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Year of the dog!

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Brick is our ____ !

Akiha Repellant.

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Did you wish her a happy birthday, /fgg/?

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you can just ignore things like air legs or xx sbk combos. as a beginner you won't need them, you can just do basic chun li stuff to win and learn all that other optimal stuff later


imagine being Mai

>imagine being unironically based mentally ill flat sniff vappa anime capcombro tripfriend... in itally

*closes it out with a midscreen instant overhead*

watch your dome, asswipe

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Ram Ram.

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who is the most anime character in jive?
Juri? Abigail?

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Any arcades in SoCal that have tekken 7?

broski looks like THAT...

Jam it in Jam.

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Everything's coming up Birdie.

yeh i WORK OUT at the LIBRARY


>imagine based irl big body goober sniffing BASED big gooby tits right in ya head rent free

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we dropped her senpai

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I just look for lewd OPs to find /fgg/ in the catalog nowadays.

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She's a fucking retard but she is 100% correct here.

So, should I have an /fgg/ get together at EVO in my hotel room?

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My brothers STILL won't play nitroplus blasterz with me...

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>tfw occasionally end up in gbfg

PSN? I'll play.

u wanna b crazy

Yah, they got their high quality sniffs too.

>tfw no motivation to learn pad because I can just use keyboard, but I don't want to be too hard on keyboard
what do?

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"Sfv is one of the worst fighting games I ever played" - /ourguy/

be like me and just dont play

Just play pad

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But it reduces her hurtbox so it's a buff

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get a high quality keyboard that won't die from normalish use
or buy/build a hitbox for a control experience that's like keyboard but better


The deal is over, but not the passion

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Kek Imma gonna use that

Alright! I suck though so be ready for easy wins.
Just one second.

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What does he say about anonymous?

>The deal is over
huh? andrew house doesn't work for playstation anymore. that's what he means.

"Fantasy Strike is THE best fighting games i ever played" -/ourguy/

Lets be honest a fuckton of people are that shallow to bitch about something as small as an optional tit cup reduction (way more boob buff mods then boob pettankoing mods).

he wishes he could have made it "blacker"

Depends, are you under 5'9 and hairless minus your scalp? Preferably bleached asshole too.

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>people are mad when BASED Chadigail already exposed that fraudulent cheslet

I dunno, man. The fact that you have Sajam, James Chen, and UltraDavid doing high-profile commentary shows it's definitely putting on a face.

he's too old to shitpost

why are people who like big tits such brainlets?

he don't suck dick, but if anonymous does then you do you

Alright unranked room is ready for the rape fest. Thanks!

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Capcucks are LITERALLY

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>just found out that my gf is following broski on twitter

wtf, should I worry?

you gotta have a mix for either extreme to really shine anyway

>DLC characters make the numbers go up finished

does that number include cross platform players?

play kolin

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it's over, say your prayers

Fantasy Strike

I'll play Kolin when she gets the Felicia Darkstalker costume.

into the trash

h-how will capcom ever recov...

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Fuck you dooberz. Jive carries the f-

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>my number is bigger!
>no my number is bigger!
>no MY number is bigger!

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There's one Player Room up, but it looks like I can't join because of connection/delay limit.

boobers (based)

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When does NLBC start?

How do I get rid of ranked anxiety?

this but unironically

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Damn really?
Where are you located? West coast?


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capcom literally invented kusoge though

Are Broly and Bardock going to be tournament legal at NCR?

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Play ranked.




i can tell you are a smash kiddie

they arent legal

>tfw you run away with the points
get dunked on kiddo

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East coast. What's your PSN ID?

When's NLBC

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who’s a good meme character to troll people online with in jive


you forgot to post the rest of the quote
>And then SFV happened...

whens the last day to get ibuki lads


East coast as well.

Birdie, Blanka, Abigail

mika vs blanka is straight up impossible

there is nothing you can do to punish blanka balls

xbox 360 controllers finally ceased full production, prices have skyrocketed to $50+

seems like its finally time for me to learn a new controller

i tried the nacon revolution but it felt horrible, are there any other good ps4 controllers with a layout/feel close to 360 pad?

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>yfw you uninstalled SFV 2 years ago and havn't touched it since

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