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>Winter Danganronpa:

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I love Celes

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Best boy!

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Continuing from last thread why does Chiaki always get the cutest cosplayers?
Absolute best!

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I love my wife!

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>it's okay shuichi, I know you can do this. I believe in you! So you should definitely believe in yourself!

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/drg/ is cancelled until further notice.

Ryoko is a cute!? She is!

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I love Junko!

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Just wanted to make sure you got my dump, Ryoko-user!

gotta give props to the male monomi cosplayer in the middle, what a champ

I love Ouma!

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requests from last thread

sorry if this looks messy

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Please don't post things that make me lonely

I love her stinky sister!

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Me too!

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Oh woops! I was away and didn't notice before opening this thread!!! I will give it a look and download what I like, thankee!


Holy fuck didn't expect you to do them all, that angie looks amazing thanks

>ywn ride kaede
Kill me now

Doing loving things with your Saihara
Giving Saihara hugs when he least expects it
Complimenting Saihara on his snazzy cap
Being Saihara's helpful assistant while he does detective work
Making Saihara tea while he goes over case notes
Massaging Saihara's shoulders while he makes deductions
Congratulate Saihara when he solves a case
Telling Saihara that no matter what he thinks, he deserves his title as Ultimate Detective
Celebrating a solved case by giving a kiss to Saihara
Cuddling with Saihara on a comfy leather couch
Telling Saihara that you love him lots and that he is the best boy
Falling asleep while cuddling with Saihara.

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>that angie booty

based user

Great job user

Found this on my feed and has a giggle

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Very cute! I love it! Thank you!

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I love my beautiful wife Maki so much! Cuddling with her is the best feeling in the world!

It's okay user, I know you're pain

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I love her stinky sister's egg boyfriend!

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I'm going to KILL MIKAN


How's everybody doing today?

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I'm going to FUCK the WinterDRs.

Trying to make up five weeks of procrastination within one week.
I hate this.

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A reminder that Kyoko is the best girl

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Take your shot, /drg/!

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I love her stinky sister's eggy boyfriend's side chick!

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Wait that's a dude?

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Your beautiful wives love you too, and so does Kitty Chihiro! Kitty Chihiro loves all of his friends.

Hugs for all of my friends!

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One of the Sonia's is also a guy.

yeah, the best cosplay in photo

Try to split up your work into sections of 45 minutes of work, 15 minutes of break and don't work on it for more than 7-8 hours a day.

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Makoto? More like Macute

That fucker just put a suit on and called it a day

Thanks for the tips, Ouma-user.
Just wish I got a head start in the first week. But hey, doing it all halfway through the term is better than right before exams.

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This post reminded me of a vague memory of a DR character calling him Macutie. When was this?

Think Syo did that user

Thanks Mikan!

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Off to bed with me..


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His girlfriend was probably cosplaying Peko and he just went along with it despite not knowing what Danganronpa is.

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why is the chihiro in the background the same person

Scary contacts.


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He's a good-looking guy, but it's disappointing that he didn't do anything with his hair, put on no makeup (Kuzu has very prominent eyelashes and to get the "danganronpa eyes" look you basically need eyeliner) and the suit is very generic (it's not THAT hard to draw kuzu's tie design on a basic black tie, nor to put on his lapel pin and buttons). Or this Still, not a bad effort.

> But hey, doing it all halfway through the term is better than right before exams.
Haha, imagine if someone did that!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAyou're welcome and good luck

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one day I hope my kokichi cosplay is posted here because of how shit is it

Maki's killer instinct kicks in and she forces the knife into Saihara's windpipe!

Did you fail? Did you pass?

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Why not just post it yourself and save everyone the trouble?

I think banning circle lenses would do wonders for mankind, it makes everyone's eyes look like creepy plastic eyes.

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no I need a good wig first and can't find one worth a shit. doesn't help that i'm aids at styling

Finding bad cosplays of Ouma is surprisingly difficult, so here's a really cute one!

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Love you too Kitty Chihiro!
user no...

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Mod for MGS2 that replaces Snake with Maki and Raiden with Saihara

>Not replacing Snake with Rantaro and Raiden with Saihara
one job

Which dangans would whip their children?

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Kaito would be a huge child abuser who would definitely hit his kids in public for not making it on the football team.


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Dude that Hajime is gonna cry

What do you think Mukuro's favorite weapon is, besides her knife?

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Her futa dick

sonia bad knees

An assault rifle.

Her Rushin' B P90.

Lifting her delicious, sweaty armpits ouo

her thighs

almost everyone there looks like they're about to cry.
which one?

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Three Sodas, three different color jumpsuits.

fatty on the left

Her Egg Boyfriend's Adorable Face!

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monokuma's intense vibrate function

Souda clones replace the Fanta girls

All cucks. They're also all wearing different beanies with the third guy not even wearing one and they've all got different hair shades Soda cosplayers big inconsistency.
Both of them look like they've kinda got fucked up knees, not that I can blame them wearing those Sonia shoes.

That's Hoshi

Hey... You guys aren't lewding your headmaster, are you!?

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I love Jonko

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ouma sneaking away to enjoy the vibrating function at midnight
ouma smuggling a buzzing monokuma in my pants on the way back to his room
ouma caught by maki on the way who believes he's conspiring with the mastermind


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So did Ouma like Monokuma so much because he knew that Monokuma wasn't the Mastermind? Or was it just another lie to hide how he cried himself to sleep every night

Hell I’m just happy any guys are cosplaying Ouma (assuming you are a guy).

I passed! But it was pure hell. Do not repeat my mistakes.

Dang I wish I was that good at eyeliner. That’s great.

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I love her stonky soster!

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Ouma big bear fucker.

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>you will never punch Toko and Peko

Yeah I don't see many male danganronpa cosplayers so I thought what the hell

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

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If his whiteboard is any indication, he actually hates monokuma and the rest of the kubs.

Beyond that I’m pretty sure Ouma hates the thing running the killing game outside of the mastermind.

ouma having to explain to maki he's not conspiring with the mastermind
ouma's penis jetting out a little spray onto the floor when the vibrating intensifies
maki big disgust ouma big embarrassment
everyone avoiding ouma next morning and monokuma strangely coy

Same, my hand gets super janky with eyeliner. It might just be because I bought it at the grocery store for 2 dollars though.
He likes bear bears.

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Himiko? More like womanlet!

Ouma hates everyone except Saihara and Amami according to his room.
As a womanlet, I am offended.

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Cloning Kuzuryuu, Yumeno, Ouma and Saionji and making them breed en-masse to create a smaller world