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Popular model wins the latest JP Splatfest!
New weapon: Zink Mini Splatling is available! Sub: Curling Bomb; Special: Ink Storm

3.0 Update - Late April
Octo Expansion - Summer (youtube.com/watch?v=jeuEcVZx0pc)


>Patch notes

>S2 gear & weapon lists

>Loadout planner with weapons, gear, abilities, and stat calculations

>List of possible main abilities for gear from Splatnet

>League weapon usage data

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I love this qt

Salmon Run is excellent practice for mastering the stick and gyro for application in ranked.

Does a drink ticket stack with a brand's favored ability bonus?

drink tickets are a placebo

Yes but by about only 1.5%

Blue here! Do you guys have any other Nintendo apps/games on your phone?

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The second one kinda sounds like a child to me, but you're right. I always imagined it being higher pitched than that.

Salmon wants an undercover brella with a REAL sub. Inkmines suck and are useless.

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I played FE Heroes and even whaled a little bit. But now it's uninstalled. Same with Pokemon GO but I never spent money on it and I did play it while working at a pizza delivery job. And then I would hit up gyms after work or even on the way back from a delivery if it was easy to capture or if there was an open spot on my team.

>Inkmines suck and are useless.

How's C rank?

>still 3 days until April


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You should tell us, ink mines are only useful there

I have only played like three ranked games, besides Tower Control, which I’m B in. I’m more a SR and Turfwar squid.


Today i saw a creature of myths
actual C+, how fucking terrible must you be to end up there

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To clarify, it doesn't stack with base ability percentages. Drink tickets simply make it a 30% change of rolling the specific ability, which just happens to be 1.5% higher than favored ability bonus.

Protect her.
Give her lots of praise.

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So basically save drink tickets for off brand rolls only since the difference between on brand and drink ticket is so small anyways

That's Vengeance's job

ho ho

You are correct.



Is this a meme?

How do I get the African sized stingray? I want more girth to fill stages with.

You just keep holding the trigger.

What do you think?

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You play Splat 1. It's called Killer Wail

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>African sized

Did racistanon post this?

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I sort of assumed the bamboozler was a replica that didn't have the original firing mechanism, like a toy musket.


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the jails are gonna be full in summer

Why haven't you gotten 9's yet?

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>being this aasblastdd

Do not allow octoling to nibble. This might send her back into an aggressive state of mind.

bully octos
oppress octos
do not accept octos

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I know that anima was being a douche but you dont need to falseflag

What's with tons of hydras? Did some meme youtuber make a video about it?

quiet, you

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All of this

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Octowoomies are for cum dumping


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I hate to say it...but I've really fucking had it. I just lost 2 fucking splat zones in fucking OVERTIME being up literally the whole game by like 50 fucking points. I can't fucking stand knowing the timer doesn't matter for shit and overtime is arbitrary as fuck sometimes.

Full context

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Not to mention the fucking points system that always works at my disadvantage somehow. Other team had 63 points, we end up at 64, lose it and end up with a 64 +20...like what the fuck does that shit even mean?

It's based on how long you've held the zone.

this game is pay to win

>Makes references to agent 4 being sweaty
>Refers to herself as "oily"
>Has fishy breath
>Makes odd references to smells in general , particularly B.O
>The ink she uses for her gun is a special "low tide" ink, low tide is notoriously pungent and fishy smelling
Does Marie have a fetish for smells?

The penalty is apparently three quarters of however much progress you made before the other team takes the zone. I'm sure someone here's explained the logic behind it before, but I still don't fucking get it honestly.

Yes, this is canon


If it's good enough for Marie it's good enough for me

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>A 28 year old squid=Pedo
opinion disregarded


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Best girls

Damn skippy

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Dumb and Dumber

Cute and Cuter

Someone post the haha image please

Behead all those who threaten woomy
you know who you are
you are being watched

I got this

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Octolings have cute little doughnut holes.

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Exactly, it's something more like this rather than I keep trying to decide exactly how it's scored but I can't fucking understand lol.

Finally made my first S Rank in Rainmaker after over a week of playing this wonderful game. How is this game not more popular?

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I abuse octos, and sometimes yebbies. Woomies are boring.

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it's fanatically fucking popular, what are you talking about

We got Capn’ Cuttlefish’s weapon, how much longer until we get Marie’s?

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I mean comparatively to these FOTM shooters like PUBG, Rainbow 6 and Fortnite.

What would the gimick be?
Indestructible shield?


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What's with all the Pearl and Callie art? I thought Pearl + Marie and Marina + Callie were better pairings, considering Callie's connection to the octos?


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Why not cut out the middleman and just have the octos torture the yebbies?

Yebbies are for woomies

>indestructible or at least very durable shield
>increased movement speed while holding the shield out
>increased damage and knockback from bumping enemies with the shield
>can't shoot

I can't even 100% it.

Whore and Whorer

don't shit on Rainbow 6, it's good
as for the others, Splatoon can't have "mainstream" appeal due to being too kiddy and also limited to Nintendo systems

I'd argue yebbies are for woomies by choice and octos by force

>don't shit on Rainbow 6, it's good
The actual game is pretty solid. The playerbase has rendered it utterly untouchable.

in what way

>Splatoon can't have "mainstream" appeal
Thank God for that. Same with DOOM.

I mean I play Rainbow 6, PUBG, etc.

Callie is pure
Pearl, however...

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Fell from S+5 to S+0 lol feels good almost worth my time to put 100s of hours to get rank x.

you sure about that?

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It's wither super 1337 self important, self proclaimed MLG pros screaming at you in casual over not following his strats to the letter, or you get randomly team killed and or kicked for no discernible reason (and that's on any game mode). You absolutely NEED four other friends, or the game's online multiplayer is completely, utterly unenjoyable.


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cool man

is it wrong that i want to kiss a cute squid boy on the mouth?

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Octos are queens

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>We got this shit map and not Mahi Mahi Resort or Saltspray Rig

Both of those maps are even worse than Pit, though.