aren't giving kids enough credit.


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Every melee attacker with speed buffs counters Grima.


Wow, this is the first TT I've actually got all the rewards from. (Not counting the minis of course)
How the hell do some people have the patience/free time to get 100k on the first day?!

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Blue mages: Blade
Green mages: Raven/Owl
Red mages: ?????

Artoria would be proud

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sad how she leaves her kids behind and beomes a sex slave

Rape Olivia!

it's easy if you have a strong core team thanks to autobattle
every trial after the first was a mistake

Let me BREED this dragon

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Probably Leon or Shinon.

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It's not too bad if you just entertain yourself some other way while doing autobattle. I image some whales could autobattle lunatic 7 which would make things go very quickly

Anyways, grats user.

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This is why red mages are the worst in the game.

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now give them all ryoface

>Kids shouldn't be knowing about those things.
Only because you are a slow one doesn't mean everyone else is. Especially in a medieval setting.

>do free roll on miracle banner
>get Mist
>game asks me to rate it on the play store
Did it always do this? This is the first time it's ever asked me to do that.

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Why did Tharjafag S-rank Alfonse?

I'm not new, I've been here since Fates was first announced in Japan, I just haven't paid attention to that faggot like any other sensible person would have done but now I'm insanely curious at his seemingly mentally erosive behaviour

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So what would happen if like, Robin impregnates female Morgan when she time traveled? Would that create some time warp?

>There is literally nothing America hates more than niche games.

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Turning Cumilla into a mother!