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Halo Reach will be played VERY soon!

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You know what droid, I do appreciate you

Fuck you.

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first for forerunners genocide

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Not much for Reach honestly, join me for Halo 5.

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>The Yappening
Really cool concept, they should've done events like this earlier.

Pussy faggot. Should stick to your guns and play Reach. But nope play the literal second worst Halo. For as much as you all bitch how bad it is, you sure can't get enough of it

Really curious to know the artist or what the fuck this is from. I really enjoy this illustration. Anyone know it's source?

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I like Halo 5.

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kill all gays

>Banshee Bomb Flip spam

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That's it, I'm selling my xbox one before everyone else gets the same idea: youtu.be/uv_kGrNhfmY?t=1080

Well nobody invited you to play Halo anyways, flip.

Well nobody likes you anyways, IJ.

Halo is still being played.
Fuck Forge maps.

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>I really enjoy this illustration

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>Anime image
>Invitation to play Halo but with no username


That is all, thank you for your attention. This has been your /hg/ public service announcement.

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Actually the session is over so you're a liar.

Everyone's got some art they like. I like this style. I'd just like to see more of this person's work.


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Come on Chief. Take a girl for ride.

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oh I'll show you a ride

Why is Cortana a slimegirl?




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You are all fucking faggots and I hope you die of cancer

no u

Fuck off and pull an hero you fucking retard, fuck /hg/

What's your favorite Halo game?
Mine's ODST.

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no u

These don't look like humans! They look like worms, or chickens, or bats or some shit! One of them literally has a shovel for a face, and the eyebrows are going over the hair; not to mention that their eyes are 1/4th the size of their breasts. Why are they wearing 18th century french maid lingerie on the beach? Fuck anime, and fuck anyone who fails to criticize anime!

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Next you're gonna tell me Mickey Mouse doesn't look like a mouse.

You're damn right, brother! He looks like an elephant with a retarded face! Hahaha, am I right? xD xD xD

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probably CE

wow, those are some pretty radical changes
is this permanent?

Sounds like it... although maybe not

But either way based on the wording at least they're having fun with it

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Weekend event, maybe because of april fools.

Begone wizard

wort wort REE

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>Tfw no food nipple

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Just ask politely and someone will offer.

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Ah, see? Good (f)art. Found the artist.

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assuming halo 6 gets announced at E3, how long do you think it'll be before it gets released?

Anyone playing Halo tonight?

1 years

ill be playiong mcc soon if u wanna play



what do you guys think noble six's boibuttpussy would look like


wtf does that mean?

what time is it for u now? its 2:30pm ill probs play at 5pm

It's about 11:30 PM for me. I don't think I'll be on at 2 AM. Maybe we'll meet up some other time.


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Replace it with reds helmet now that Kai is dead.

Tomorrow I will. Red and yellow, yeah?

Help /hg/ I had a bad dream

Yeah, scout in red and yellow

*nuzzles you* tell me all about it sugar :u

It was a holiday and all of my family was coming over the house I spent my middle school years in (age 9-13). It was a townhome and the front door to the home was actually on the second level of the place, it lead directly to the kitchen and to the living room. Since the front door was on the second level, we usually used the door in the garage (on the first level to get in and out of the house) Anyways, the front door was a thick wooden door and a glass door behind it. All of my family was inside the living room doing family stuff and I had to take my dog out. For whatever reason, I decided to go out of the front door, no one has used this door today. I noticed that my mom had apparently left it unlocked, I was really confused by this because my mom was very conscious of this sort of stuff. As I was thinking about why the door was unlocked, I looked up. For whatever reason, on the overhand in front of our door, there was a way into a sort of outdoor attic, closet type space and it was open. It freaked me out and I knew I’d have to tell people about it. I took my dog for a long walk as the sun was going down and came back to the front door, the door was now locked and the attic was closed. I rang the door bell and people were still inside to let me in. I told them the story and they didn’t think anything of it, even though they knew what the implications of my story were. There was someone hiding in the attic. We talked about it for a second and everyone except my mother and grandmother left. It was around 12 am or so when we were all still in the living room making small talk about the attic. I had a horrible feeling about it. I decided to look for a phone to call the cops, as I was doing that there was a knock on the glass that lead to our deck and the door slid open. A man in an of scream costume made his way in the home carrying a large knife. I woke the fuck up instantly. Important to note that I took Benadryl last night

Well, at least the dream didn't escalate too far from there. But trust me when I say i know how bad the feeling of impending death in a dream can be, even when you cant see the source.

can someone tell me how to start playing halo with /halogeneral/ ??? do you guys have a discord or some shit or what? what are the calender dates? what game?

