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Kerillian a cute! CUTE! edition

>Patch Notes (

>Enemy HP spreadsheet that looks correct until the devs shit on it and don't contribute anything

>Weapon melee dmg stats (before the bomb drops...)

> Legendary emperors drop rates

> Commendation drop rates

>Information about chests and when to open them
pastebin.com/4tpB97Kb (embed)

>Grim/Tome locations
pastebin.com/mKeD7t6T (embed)

>Performance guide
pastebin.com/BKH7pNMy- Graphic settings
pastebin.com/eGYWAFsM- Game hosting optimization

>Mega of shit:

>Deepest lore

Our Legend run before Steam shit the bed:

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First for getting kicked from Legend games as Zealot

First for getting kicked from Champion games as Unchained

Kerillians a bitch.
> She's a tsundere!
She's a bitch and you're a cuckold who can't tell the difference between love and contempt.

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The OP gets bigger with each edition.

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the lumberfoot seems agitated!

Alright, they all face inward now. One of the armored dummies is on his own and the other one faces him. No results yet.

Might as well put good info in there, if it's available

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Post your favourite non-meta build.

Battle Wizard with Flamestorm staff and mace. Whip out the low heat half a second full charge blast to open up, burn 'em down some more, bash the stragglers around, teleport away and do it all again to the next group.

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someone post the webm of Salty Vs Elf in the temple of Sigmar.

Whoops forgot the pic

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rate my nice axes anonymous, they're very comfy

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>want to try out crit-based pyro w/ heat sink
>think "Well if I'm going for crits, then I should pick the 'crits give health' talent"
>watch health all game
>gain no temp health ever throughout the game even though heat sink is activating

>same game
>dwarf player will not stop fucking jumping up into by stream of fire
>eventually wipe at very end
>says "This is what you get for doing nothing and shooting me all game sienna"

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show in game model fuck

> Iron Breaker is har-

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I'm pretty jealous to be quite honest with you.

NEED kerillian r34 lads

will mods fix the nonsense in the game? cause god knows the fucking devs arent

What are you trying to do?

Around elves watch yourselves.

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There will be more nonsense, like stormfiends that shoot gutter runners.

good job at not fixing the links. how hard is it to add literally two spaces before a dash?

God this game is so kino

activate my autism

Any tricks for convocation of decay finale?

On legend it's just either
>spread out and get fucked by slaverat pokes that spawn around you 24/7 and trickle in

>stick together and get fucked up by one of the 5 gasrats that inevitably spawn and instathrow from the lower ring

i was hoping for something like the mod framework in vt1 that fixed various things. the bot improvement for example, though it made the bots fucking superhuman

Have 3 people stand pilars and one inside the circle, preferably the tankiest.
Having people on the pillars fucks with the enemy AI and it gets considerably easier to deal with them.

> mfw rangers bomb/potion drops are replaced with loot dice.
Depends on what nonsense you're talking about. Mods will certainly fix some of it, like the stupid priority on Beamstaff and salts VXB.
Summon a great unclean one.
Thanks man.

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Is there any illusion compilation out there yet?

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I suppose the slow and safe way would be, group together and bail out of the circle each time you hear a gasrat spawn. Kill-kill, then move back in.

So how big of a jump is it from Champ to Legend? Is it necessary for me to switch from non-meta careers like Zealot and Unchained to meta ones like BH and pyro?

> We are not 100% sure yet when the change will go live on the main game and will have to make a call if it's before easter or not tomorrow as well as are contemplating putting this on a beta branch.
Lazy swedes are backpedaling and saying it might not be before easter.
I fucking told you lads.
> w-w-we are playtesting the version that TOTALLY WORKS guys really it works on our machines

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How do I not be a fucking brainlet at fighting multiple opponents? I can't into melee.

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the chinese cheater meme is true

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Rate my new hat.

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Know how many targets each swing hits, what hits are the most powerful and don't panic
The later is easier said than done

I'm sorry for you/10

I prefer the base one to be honest

If you scrap it you get 20 scrap, 10 of green/blue dust and 5 orange
I'd rather have 5 orange dust than that shitty hat.

I bet they got cold feet after being hit by a wave of negativity when the community learned of the broken state of the game

I stand by my statement that the only hat I'd use is the cute RV cap

Is there a compliation of cosmetics?

as far as im aware, theyre implementing an "anything goes server" and another for "approved mods". i'm hoping actually good fixes are able to be made by the community and approved by fatshark. shit like leeches actually having their audioqueue and no more fucking double elite patrols to fuck your ass raw, since devs dont seem to be able to fix spawns

I still can't fathom how retards get constantly hit by beam.
>Hold beam consistently, do not move it all
>Someone actually jumps up and clips into the beam
>Complains about FF

They fucking deserve every single bit of negativity thrown at them.
How do you not realize 500k players are playing an entirely different game? this shit went on for 20 days.
I even played with a dev on a pub game, so they do play the release version of the game. I don't buy their bullshit story of "lol we didn't realize"
I think they were hoping nobody realized about the bugs for long enough to give them time to come up with a complete solution, which is part of why the game feeds you so little info. Except autistic modders went ahead and posted this for the entire community to see and now everyone is pissed off

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Basics for fighting multiple opponents in melee combat (transcending all video games and gaming in general) 101;
Always be backpedaling.
Play it safe. Block when you can, avoid when you can, take as few hits as possible while you look for patterns in enemy attacks that you can take advantage of to sneak a strike into.
When you strike, DO NOT GET GREEDY. Take what you're guaranteed to get while remaining safe and only what you're guaranteed to get.
Remember to keep backpedaling.
Serioulsy don't stop backpedaling.
Use the enviroment to your advantage. Force enemies to climb towards you, jump towards you, whatever you can do to encourage them into unsafe footing.
Be patient. You're probably going to lose anyway, drawing their victory out just increases your chances of not losing.
Wherever possible, when facing a superior force, do what the Spartans did at Thessaly. Bottleneck your opponents to decrease the effectiveness of their numbers.


