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Divine Dragons in my RD?

*activates galeforce on you*

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Kagero is my wife.

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>he didn't go full 5*+10 but gave her all that

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Owain supports:

Olivia supports:

Tharja supports:
>Robin (youtube.com/watch?v=S7Q7KCDCD5I)
>Azura NANI?

If only grinding weren't a chore.

Shirtless Robin... epik



When is the strongest dragon getting in the game?

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are you next

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What do they taste like

>Nintendo is not about DLC!
>Fire Emblem Fates breaks every single DLC sin in the book, from Pay 2 win to True Ending DLC

>Nintendo is all about gameplay!
>Paper Mario Sticker fucking Stars happens

>Nintendo listen to their players!
>Starfox 0, Metroid Prime Federations and Paper Mario Color Splash all fucking crash and burn for being nothing like their fans want

>Nintendo would never go Mobile!
Here we are, Fire Emblem is a gacha, the lowest kind of cashgrab in the book.

Never doubt this company's ability to drop the ball.

Uhh who? Everyone know corrin is the strongest dragon idiot.

What's the most amount of orbs you have invested in a seasonal banner /feg/?

(pic related)

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>no edits of nina with ACTIVATE IT eyes yet

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Breeding like bunnies with Sharena!

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>Today, Archanea, Valentia, Thracia, Sacred Stones, and Tellius are underrepresented by sales when including alts.

>Thracia is the most underrepresented here, though after its banner next month Tellius is back to the bottom.

>Without alts (Charlotte, Inigo, and Shigure are included here; though seasonal, they don't have an alt (no Laslow doesn't count)), Thracia, Tellius, and Awakening are underrepresented. Again, Thracia will be changing.

>Awakening is actually the most underrepresented here


>Today, Binding Blade, Blazing Blade, and Fates are overrepresented by sales with alts, Thracia will be joining soon.

>Binding Blade is by far the most overrepresented, although only 3 non-Brave BB hero have been added since launch, second least only to Thracia.

>Without alts (Charlotte, Inigo, and Shigure are included here; though seasonal, they don't have an alt (no Laslow doesn't count)), Genealogy, both Elibe games, and Fates are overrepresented.

>Binding Blade is by far the most overrepresented still, with Genealogy being a far off second.


>Today, Genealogy and Awakening are accurately represented by sales with alts.

>With no alts, Archanea, Valentia, and Sacred Stones are accurately represented

>With alts, Valentia is now underrepresented, Awakening is now accurately represented and Blazing Blade is now overrepresented.

>Without alts, Archanea and Valentia are now accurately represented. No other changes here.

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Anyone in top 1,000 in TT? I want to know how bad things really are

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The VA strike. Protecting their asses from getting flack from other members basically

>Alfonse and Sharena get alts
>Fjorm is still better than them

He's going to be the final boss of Heroes and he has those exact stats

will the new face of FEH ever get an alt?

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ahhhhh why is she so perfect~

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Does Tharja sound off here or am I just imagining it

They are in different color and niche. Stupid user.

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For the user who says Tharja promotion is censored in Warriors

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Are you ready for legendary reinhardt next month?

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It's going to be this one, no doubt. I've already spent over 200 and probably won't stop until it ends if things keep up.

Near the 250k range is safe (for now). But when I was just below that I was down like 400~.

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who will you support veronica with once we get her?

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White dragons are shit.

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Her voice actress changed, I believe.

*gets a better forehead*

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The meta game isn’t. With Dragon and Arnourcancer abound, Reinhardt is actually the underdog.

Sounds like a man.

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It did in Japanese but not English

>he doesn’t have a +10 kagero
some “husband” you are

Ahhhh, alright, that would explain it

if I were her VA I'd be tired of this shit


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>Try doing some rolls on simulator
>Have to blow through 300+ orbs to get FGrima

I think I'll just do a full roll with my free pull and leave it at that.

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Fuck, it's worse than I thought
Anyone with a lower score?

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>Then 0x4 again

please don't bully me i only have two kageros

>130k is still outside the top 10k by a decent margin
For fuck's sake

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>Orange screen meme
Fuck off faggot

they did add cloth to her inner thighs, they're bare in Awakening. Dunno if that should be considered censorship, but they did change the design

Western VA industry was fucking garbage long before the strike. Aliases have been used for decades because they are necessary to loophole around union bullshit.

Le no personality epic dragon

I try to keep my spending to about 120 orbs or less, but off banners are frequent.

hump sharena endlessly

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i'm still mad it's not her grandmaster outfit

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I'd go with the edit. I already thought her design was a wee bit overdesigned. It makes more sense to have leggings if you live in the cold. And the big issue with short skirts is that, in anime, the shorter they are, the less of a chance for the girl to have a bigger booty.

>red beats blue

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No elise support?

yeah she doesn't sound natural

>Good unit beat shit unit

Likewise but then I'm still mad titty monster femRobin isn't the default too.

This is the same one who did Soleil and Ophelia fanart, no? Can we nominate fanartists to contribute designs to FEH? I'd jump at the chance to nominate this artist to do Promotion designs.

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360 or so orbs down
Literally nothing of value to show for it
Since then, the karma gods had decided I suffered enough, and have let me get everything I want from a banner in around 100-150 orbs.

Fjorm is a girl to go for style over form.
Wish her hair was longer.

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Give me three reasons why I shouldn't use Freeware Knight over a Neutral P2W ""Zelgius""

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god that voice acting is so fucking garbage compared to the original

Is this a hack?

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Who the fuck even likes this non character? She's just a Yandere and nothing more.

Marth has actually been a problem in Arena for me as of late. He can actually tear through +10 SB Nowi, and his Drive Spectrum complicates combat math.

>beating up a transgender person
What the f*** is wrong with you?!

>hero king beats flying boy
Look at this dude


>3600 with 172000
if you are aimimg for 5k rank just give up

When are we getting the update

wasted points in speed
can't see abs in damaged portrait

I've had terrible luck on the past few seasonal banners, and didn't even bother rolling on the Valentine's one outside of the free roll. If b8% weren't even worse to try to get specific things on I'd just wait for what I'm after to show up on one of those, but I figure I may as well do as much as I can now and just start saving up for that whenever it happens. Only thing I should be losing out on waiting for that is potential merges on my arena team.

>Nohrian summer for Summer Corrin
>Got no Summer Corrin

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To be fair, full fledged speaking is entirely different than making a one liner.

No Elise. If they could already support in the original game, KT didn't give them a FEW support unless it was high-priority memery (like another Robin/Tharja shitshow)

Kaga deciding that only 2 units can use lances in the final 3 chapter has forever angered me

Ah, so that's how you pronounced "Tharja"

Only the JP, not the ENG one

TWO carrots? At the same time?

She doesn't have the guts.

>33 speed cap
The ultimate cucking

I'm honestly ready to give up aiming for just sub 10k

it's exactly as gross as it looks lel

>Thracia is the most underrepresented here, though after its banner next month Tellius is back to the bottom.
Actually Leif, Nanna and Finn are technically not FE5 exclusive characters, but rather FE4 Gen 2 character.

Kaga is very stupid and that's part of the reason I like him

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Yeah, I can get that. The feel of a character can change when you're not filling in the rest of their voice in your head from cool one liners.

seemed pretty obvious to me
i hope raul pronounced it differently though

Fucking seriously.

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