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Previous shitpost: >New players read this then finish the game without spoilers:

-Mar 6: Bloodborne is free for PS+ members for March
-Jan 11/2018: Dark Souls 1 Remaster announced for PC, XBONE, PS4 and Switch, releasing May 25
-Dec 26-29/2017: Unused bosses & test areas are now safe chalices that anyone can use - i.imgur.com/3nibNFD.png

-/bbg/ Resource Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1TlAjZSvmE979gbayTvpioT72n5A7_bUjMNCLuOatJTQ
-Wiki: bloodborne-wiki.com/
-Build planner: mugenmonkey.com/bloodborne
-Multiplayer range calculator: mpql.net/tools/bloodborne/

-How to unlock FRCs for spelunks, fight clubs & gem farming: i.imgur.com/0AwN4Lo.jpg
-Gem farming chalices: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q9enxffA3dyKGu6IVg-P4IVgmKSUYSP9UOOiThHmPIU
-Lost/uncanny weapons, runes, and gems: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1syKnSKflHbFiGY4pXkfIeXoMa2Lp9X1aXyme2qaTen4
-How to summon/invade in a chalice: pastebin.com/mjRU01XK
-Edited chalices: i.imgur.com/3nibNFD.png (Unused bosses, test areas, early runes/weapons)

>PVE - Spelunking (anytime someone wants to host):
-Spelunks happen, join em, host em
-Set the chalice to Open and region to Worldwide
-Leave bell-ringing women alone for invaders

>PVP - Fight club (Every Saturday 6pmET/11pmUTC plus impromptus whenever):
-Rules: i.imgur.com/ihd176b.jpg
-Pthumeru: 7hjhf43b
-Loran: jjpkdcgd
-Isz: 9v8qndas
-Hintertombs: 5x3agiwe
-2v2 arena: i.imgur.com/71WOC0I.png

Q: Where do I get/put the best gems? A: bloodborne-wiki.com/2015/10/best-blood-gems-setups.html
Q: How do I setup arcane builds? A: i.imgur.com/73dnuUm.jpg
Q: How to access the DLC? A: i.imgur.com/XaRuxgF.png
Q: Did I miss a quest? A: i.imgur.com/Uzg8XI6.png
Q: Is this game active for coop and pvp? A: Yes

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I'm gonna kms

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Vilebloods have more money, friends, and video games than Executioners!

What is a decent level to do a coop twink character? Also cannot decide between a skill or bloodtinge build, which is more fun to do at low bl 'cause the Rakuyo & Chikage both look pretty good.

I wonder who it is, giving all the fucking bad build advice.

>bad build advice

>you will never have the largest hat
How does it feel, hatlet?
Also, what games do you guys play besides BB? I've been thinking of dusting off some older games, maybe get some teammates.

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30/30 poster?

>game has literal vampires
>no hunter tool that grabs and drains health like Dark Hand

24 for co-oping with BL4+, 32 for co-oping with BL10+. 43 is usual twink meta for invading but it's alright for co-op too, you'll likely wanna go lower for co-oping in Cent/Old Yharnam though

A hunter must hunt? Of course a hunter's gotta hunt! A baker's gotta bake! A singer's gotta sing! You think my stagecoach driver is going to go home after work and zip up his Old Hunter's Garb? No!

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I've seen a lot of bad arc build advice (recommending 25/12/50, suggesting bad gem setups), and some user apparently got bamboozled into a 10/50 Skl build even though he wanted to use Pick and Saw Spear.

Nothing about this post is minutely humorous.

literally what is wrong with 25/12/50? and he didn't get "bamboozled" lmao he was given facts and made a choice. what gem setups?

25/12/50 sounds pretty standard to me m8

>big white church official hat never ever

Right now I was convinced to play DaS3 again by someone from /bbg/. Also been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance peasant simulator and Dragonball FighterZ, bought Broly last night, he's fun and has a great theme. Soon I'll be playing Horizon Zero Dawn.

