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So now that JRPG are making a comeback, I decided to start new JRPG generals.

Hopefully, autism won't kill these threads anymore.

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>not using my devil slime edit

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Dragon Quest sucks.

Alliance Alive cia/titlekey where

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What info should (possible) future OP posts contain?

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Recent JRPG releases (within the last month or so) and upcoming JRPG releases.

But why


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I don't even remember what we used to have. Hell does the current archive even go back to when old jrpgg existed?

We could use this thread to designing such an OP post. But something tells me the regulars of Veeky Forums don't care.

Here's what I got so far:
>JRPG GENERAL - /jrpg/
>Link to previous thread
>"What is /JRPG/?" description
>Pastebin of must play JRPGs
>Recent News of any JPRG at the moment.

Last time these threads were active, we were all shitting on Tales of Zestiria

Is that why they died?

It was a combination of spammers, shitposting, and all the popular series getting split off into their own generals

Literally the only good new JRPG that has come out in recent years is Ni No Kuni 2. This general is dead.

It helped them live. The real reason they died is that shitposting won out over discussion.

>tfw you willl never EVER see a dragon quest general

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A comfy thread on /v/ now and then is all I hope for. The threads today made me miss the commiserating threads a little though.


I'm glad that XI is coming to Steam but there are gonna be so many shitposters coming

Yeah, Steambabbies were a mistake

And sfw porn. So much porn.

Safe for work porn?

>He actually did it
Maybe an update/re-hauled version of this.

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Godddamit I meant sfm.

I made a few. No one posted in them becaus "we have a perfectly good JRPG general fucker!" Then you go to JRPG general "stop talking about Dragon Quest you fag! Generic crap!" and everyone goes back to obsessing over Tales of whatever.

>cant talk about anything ever because there are general for them, even Falcom games now

We can vote on what games to add.
The few that come to mind are:
> Nier Automata
> Persona 5
> SMT 4
> The Legend of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel
>Tales of Berseria

>So now that JRPG are making a comeback
But they never declined. The only thing that declined was Final Fantasy. The rest of the JRPG market chugged along like usual. JRPGs even got more western support over the last decade.

OP saw everyone getting hyped over Dragon Quest today and thought, "oh shit JRPGs are making a come back"

Final Fantasy never declined, XV is the fastest selling game in the franchise

Point is, games like Persona, SMT, Nier, Xenoblade are finding big success in the west

I'd still argue that JRPGs aren't "making a comeback." They are just getting more popular.

how is NieR a RPG though?

After the obscure PS3/360 era, I think they are.

>Final Fantasy never declined, XV is the fastest selling game in the franchise
For the first month. But lifetime sales are going to be much smaller than games like FFVII, X and XIII.

XV has legs so I'm expecting 9-10 million sales

Wada expected the same thing for FFXIII.

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>XV has legs
The game has been out for fucking 16 months and 90% of its sales were in the first month. Are you insane or just looking for You's?

Baten Kaitos didn't deserve to die for Xenoshit

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As usual, charts are stupid. Missing tons of DQ games, missing Suikoden I and III, yet lists half the FF series. Might as well just say "all of DQ, FF and Suikoden."

The re-release of the Royal Edition plus the PC port will make it reach 9-10 million copies

[citation of PC sales needed FFXV Kun]

don't spoil yourselves before you buy my game

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It's getting very positive reviews and if I recall correctly, it's one of the top sellers

I've already spoiled you quite a bit, if you know what I mean, heh heh.

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Too late. I couldn't pass up the chance to follow a ton of artists on Twitter and things naturally got spoiled. I don't mind though. Spoilers don't negatively impact my enjoyment of things.
Fair warning to other anons, I've seen plenty of untagged spoilers in /v/ DQ threads as well, and it's still happening.

spoilers: your waifu is a sloot

>Camus -> Erik

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Greg -> Hendrik
Senya -> Serena
Emma -> Gemma

>people get this annoyed about one characters name change
>totally defended Barbara -> Ashlynn or Flora -> Nera

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Why the fuck did they just add a G? Goddammit Square.

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Because few people complained about the last 15 years of edits. So SquareEnix thinks they're doing something positive. Of course, they never listen to fans so complaining wouldn't have mattered.

"Yeah that's right, Mhoe."

