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The slow death.
Unforseen. Unforgiving.

xth for Prissy Feet

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I've done all pure runs (str, dex, sorc, fai, pyro, dragon), dark sorcery, sl1, whip only, no drops (only items sent directly to your inventory), tail weapons only, dragon weapons only, and some cosplays. I was thinking of probably doing a pacifist run, only killing obligatory bosses.

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Very well.

>pacifist run
like every any% speedrun ever?

So I ended up with a UGS-swinging fella with 51 END and like...27 VIT.
I'm in 120 PvP hell and everyone teleports around so my area-denial stuff doesn't work.
Should I just stop? It's not all that fun anymore.

The remaster is looking fine.

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I wouldn't kill any enemies or npcs, so no FaP ring from lautrec, for example.

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Who's ready for all the fucking morons who will be playing DaS1 for the first time?

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Endurance returns flat-line at exactly 40, there is no reason to go above that.

Someone here did a pacifist run in DaS2 or DaS3 here by summoning other people to help. He only used buffs and heals.

I went to 50 solely to use decent armor while still fast rolling.
I feel like my bigger mistake might've been pumping my faith stat to 30 purely for sunlight blade.

That sounds fun if he stays low level

Wouldn't that basically be letting other people play for you?

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Endurance does not affect equip load, that's what Vitality is for.

This is DS1.

I didn't know Friede had face animations.

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Then what the fuck are you doing playing PvP in DaS1 anyways, it's hot garbage and nobody should ever bother with that shit. If you're not going for backstabs, you're playing the entire thing wrong.

Nostalgia convinced me to.
I still need to buy DS3.

Yeah, but I don't know how you could do a proper pacifist run otherwise.

Sometimes I feel like as a phantom I'm leading children and brain dead retards around
>host points down to red despite only using fire bombs and hiding while you fend them off

I can't wait to protect Priscilla's feet again.

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thanks for the answer, and I appreciate your dedication

What happens if you kill Argo before he can summon the spear of the church?

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think of it as more of a "No unnecesary violence" run. Not attacking anyone but the required bosses. So... Asylum demon, quelaag, gargoyles, golem, O&S, Sif/4K, ceasless/BoC, pinwheel/Nito, Seath, Gwyn. Nothing else would be attacked or killed.

Thanks, I try to make it fun for me and for people here, that's why I ask for advice with the runs on here.

Btw for this club run, should I be allowed to use items like firebombs and resins?

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you could cheese enemies into killing themselves, or having mob A kill mob B, or stick to using Undead Rapport

Spear still gets summoned.

Nothing, Spear still gets summoned. It's pointless trying to to kill him when he dies anyway once the Spear is summoned

You get a victory screen, special end credits, Miyazaki's address and a personal invitation to visit him in his appartment in Japan, shake his hand and have a meal with him.

>katana and shield

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Downloaded DSCM and am actually playing DS1 while human for the first time. What SL is good to get summoned for the gargoyles?

I don't see why not, they're only useful at the start of the game anyway.

>/dsg/ actually faps to this

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of the East

Nah I just fap to scas art of her.



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Making enemies fall off should also count as violence though.

I can't wait for her to be parry-able and riposte-able so that I can spam webms of me styling on her and swinging a greataxe one-handed into her stomach and/or face, followed by pointing down at her corpse and tossing Dung Pies.

>twin princes gs
>awful scaling
>fuse a fire sword with a magic sword and get a fire sword
>you need to play the game 3 times to get it btw

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>Dark Souls Remaster won't have cloth physics

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But you only need to play it twice don't you

If the remaster PvP is anywhere as jank as the original, I'm skipping that shit.

>not muling the post-transposition weapons and scumming back to pre-transposition instances to get it after playing the game only once

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Someone please post the webm of DaS1 PvP where it's just a bunch of Havel dudes in the forest backstabbing each other and then running off to chew Humanities while being chased down by each other for backstabs while they're stationary.

I wish you could actually fight princes earlier
Whats the point in killing dancer if the archives are locked until all lords are down

It does for me, that's why I said I wouldn't make them fall off. If I kick lautrec off a cliff or guide a black knight to its doom, that counts as violence. If I'm doing nothing and someone randomly kills themselves, that doesn't count since I didn't affect their death.

Alright, what about rings?

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>Obligatory Desert Slut for /dsg/

funny how these sluts wear long leather gloves and thigh-high leather boots - shouldn't they feel hot in those, given that the desert thots 'inhabit' a hot desert-y area of Drangleic?

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>DaS2 got a re-release that improved a ton on it and PC got a discount if they owned vanilla DaS2
>people shat on it

>DaS gets a re-release that does nothing but add a piss filter and another phantom and will cost 40 dollars
>omg best game ever thank you Miyazaki please piss on my face

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>Alright, what about rings?