*fires plasma glob at your bad dreams*

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I want to upload a gameplay vid involving me and my housemates onto PornHub. What are the legalities of this? Do I have to blur my gamertag?

Serious question.

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Yeah, it was more of the buildup that was so weird. I always had bad feeling in that house growing up, there was a break-in in one of the home behind us at one point and I never saw the place the same way. So, to be back and the house in the dream and find out that there had been someone just camping out in our attic, watching us the entire time is horrifying.

Thank you user

We just play bro. We have a discord but its stupid circlejerk bullshit that people don't actually use to play Halo. Calendar dates are laughable, and only happen a few times a year. Any game.
If you want to play let people know you're hosting, on what game and your gamertag. You can post a little before you start playing to let people get their shit together.

It aint rocket surgery


do you guys start out playing halo then like strip off coz its hot inside haha, and then like accidentally reach for the controller but grab each others cocks haha that'd be awkward right? lol and then imagine if one of your housemates had a really nice shave boyhole haha and you started playing with it haha

New leader new logo

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I think it's a missing a bit of yellow on the right (his left) side but otherwise thats pretty great man

Yeah I probably missed a lot, I was trying to not make it too visually cluttered which is quite the task with 343 helmets.


a new era

Very Well Done

Restored Propoganda commonly seen during the tyrannical oppression of /hg/ under the dictator BIG RED

long live Kai! Long live Achilles!

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It's a shame he didn't live long enough to receive it.

this is great

/hg/ should organise a 16 man custom game of RACE in halo combat evolved maps like blood gulch, infinity, death island, sidewinder....

i dont think you KEKS realise how fun RACE is as a gametype, getting in warthogs, tryna speed past the enemy team to the checkpoints and having your gunner blast those following you

I wish I was an elite and had a homolust relationship with another elite and we flexed on humans and their dual-jaw bipedal inferiority with our quad-jaw superiority

also noble 6 would have the pinkest boibussy

now do one announcing his death like half skull half helmet or something.

I saw him online last night in a party with IJ

Impeach. Red. Now.


Yes, 343 raped what is possibly one of the dullest game franchies in the history of game franchies. Each game following the emotionless green husk and his blue sidebitch from the UNSC as they fight repetitive bullet sponge villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the repetitive forerunner architecture and formulaic enemies, the games' only consistency has been their lack of excitement and inneffective use of NPC AI, all to make shooting genocidal aliens non-threatening.

Perhaps the die was cast when 343 vetoed the idea of the Halo games being a trilogy, they made sure the series would never be mistake for a work of art that meant anything to anbody, just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for Bungie. The Halo series might be anti-gaming, but it's certainly the anti-fun series it its refusal of coherent plotlines and use of pointless themes that feel shoehorned more often than not.

>A-at least the Bungie trilogy was good though r-right
The level design is dreadful, the reuse of the first 4 levels to form the last 4 levels is an insult to the players intelligence and the plot makes zero sense. As I played, I noticed that every time Master Chief walked through a forerunner structure, Bungie made sure to make sure that he would walk through the same structure 10 times over in that level alone.

I began marking on the back of my controller every time I walked down a copy pasted forerunner corridor. I stopped only after I had marked the controller several dozen times. I was incredulous. Frank O'connor's mind is so governed by the command-C command-V shortcut that he has no other style of map design. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Halo by the same Microsoft that publishes the series. They wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are BXR'ing players in Halo 2, when they get older they will be betraying team mates for power weapons" And Microsoft was quite right. They were not being ironic.

I’m ignoring the post above me

First time visiting this general, do you guys usually play MCC? Any games arranged for the upcoming weekend?

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Hi friend

Hello. How do you do?

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You do know Frankie was nothing but a pen pusher at Bungie right? The only reason he has any following/prominence are his ties with Bungie which were mainly community interaction. Beyond giving yes and nos at 343 he probably has little involvement in the actual game development and even then he would be overruled. Hes just a figurehead at this point and a condescending one at that

I can't user. I'm working. But if you post your GT in the club on Xbox I'll play with you when I can

>First time visiting this general, do you guys usually play MCC?
We do play MCC, but Easter is a tricky subject for a lot of anons due to traveling. Maybe somebody should set up a custom night. I'll see what I can do


How can /hg/ possibly compete?

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Would be pretty cool to get to play some H1/2 especially. (I'll probably know better tomorrow if I have time for the weekend.)
Where do people usually play from? I'm from europe so I'm not too sure about the connections.

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So if youre in Europe, it's probably going to be late for you. Most game "nights" start pretty late for Britanons. What time is it for you right now?