"Emma" is far too plain a name for peasant girl. She should have an Italian name based on the word for "jewel"!

Gemma is actually a fairly common name in Britain It was the 3rd most popular in 1984.

Doesn't excuse changing it but it's not like it's an obscure snowflake name.

>Lunafrena -> Lunafreya

Anyone trying anything obscure? What do you think of it?

I'm playing pic related. It's okay.

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No. After years of avoiding it, I started playing FFXIII. And with zero expectations, I ended up liking it more than I expected.

XIII? Why?

Why what? Why did I play it? Because I had it sitting in my steam account for years and never got around to it. And because I wanted a mindless game to play. And to see if it was really as bad as people claimed, since I seem to have a history of liking the FF games the fanbase hates (especially VIII).

It's not nearly as bad as /v/ makes it out to be. Bandwagon effect in full effect. It's top 6 for me. I still have the other 2 to play, though. I put XIII-2 on hiatus a while back, and I haven't gotten back to it.

Did I timewarp to the 90s?

No, arbitrary name changes are still present in plenty of localized games nowadays. They never went away.

The DQ translations are far worse now than back in the 90s.

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How can they be worse now?

There's a lot more text to change.

Old translations were done quickly and straight, came of as a little stilted and dry. The new translations take months if not years and alter as much as possible and come off as cheesy or worse.

I haven't played a JRPG in a long time but I was looking at Ni No Kuni 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and they both look pretty interesting. For a newcomer, which one of these would be best if I don't mind farming/grinding/min-maxing?

Yeah after years of hearing about how it's the worst shit ever I went into the game with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. The game is actually pretty decent when it finally opens up. The problem is it takes forever to open up. I legitimately like the sequel and I haven't played Lightning Returns yet but I have an unopened copy on my game shelf. Maybe that will be my next project.

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Pretty much. Once I got to chapter 7, it suddenly became great. You actually get a payoff for all the stalling and "woe is me l'cie" babble. The game probably would have been fine in chapter 1-6 if they just delivered the context better.

Ni no Kuni 2 definitely

>which game would be best if I don't mind either one having this specific aspect?
Your taste is way too vague for anyone to answer this well. Why does each one look interesting to you? What kind of experience would you prefer to have?

Xenoblade looks interesting to me purely because of visuals, and I heard something about a lot of blades to collect and I love collecting things. Ive
heard Ni No Kuni has a lot of different mechanics that you can sink a lot of time into individually. I also worded it poorly. The aspects I pointed out are the aspects that I greatly enjoy

Collecting blades in XBC2 is comprised of a handful of sudequests for a select few of them, and a gacha for the rest. The gacha requires you to grind for a currency which you then spend for a small random chance of getting the blade, like a lottery where 99% of the time you get shit instead of what you want.

Oh shit fuck that then. Does NNK2 have a decent enemy or equipment variety?

There's a ton of equipment. You get a piece of equipment in almost every battle they come in different qualities with slightly different stats/effects. The enemy vareity is not very good; there is a relatively small pool of enemy types that are repeatedly re-skinned. NNK2 has simplistic combat and it has been widely accused of being too easy, leading many players to create the challenge for themselves by avoiding grinding, seeking out enemies of a higher level, or modding the game. I wouldn't say the combat is a strong point, though I don't find it unbearable nor think it ruins the game, but unfortunately the lack of difficulty makes the masses of equipment not very important.
Honestly, if good combat is a priority for you, I don't think NNK2 or XBC2 will meet your needs.

Ah okay. What, then, do you feel is the greatest appeal of both games in regards to gameplay mechanics?

Not him but I like switching blades in XBC2. I haven't gotten around to NNK2 yet

Why not call it ni no kino 2 instead

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Is Chrono Cross actually a bad game or is it just a meme?

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There's a reason it's known around the world as chrono bore.

How's the gameplay? I'm going in blind

>JRPG are making a comeback
what? A comeback from what?

I just finished Dragon Quest I, II and III and I can safely say that III is overrated, I is a much more memorable and satisfying game to play and II is utter shit.

Nah, it's just Chrono Trigger fans being (chrono) triggered by some stuff that happens to their favorite characters in the sequel.
The game is legit good, with an amazing soundtrack.

I think this should tell you enough about the OP