I can't recommend Dragon's Dogma enough if you're looking for a new game. It has a tough start but gets so, so good. Your first time through is always an adventure to remember, I fucking love it. If you get it, remember to get your eternal ferrystone from the main city, Gran Soren, remember that some areas are difficult, Bitterblack Isle is END GAME but you can rush chests for neat shit early on, don't hire rift sluts in revealing gear, have fun with different vocations and always remember that wolves hunt packs and 'tis weak to fire.

25/14/50 is better for generalization, and 50/25 is better for Wheel.


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I forgot all about that hat, it would have been great as a hidden drop from the one official hanging around in the Research Hall. Even the Choir Loft would have worked.
I actually want to start playing TLoU: Factions again, get the "harmacist" back to work, all medic perks with the Tactical Shotgun. Also maybe start Borderlands again. People keep recommending Dragon's Dogma, so I'll probably have to take a closer look down the line.
However, I've convinced myself to break my personal rule of never buying new releases immediately for Far Cry 5. I'm really into cults, and there's something special about tearing up the secluded Montana wilderness with only a shovel.

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Anybody wanna fight Lower Pthumeru Chalice Rom? I'll be ringing at the main lamp, pass is bbg.

MHW is pretty fun

Is there a comprehensive list anywhere of all the enemies that are "kin"?


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send help

Rocket League is my other go to game. Obviously not very much like Bloodborne but it has rewarding mechanics, high skill ceiling and a fast pace of play.

Pick is useless on an arc build since you already have a variety of other serrated weapons for fire conversion. The only reason to put the extra points into skill for it is if you really like its moveset and plan to use it a whole hell of a lot, because otherwise those points would be better spent on more vit or endurance.
At least he wasn't recommended some meme 18/20/50 build or some shit.

What's the consensus on the Amygdalan Arm?
Trying to decide between using it and the Whirlygig

Ah thanks m8. So I don't know what the singing things with the giant brains and the frenzy are called, but are those not kin?

Kinda bad but very fun, why not use both? They pair really well actually

Amy Arm is good in the right hands, but my vote has to go to the Whirly. It's just too much fun.

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Amy arm gets cool points. I couldn't really get used to using it though. Same for the Whirligig tbqh. Neither was among my favorite weapons.

True. Pivoting from the Kirkhammer so I have that upgraded a fair bit and don't feel like farming too much though.

If it helps, Dragon's Dogma has a cult in it.

Oh my bad you wanted enemies. You gotta check bloodborne-wiki for that one. I'm honestly not sure off-hand.

>meme 18/20/50
Hey :(

It’s my favorite weapon. It’s not very good though. Which is why I use whirligig too.

I'd say Amy Arm then. You'll end up never using Kirk if you upgrade the Whirli

The Whirligig is unbelievably powerful, and L2 bullying bosses is great. Amy Arm is fun as hell, pretty average damage, but its moveset is pretty damn good with wide arcs all around, or vertical fast smashies.

Arm isn't great in PvE but it's godly in PvP, even on shitty builds. Tricked moveset is so good.

They're usually called Winter Lanterns.

Need a gentle nudge in the right direction. Killed Paarl, Witch of Henwick, and Vicar Amelia and can't figure out where to go now

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Explore Cathedral Ward more

See the giant sleeping in the cathedral ward plaza? Go there and down the stairs

Oh! Much appreciated

>have to farm chunks now

How fun. I forgot that this game can sometimes be a grindfest.

Get up in them chalice dungos and it's pretty fast and fun imo

There's no point for the normal Chikage is there? Because the BLT Bloodgems fit into the Lost variant? I'm at 50 BLT and I still feel underpowered.

Getting cucked by Orphan, just realized I missed out on both Oedon Writhe runes from the nun & iosefka, so I'm trying to get up in chalices to get the +3 one to help.

What did you hear when touching the glowing skull?

Normal is for a hybrid skl/blt build

If you wanna use both modes on a Skl/Blt build then Normal is ideal. But for Pure Blt you'll either want Lost to swap a 27.2% Temp for a 31.5% Blt gem or farm 31.5% OoS gems and get the version you have the shapes for

Spend 20 minutes on Chalice Rom and then get nuked by a spell that magically bypassed one of the pillars in the arena. Anybody wanna help with this guy? Ringing at lamp, pass bbg

Just farm the Gargoyles, they're 0.2% and 7 Physical attack weaker.


