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ChaosDukemon Abyss Mode never edition

>Newest trailer for Hacker's Memory:

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>Japanese guide for Hacker's Memory

>Official English website

>Hacker's Memory 20th Anniversary Edition Details

>Interview with producer Kazumasa Habu

The Digimon Adventure PSP English patch has been released:

New smartphone game "Digimon Rearise" announced

Digimon Links/z official website digimonlinkz-en.bn-ent.net/

Digimon Adventure tri. part 6, "Our Future", is to be released 5th May 2018.
Latest Trailer: dailymotion.com/video/x6fzkvr
Part 6 pre-screening confirmed for 6th April: BE AWARE OF SPOILERS FROM THIS DATE!

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters has been licensed by Turner Entertainment for global release. No news about an English dub yet.

>20th Anniversary V-Pet Pendulum details

>20th Anniversary V-Pet details

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>Hacker's Memory OST [408MB .flac]

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>World 1 OST [192 .mp3]
mega.nz/#!mAFSGJRQ!jqLdrMZ5mP6pEWw0J9ti6_aZ8HSOOx5DM1imFcotKkI x

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First for miracle of the universe.

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gimme shekels

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>Abyss Mode
Shouldn't it be Azure Mode, since normal Dukemon is Crimson?

considering writing some digismut.

Gimme non-gay suggestions.

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Previous Thread:

>OP makes thread on fucking /v/
>instead of not making anymore fuckups, he proceeds to shit the bed by not link the old thread
You were a failed abortion attempt. Give my condolences to your poor mother.

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Something with Hudiemon

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1. pick favorite cock
2. pick favorite vagoo
3. cock goes in vagoo


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LordSlutmon raping Ryuji in front of Erika.
And then wiping out her memories and doing it all over again.

Reminder that Meicoomon is suffering the most

>user makes a mistake so people turn on him like a bunch of animals

Sisterly Love

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I wanted to put Azure, but I was unsure as to whether it would come off as non-dark, as ChaosDukemon is a dark counterpart.

Is Erika, dare I say, the best Cyber Sleuth girl?

Why isn't Mille killing Hirokazu here?
Did Hirokazu drug him?

Is there a way to drug Mille?

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Fuck no

Nokia baby

Erika's good but Yuuko is cuter

>the best Digimon girl?
Fixed, and yes, she was.

Yes. The rest are called Cyber Sluts for a reason.

Well, ChaosDukemon himself is blue in color.
Although ChaosDukemon kinda has Megidramon as a split-evo, although I don't think Megi and Crimson Mode can go toe-to-toe

Umm, Mugendramonfags?

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post hentai

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I think that Ryuji going full John Wick in EDEN is kind of a plot hole, because you KNOW that shit would be all up in Aiba and Kyouko's alley

Consensual biomerging!

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Reminder that Erika existed!

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Consensual Biomerging to produce digi-eggs with your waifumon

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user, please. We are in a blue board

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Unfortunately. :(

I'm glad I don't want the Harujin user to spam this thread with gay porn.

>ass crack
I see Kenji is a man with taste.

Not that dude.

That dude's too gay.

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Stop having lewd thoughts about the smol tamer and her big sis

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There's at least two.
Always two there are in these threads, a master and a apprentice.

Thankfully. Digimon has too many fetishists and degenerates for that.

"I don't care what anyone says! You're great, dad! Keep it up!"

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Hey kid, do you know what a monster is?
You should look it up, because you are one.

Better degenerate than dead.

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>the protagonist of a failed video game
>the fandom's assbaby of the worst characters of Appmon.
Truly a fate worse than death. Not even Meimei deserves such treatment

>wearing a shirt with a broken heart on it

>You were the Chosen One! You were supposed to revive the anime, not kill it for the fourth time. You were supposed to bring new kids to the franchise, not handing it to the fujos.

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>Where is the franchise?
>It seems in your over reliance on fujos, you killed it.
>That's a lie. It's alive. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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I would't say they killed it when fujos are the only ones who by the digimon merchandise anyway.

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>Having to rely on a palmon for the zwart D event
This feels like a kick in the nuts

That's not Bandai merchandise.

Yeah, Ruki has one. What's up with it?

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>wearing a shirt with a broken heart on it

I'm a gay and here is my Digimon shit.
My Terriermon plushie and third YuHaru doujin (the one I uploaded and shared here a month ago) is back at my dorm.

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How good is the Terriermon for cuddles?

Pretty good. I cuddle with him all the time. I'll take a picture of him when I go back next week.

Digis you want to hug, anyone?

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I need more non-lewd pics of these two

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I really hope she is dead in the audio drama CD.

>main character


both sexually and non sexually

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You underestimate my power

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Exactly. It's all bandai's fault. If they just went all out and released this kind of shit themselves can you imagine how rich they would be.

Where are all the haruujin keychains, posters, figures, duet character songs, etc. Other series do just that and release couple merch and succeed thanks to it

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Go back to your grave faggot. And take the other one with you

>Romeo-Juliet ending
Oh God no. Imagine if Appmon ended that way? The fujos would be even more fucking obnoxious.

There is no win. There is no lose.

There is only endless gay.

We're doomed.

>Go back to your grave faggot
Scrapheap, user, the faggotron goes to the scrapheap.

>people still think that this isn't a sexbot
More delusional than people who think the 02 kids will have a speaking role in Tri.

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Can /digi/ name every Digimonnin this image.

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I had to refresh myself on Kamemon's name, but otherwise yes.

Mimi takes all the black cock.

But that's canon.


I was hoping we would get through one fucking thread without Mimi posts...

>thread without Mimi

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Too many blacks post on these threads for that to happen. The two Mimifags here are Blacks and they are stubborn lot.

Yep, triple checked to make sure I didn't miss any.

People that don't bare the curse of Ham.



>mfw the OP of N0 gets you hyped up for the story and characters only for you to later realize the story is a bland stale piece of crap filled with one dimensional characters

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We're nerds, user.

Mimi being here all the time is natural.

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*black nerds

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Was Shaochung supposed to be Konaka self-insert?

Why is she german tho?

When's the next Digimon game

3-4 years

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The Erismon game.

Germans love their forests, since at least the 19th century. Being a plant Digimon, she must have sensed this national romantic reverence of green groves and wild woods, and adopted the proper human language to feel at home.
>you will never marry Lilimon and live with her at the forested foot of an overgrown ruin somewhere in the Eifel
feels bad man

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>tfw Takeru isn't the one with the worst fashion sense this time

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After the 2nd Appmon game

I think that was during the time Kyoko was MIA and they had to deal with the interdimensional wall collapsing and the RKs Also Yuuko basically told them to focus on Ryuji since she and Aiba were going after LordSlutmon already.


It playing in the Death-ExE evolution makes up for it.

This is /digi/s fate if it keeps on dying.

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>Patamon has his own little fedora
I can't tell if that's cute or ridiculous.

You tell me.

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Did re-digitize really have an awful roster of digimon that are just animemons and knight gundam cosplay shit?

The first one, pretty much. It had all animemons minus XW, and Candlemons line. Still a fun game though. Also one of the few to have VictoryGreymon and Z´d Garurumon. Decode apparently made things better, but we dont have a translation for that one.

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