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>Persona 5 anime to start airing April 7th 2018: p5a.jp
>Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night confirmed for release on May 24th 2018:

>Groojos are fucking gay
>And that's okay!

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Missonary with Makoto!

I love Anne!

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impregnate Naoto.

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1 2 3 4 that is a really cute door!

I love Yukari!

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I can't wait for Persona 5 Akechi Goro of the Resurrection!

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What if Persona 6 doesn't have a brand new party of teens and instead focuses on the shadow operatives and only has a few new characters and protagonist.

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Elizabeth a Cute!

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>sure was nice of Ren to invite us to PQ2, eh Labrys?

And she loves me!

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Labrys ruins this shot

It would be awful and quickly forgotten.

Would be neat

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I can’t wait to dance Liz

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You guys are such fags, you knew we were having a Lavenza thread and you still made this one and came to it.

first come first serve, bitch

Not my fault you weren’t fast enough

Eat a dick get quicker at making threads

Yeah but Lavenza is shit.

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Remember that time a /drg/ guy made a very early thread and then threw an autistic fit because no one went to it

Better than Margaret

Shiho deserves better
Shiho will always be number one in my eyes!

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No one cares about your shit-tier waifu

>Persona 6 not being its own thing
Just fucking make a spin-off series about them and reveal the unseen ones from Arena. What's the point of making them an organization made from characters from previous games if you are just gonna milk their original games anyway.

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>Ryuji and Ann got caught doing hand stuff to each other in the supply closet during the school culture festival

inb4 the reddit edit

Because P3fags, really really just do not want to let go of their sacred cow

I am growing stronger...

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Do Japanese High Schools really have culture festivals with dating cafes and maid cafes and cosplay boothes and food stands and dancing and shit? Do they also get fucking class trips that last several days in foreign cities?

Why don't American Schools get that shit?

Margaret is better than that broken loli

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Claiming this world-class wonder woman.
Best model.
Most compassionate.
I'm so proud of Ann. I love her.

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>Shadow Operatives game but its a devil survivor style strategy rpg game
I want
Guy who made the persona 6 post here, I am not a P3 fag at all. I played it once and didn't bother finishing it. I'm a P5 fag if anything. I just like the idea of the organisation.

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>Why don't American Schools get that shit?
They do but it depends on what school and club you're in.

But I'm a p3fag and that's the opposite of what I want, I want new stories and casts, nice assumption faggot.

Dunno about the rest, but here in the UK we went on a trip to france for a week back in secondary school.

well, since you asked

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She's mine /pg/

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>Do they also get fucking class trips that last several days in foreign cities?
We got that but we don't have clubs or good culture festivals, so it's fair.

I don’t know about anyone else but I never asked for SEES to be in PQ or Arena or any other spinoff. In fact if I’d prefer if we never saw the P3 gang after the ending. Their fates should have been left completely ambiguous and they shouldn’t have been turned into retards

For Band and Choir we went to NYC

>Got to see Wicked on Broadway
>Went to 9/11 memorial and paid respects
>Went to China Town and illegal bought beer and weed and smoked and drank it all in an alley, then went to a massage parlor and got a happy ending
>Got a horrible toothy blowjob from this nerdy chick who played the flute one night behind a Super America
>Got to play chicken in the hotel pool with a smoking hot chick on my shoulders

Good times man, that's some real memories right there

Idk where you went to school, but in my shitty socal high school we had festivals and shit for the seasons were they'd do that. They'd have stands for games and food and the students would get together and make a haunted house or whatever.

We also had trips to Washington D.C for Honor students.

Just let it rest, all of the spinoffs had pretty shit stories compared to the main game, and that's the level of writing what you would get if the majority of the cast was returning characters.

epic !!

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I'll add it to the collection when I get home, epic post my friend


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beep boop

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P3fags: autistic
P4fags: severely autistic
P5fags: brainlets

Post impure maidens

But P5 already has a shit writing and don't have returning characters.

impure maidens


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Post more robots

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It has better writing than any of the spinoffs

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>P5 already has a shit writing

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Needs a

Sauce me user

you really don't want to know

Her name is Anne.

Her name is Ann.

I'd fuck them all except the gremlin

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No it isn't.

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Records 17 times in a row.

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I do

>Get him out of jail and recruit him
>Instant 500k more sales

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I love Maya!

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One little Fuuka sat on the bed
She got pat right on her head!
user called the doctor and he said
Please pat Fuuka more on the head!


>hey this artist draws really detailed anuses, what's up with that
>oh... oh no...

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*life will change starts playing*

Never stop

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Pat Fuuka! no bonk!

Haha, yeah

Are you 13?

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I love you.

hahahahahah so epic

i'm deez

Fuck you it was clever

F*cking based.

You have to be at least 18 to post on Veeky Forums

>shitposters always meme about how P5 became shit after Kamoshida
>incidentally the exact same point that twitter SJWs start hating the game for not being about their views anymore

Good argument, you really showed me!

I think the next thread should be an ohya thread. She deserves it from all the hard work she did to unravel the lies of shido.

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