>get to the bridge of shadows
>host leaves

here you go

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>Heh, better luck next time kid

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So I guess now is the time to try to clear Legend Skittergate right? ugh

hard enough to find pubs who don't all suicide at the start (and I don't really blame them from a red farming perspective)

How do you get up there?

Got the same and some dawris told me they were trash

Here's a question: do the devs even play their own game on higher difficulties? It seems like a ton of these bugs would be found like within a few hours of gameplay and the most basic play testing.

why not scrap

I have that but as a single ax

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During release stream they played on recruit and wiped.


I think Veteran is pretty much the cap for the dev teams abilities. Maybe a few of them venture up to champ and think that makes them king shit.

no one cared who i was until i put on the mask
also who here /lucky/ and stylin like me?

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>a few of them venture up to champ and think that makes them king shit.
So just like here

Can someone provide a quick rundown on the devs and their build? Were they wholly unaware that half of the passives/talents did not work? Did they give some bullshit copout excuse?

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Whats the point? I've got nothing to use it on and its just adding more to the 999 pile.


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just get a red xd, were you perchance hoping for an actually better loot system than v1?

So your item screen isn't a complete shit show like it is now

I believe they explained it as they had no idea since everything worked on their dev build and two lines of code in the release version somehow broke everything. Apparently, they only realized this like two days ago.

Stupid lumberfoot dorf can't put me in his book if I burn it, right Lads?

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I've heard from a couple anons that people have started to interrupt their own internet connections so as to leave with bots rather than people. Why they would do such things I don't really know. I read a post recently by an user you says he shoots people at the end of the match for standing to still.
People are fucking retarded is the point.

So if cleaving and melee gonna be nerfed to hell, why not just slightly reduce the density of spawns?

I got a thwomp on a stick

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Training dummy bases are solid. Throw it from an angle like the one i'm standing in in the screen shot so that the base has a nice height to it. Then jump onto the roof using it.

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>two lines of code broke everything
Shouldn't that have been just hotfixed as soon as it was found? It sounds like they just never playtested.

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Its betrayed me, it can stay that way until it learns to behave.

Wait a sec, did they increase the amount of spawns in swarms and what not because they didn't know that none of the talents were working and that was why higher difficulties were easy?

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What's the generic talent set up for waystalker using longbow and glaive?

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Two lines of code makes it even harder to find. . . There are hundreds of thousands to millions of lines of code in a game like this, two lines breaking something is not unheard of, it's probably the norm. Depending what code it was, it could have been very difficult to pinpoint what was wrong.

Yes. They balanced a game around their glitch and increased the spawn density and health of everything.

They are about to remove the glitch and change none of the balancing. Think about that.

Legend is going to be an absolute clusterfuck because you are losing 60% damage on ranged and 40% on melee with LESS CLEAVE.

3rd tier is anything but arrow regen at level 25. 1st tier is a matter of opinion between attack speed and critical hit when using the glaive.

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I hope they can just revert back to the original spawn density, I don't think they would be that dense... right?

It will surely be fun for IB to be a must have.

Do people actually believe veteran is "hard"?

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>Try a legendary match with bots
>Doing surprisingly well despite the deluge of Chaos Warriors and disabler specials
>Almost get to the finale on Righteous Stand, which is an ez pz finale
>Feeling great
>Chaos Spawn
>The bots hug its ass barely dealing damage to it, constantly getting grabbed
>The bots are too stupid to stagger it
>I simply can't outpace the healing its getting off all the bot succ

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>rejuvenating locus
i'm pretty convinced it's completely unnoticeable on legend where everything pretty much one shots you anyways

Is push/block angle worth it on a deffensive IB?
I'm getting my post-nerf build ready. I'm running Drake with extra damage to infantry/chaos but I'm unsure what to put on my shield. 2 stam is obvious but not sure if the angle is worth it

It's not unnoticeable if your teammates aren't in the habit of constantly dying. Regening eventually enough to be able to take 1-4 more various hits is kinda big deal when you hits a healing drought dry spell.

I prefer level 5 crit chance and scrounger on ranged.

>be unchained
>use sword
>die to chaos warrior and stormvermin spam
>use mace
>die to trash because the mace has phantom swings and is garbage at hitting wide

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What are phantom swings/hits?

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I think they're also concerned about changing the balance TOO much and causing a shitfit.

Someone hit me up with some other dumb meme bullshit like 100% block reduc battle wizard.

When you swing your weapon and it passes through an enemy without hitting them.

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>carry 3 games in a row
>die in one because of ratling spawning in front of me and shooting me off an edge

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>cucked out of a emperor's by ranald

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I wonder if the phantom swing issue is why the mace in this game just feels like garbage to use. The mace in VT1 wasn't great against hordes, but it was at least serviceable. Being able to skip past the first overhead swing in the light combo did help, though.

They are absolutely that dense. Screencap this for future reference. I might be wrong and I am glad if I am but mark my fucking words they are going to patch it and make Legend unplayable before realizing what they have done.

wow this guy fucking sucks

I'm taking around 50 damage on vet runs. Most of the matches I don't need to heal, so would that be fine?