I think some of them are too good, like Wolf and DWGR. In your case the Bite rings would be very good as well. I feel like they would take away from the challenge.

Honestly, having airy pits and privates is probably does most of the work. Anything beyond my knees and elbows more or less ignores temperature, save for maybe my fingers and toes in the cold.

I wish the skirt was more flowy in DaS3 and the bra made your tits bigger.

i didnt catch that, ouch

>people shat on it
half of that shitting was because it split up the population, which in this case isn't an issue since DS1 is almost a decade old

In DaS1 where would be the best Boss for me to get summoned for? Are people even still summoning for shit these days?

it came out when ds2 was still active and it forced the ds2 world to split in two, the ones who were willing to shell out even more money and the ones with a dead game.
I didn't buy both the game and its season pass only to have to pay even more later on, so ditched that game which was trash either way.

>learn about the sen's gate killcam bypass
I'm drawing a blank. what are some weapons that are found, either on corpses or enemy drops, that are only found in sen's fortress, anor londo, or the painted world? I like planning a build with a specific weapon and then rushing to that weapon as soon as possible

I think you're right. I'll only level up and upgrade. I won't go out of my way to farm souls or upgrade material, so I won't be SL 200 +15 at iron golem or anything.

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The bra making your tits bigger in DaS2 was partly just an optical illusion due to it mostly being a push-up than anything else. It didn't even put much on the table outside of a bunch of exposed skin since it's very tube top-like in design. Plus, man-shoulders.

The one in DaS3, on the other hand, actually has visible cleavage since it wraps it self a bit lower down on the torso. Just a shame that there's so little matching fashion to go with it outside of Sirris's leggings.

Is this thing the new CCS? Why is everyone using it?

Post the good one.

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That is the good one.

>taking pictures from Kekxtra
And people use it because it's the longest-ranged light curved sword. Nobody uses the heavy curved swords anymore after that nerf to the whole class that affected CCS and Follower's Sabre.

Made this one for you. He won the invasion.

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Nobody won that. Everyone in that webm lost for being a part of it

Need a bit of advice here (DS3)
How bad of an idea is it to fight dancer of the boreal valley right after Vordt on my first playthrough, SL~20? Really want an item from Consumed king's garden

>first playthrough
>you've looked up the entire game
the best idea is to just end it now

Unless you have Dark Hand or Bandit's Knife, you don't have that much of a chance. She's balanced for at least SL60 and above.

How can you not love that gameplay?

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try and find out

belka rabier

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youll get raped
but its a fun challenge thats worth attempting

Calling it now, the DS1 Remaster isn't going to fix anything important and the game will still be as jank as always with none of the lessons learned since then being applied.

Abandon all hope.

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the first time I played I killed Emma out of distrust and beat the dancer through sheer perseverance solo because I'm a fucking badass motherfucker

that ending was pretty godly

Remember me?

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why are some of the helmets empty when your character wears them

it is eerie and I find it quite unsettling

I googled it ;-;

The game's not getting balance patches anymore, is it?

Sorry, I meant the *better one.

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great suggestion, thanks!

>sen's gate killcam bypass
can you killcam bypass through the gate from the opposite side by parrying a snakeman?

You can't, but you can jump out of Sen's with fall control.

>implying people won't play it for a week and then drop it because they've already played DS1 a million bajillion times
Nice Return to Lordran even you guys got there. How much did it cost? 40 dollars?

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Found the video showing how: youtube.com/watch?v=CF1dACy88Qo

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Here's how to make ds3 good
>turn poise on
>give rolls less iframes

>muh poise
No just make rolls actually cost stamina.

Ds1 is by far the best ds game. What the fuck are you on about?

Based on fucking what?

Based on how everyone hates DS2 and 3?

I know everyone hates 2, but 3 seems to be pretty well-accepted.


Unless you prefer the disjointed, poorly thought out world and slow combat of ds2.

Or perhaps you fancy the uninspired, lazy ds3 and the ability to infinitely roll and stunlock anyone to death with a longsword?

great! thanks for the help

>but 3 seems to be pretty well-accepted.
Only because it's the most recent installment. Everyone here gets bored out of their fucking mind by the time they get to Undead Settlement, and they get bored out of their mind after getting ganked every fucking invasion. Dark Souls 3 isn't fun in any aspect.

The honeymoon phase is over, and people are starting to see things clearer now.

TIL you can give your character some semblence of facial hair in DaS1.

This makes male characters look so much better. You get some actual jaw definition instead of having a doughboy blob head.