This. Chalice rom is not fucking worth what you can get.

He's fighting Lower Pthu's Rom.

What this user said. Fuck farming that guy, it's nuts enough doing it once. Had him down to a single spiderling on his last leg of health before a meter shower appeared in front of my shielding pillar

>needing the pillars for chalice rom

Whoops, sorry Zeke

Are Finestrike gems good? What does "open foes" mean?

How do I fight Brainsuckers? Seems like I have to hit them 30 times to kill them.

Heck, thanks man. The guy is just plain more fun with two people... Though that's true of most bosses.

What's the point of the tricked Rakuyo? Untricked, this seems like a decent little sword, but untricked the moves look a little gay. Am I missing something?

So I need some Ritual Blood (4) so I can get into Alling Loran so I can get some Bastards of Loran so I can make a C/R/F.

So this why I get going up in NG's and don't make new characters or just play Dark Souls.

Counterhits, only during enemy attacks and attack recovery

Fire, Bolt, Thrust, viscerals. Their paralysis spells are easy to dodge/strafe, leaves them open too

>Counterhits, only during enemy attacks and attack recovery
That actually sounds pretty decent for a quick weapon.

Anyone up for a Spelunk?


Do you accept shitters? My gems are pretty basic as I have not done any chalices yet except for the basic Pthu and Central Pthu.


Gems for whirly dirly saw
- 27%phys radial x 2
- 27%phys triangle x1
yes or should they be blunts?

replace one radial with a heavy abyssal

Whirlygig does blunt damage? The hell?

Rolling this post:

1-3 Ihyll
4-6 Loran
7-9 Isz
0 Naked hintertombs

I don't care, but I can't guarantee you won't get killed often & get discouraged. If you have Winter Lantern gems you'll be fine

It's probably better for trading weapons like HMS and Boom Hammer, but the effect itself is fairly situational. Would've been better if it also increased instability damage (damage during running, jumping, mis-timed rolling, etc)

Get a Heavy Abyssal, tricked mode has very few Blunt attacks so no

>Winter Lantern gems
I don't know what these are so I'm guessing I do not.

pass = roast

Says I don't meet the requirements to join. WTF does that mean?

You need the chalice to actually join

Oh....right. Fuckin balls. Have fun guys.

Have one & room for another. The Mad Ones above the lamp room are getting antsy.

By the way which chalice is it and where do I get it?


>need to farm layer 3 hblb to get STR gems
oh for christs sake

What are some nice spots for co-op?

Farm chunks directly or just farm insight?

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This BL98 Wheel build wound up a bit scattered. Currently at level 60, with 25 VIT, 20 STR, 12 SKL, 15 END, default BLT, and 33 ARC. I'd have to cut VIT to get 50 ARC... pain

Off to a great start

It's not that bad

Insight preFRCs, jemmjmpi postFRCs

This one is the lower loran chalice and these are cursed dungeons so you need to first beat amygdala and get the ailing loran chalice, complete that chalice, then complete lower loran and get the lower loran root chalice and then make an FRC chalice. It's a lot of work if you don't know what you are doing. I suggest reading the guides in the OP

You're out 3 levels of End from the standard. That means 41 Vit, which is totally doable.


A brain?

Do you have any idea how much your little stunt cost the workshop? I've got two church personnel in the morgue, a bag of dead snakes, now the Feds are telling me they have four Great Ones they've got to cart off. And that's before we get to the little "operation" you pulled in the infirmary.

Damn it kid, I got Flora breathing down my neck! As of right now you're on two weeks leave. Unpaid. You may be a good hunter but you're a lousy cop. Your gun and your hunter's badge. And your trick weapon.

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41 Vit with 2 Clocks is pretty good, 1702 HP as a host and almost 1200 HP as a phantom

What's so nice about that chalice?

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Extremely fast lever and a layer 1 brainsucc boss. Equip eye runes and go to town for chunks

I got Flora breathing down muh dick

Depends on your BL