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First for d-fags

First for Bullying the fuck out of Nerds

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>spin the wheel of fortune
>have fun
>someone lets peanut in

Why tbqh

Just populate one of the zero player servers!

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whats the shitter list

why cant i use disarmer on lanky
i want to lead him back to containment

Alright there are two things that need to be fixed. The first thing is that SCPs should not be able to find entrance zone so fast and camp so whichever force spawned cannot get through. It's shit. Second thing is that intercom should have its own volume, and announcements like NTF arrival need to be a lot quieter. It's impossible to hear anything over them

>scps cant find entrance so fast
>they just party down in light instead
sentient SCPs are supposed to be dangerous and practically immortal, peanut and doc are the only ones who can really die
yet in game they're weak as fuck when faced against a group of losers with guns and larry's so horny he'll be put out of play with the push of a button

Do your duty. Bully Lanky.

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>play music over the intercom for the first time in my life
>get shot immediately as I come out

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Reminder to be nice to each other and have a fun time.

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They should add a bag so you can lead Lanky out, but he can get saved by other SCPs.

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>they removed her picture from the site

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She didn't deserve this. She was a good girl.
We live in a cruel and uncaring world.

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Always shoot D boys on sight.

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>Spawn as Dboi or Nerd
>Look for gun
>Can never find it
>Always end up being the first to get shot and die by someone who found it

>Finally find gun
>Never see anyone else or SCPs instantly find light containment hunt me down

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What's your favorite SCP?

Don't let them get to your Nerds.

>not pulling out the gun and telling the scp's that you guys can kill dboys/nerds together
Works 90% of the time for me

>spawn as nerd
>find 914 immediately
>plot to make an mtf card to access the armory and arm my brothers
>get swarmed by dbois who shoot me
>or crunched/cured before I can find anyone else

Lanky boy.

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Yes, That would be unfortunate if it did happen.

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Doesn't work on me, in fact I prioritize armed dbois and nerds. There's only room for one bully in the light containment playground, me.

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Peanut is best nut

>she kills you in the same fashion peanut supposedly kills
>shes sad about it after

>nigmode firefury
>high poon dandy max
>sweetcake hitlers jewish cousin
>Jullikas debowy mocny
>seto kitou jackie
>steven hype
>weepgl dark tango
>the general charls
>snek kitou
>the doc miggly wiggly
>bad hombre
>paul muadab
>nig bick digger
>boom shalashaska
>loli patrol

>just wants to give you surprise hugs but doesn't realize how strong she is

Most of those people don't even play anymore, update your shit

>not on list
guess i'm just that cool

>kos list
>no cool kids list
cmon I want to be on a list

I haven't seen half of these people in almost a week

>play Nerd
>get murdered by D boys every time regardless of my behavior
>be D boy
>can't find gun, get killed by nerds


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>not on the list when I kill my teamates 24/7
also how is anybody supposed to memorize this?

>friendly fire servers

I love having every competent player gunned down within the first two seconds of spawning, leaving the three dimwits behind to bumble around for an hour.

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modded servers when

999 is my favorite and I'm still waiting for them to put him in

It's a necessary evil
without it SCP/D-boys have no chance

Moodie is a teamkiller they randomly started shooting their fellow CI


>Spawn as NTF
>Ok, gotta go do this shit so I can respawn as a D-boy
>Teamkilled by grenade/Gunfire
>They either immediately die or go jack off on the surface or LCZ where nobody else is
NTF's biggest enemy is NTF itself. I won't say I'd rather play with FF off, but it is annoying.

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I think the SCPs need a tiny buff. Like more health or just more resistant to bullets.

>people who quit playing this game are literal who tier list the post.

yeah, with most SCP health being so low it encourages really campy play. they need a buff for sure.

I miss when people weren't so trigger happy and actually attempted to talk before shooting.

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game is wigging out on me

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>267 ping

my god

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post memes

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>finally be a nerd with a gun
>get larry'd

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im in aus and i play pretty often i've neer had this issue before my game crashed so hard i couldn't start is up again had to restart my whole pc

join up we need people!

i'll join if you let me grenade MTF in elevator

>Finally be a nerd with a gun
>Unload it into a couple of d-boys
>Use the empty gun to threaten the rest into dropping their cards
>Laugh at the one d-boy with a janitor card like he has shown off his tiny dick
>Destroy them all and leave with the only 05 card
>Get gunned down after most of them re-spawn as MTF

Couldn't handle the banter.

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>voice bug when entering server
man this is the worst bug

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>encounter Z-boi
>kills me from full health with one click

I will never get over how fucking shit his model is. Just compare them.

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The autism you hear in spectator when dead d-boys are mad that the last one played it smart and hid for a bit so all plot to kill him truly is cringe worthy.

it's so shit, but i still find it unsettling when its running at me full speed

Does he have nipples?

>game crashes
>server is full

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I know. They are impatient and will ragekill you for """stalling""" even though most of the time d bois or nerds are hiding from SCPs. So cringe.

>Game crashes as the server is restarting
>Rejoin in less than 10 seconds
>Game already started

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that message happens every time the server restarts

Cool kids list


That's it

>light camping outside gate A
i have seen it all

nigmode firefury
high poon dandy max
s debowy mocny
kitou jackie
steven hype
the general charls
bad hombre
paul muadab
loli patrol
shark shark
eternal emperor

ahh~~~! oh my god!! shinji, fuck my german asshole deep and hard and fill me full of that hot sticky jap cum!! boards.fireden.net/v/thread/411309227/

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>This got 300 posts before getting deleted while SCP threads are banned
they do it for free, at least a good doujin got posted

where is this from? CB?

charls has team killed over 5 team mates within the span of a single day after that whole elevator fiasco



>it's another grenade in the elevator at the start of the round episode

I would actually like to play the game if that's okay with you


>furfag shoots me in the back when im escaping as a scientists

>furfag kills a scientist as they're reaching the exit
>scientist is a known shitter that ruins games

prolly a butthurt d boi that respawned, i know how it feels.

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>When you shadow realm a clump of scientists and dbois

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>find gun as science bitch
>take names of all the Dboys you abuse my fellow nerds
>as soon as we get into 914 all 3 SCP's show up and kill every single person in the fucking chamber

almost had a pumped up kicks episode

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>lamp camping
Fucking kys

>go back to my chamber via portal
>10dbois + nerds pour out and run right into me

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I was one of two ntf left upstairs and did think of doing the lamp camping, but couldn't bring myself to join the faggot who did it.

Just feels wrong.

>When you confine Larry as a zboi

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>this is considered ontopic vidya discussion
Defeating the soyposting menace/v/thread/411231075

>pass by a friendly pair of furries in heavy, don't even tie me up for some reason
>run into another pair on the way to the surface and they shoot on sight

>D-boy turning off nuke

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he's gotta get out first

>lone D boy left
>he turns off nuke and hides in the room with a gun right next to the button
>kills the MTF that goes to turn it back on

>NTF spawn
>get O5 card
>contain larry
>activate nuke
>get lanky (only SCP on surface w/ one z-boy) to 111hp with watergun
>die happy

>ntf still almost manage to lose the round to one z-boi and a 111hp lanky

that was my best and most satisfying round but could ya'll check your corners

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>be doc
>make friends with everyone in 914 solely by jumping
>lead them to exit
>kill them all while they're waiting for the elevator to go down

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get in here

>leave because I'm tired and was done playing for the night
>then that happens
Now I'm mad.

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