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>Visible nipples in OP
You dun goofed boi

Arios Series when?

It's called Ys

After the Marietta Bros series.

We need a Bird Series first.

Adol actually gets shit done

Geymalk series when?


Full retard


Reminder that Ludo-Rathowm did nothing wrong.

Hard mode excellent for farming cards.

Hard mode is weird because it ends up being easier and it's hard to turn down picking 2 cards at once, but at the very early game (first 5~ turns?) it's hard enough to discourage two-turning unless you get really good drops.

So what is the reason for Rance absolutely refusing to fuck Mikan? We know that he refuses to fuck dudes and ugly people (Looking at you, Gigai and Silbarrel), but why is Mikan so verboten to bone?

He's traumatized by her. Don't you remember his reaction to the Mikan dungeon in Sengoku?

He fucked Gigai though, in the ass too.

He actually calls Gigai his woman too, as long as he's in girl form (knowing who he is and that he has a guy form, of course). I was surprised by that.

I must have completely forgotten about that. Will have to re-do it on my next playthrough.
I mean, yeah, Gigai took Rance's anal virginity, but that's without consenting. The only times ever willingly fucked Gigai was when he was in his female form.

She levels him down and does random stuff. Imagine being Rance, hating to work, having to fight at a smelly dungeon killing bambaras and squidman for exp instead of staying home fucking Kanami on your slime bed, and then Mikan shows up optimistically saying she'll level you up, you don't want her to try, she does anyway and you lose all your exp and levels you down.
You would be pissed too.

All that matters is that she's still cute.

If cuteness was all that mattered, he wouldn't have killed Medusa.

>The whale gets to smash one of Rance's women some day in a sense
Defend this

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They're already a part of him so no biggie. They all came from his original soul.

sauce pls

The sauce is the game dumb pottery

>Turns that Flame-chan is a literal gurofag and finds blood and organs cute while she thinks that Hawzel is the ugliest being of the world.

Best Apostle.

>Nikkou shuts Rance's plan of dual wielding her and Chaos immediately
>Encourages El to dual wield during the final TT fight

She lusts after little boys.

Reminder that whenever Rance tries to use more than just one sword, it always fails miserably.

That's what Arms thinks at least

Dual wielding in Toushin Toshi is cool. I loved doing it with Seed.

I want to make her bleed

Does Pluepet need to be party leader in order to benefit from his rarity up effect?


You forgot to mention the critical fact that she loves Hawzel in spite of thinking that Hawzel is the ugliest thing in the world.

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>Her mask is a rare shell
>Rance and Crook talk about how cool it is
>Flame-chan thinks someone finally understands her tastes

She's not really that into Rance. Unlike say, the other two queens who take every chance they can get (especially Modern) to do perverted stuff with him. At the very least, not to the point that she'd take the first opportunity to possess Pastel's body for sex, even after Rance tells her that he's okay with Full taking over her body whenever she wants to have some fun with him in the first ticket scene.

There's subtle hints that Full's somewhat fond of Rance just like in that third ticket scene, since he's the exact type of man that she would've wanted when she was still alive; a powerful man who doesn't order her around, is adventurous, and doesn't force her to follow rules. But even when Rance says that he's okay with her becoming his woman now; spirit or not, she refuses since she's no longer interested in stuff like that.

Did anyone properly translate these already? I don't really understand the one with the fire symbol or the last one with the broken cross. Which ones should I focus on?

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Final Blow allows you to keep attacking dead enemies until the turn is over to rack up overkill.

Thanks. Also, what is Hanny Zippo and Upper Limit release?

>what is Hanny Zippo
Whenever I see someone ask this, it's immediately obvious that they're new to Alicesoft in general. Hanny Zippo does what it does in every other Alicesoft game.

Hanny Zippo revives you to half your HP once during a Quest.

Mostly new to Alicesoft. Only other alicesoft game I've played other than Rance games was Daibanchou.


Well alright, sorry if I came off as elitist or something there. Hope you're enjoying the game. Upper Limit release removes the restriction for how much % bonus stats you can get (default is 49%)

So who had the better one eye mentor sex goal between El and his dad?

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Yeah, his

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Why did it take so long for the series to go widescreen? Are the japs a buncha Luddites still mostly rocking 4:3s?

Who's on the far right, Maria? Surprised Miracle wasn't in the cover concept when she had more screentime than almost all those girls

Magic, user

It's Magic. Same crossed arms pose.

>No Copa on the cover

Is Rance X worth playing if I don't know a single word of Japanese?

It's expensive.

Is 5D even canon anymore?

I had fun and im eop

Why wouldn't it be?


She was sucked into a portal and became the FGO Nobu.

Reset isn't fated

But she's his kid

>Galatia's feast is only tied to difficulty rating
>Meaning if you're level 200 it makes do difference than being level 1 as long as the difficulty is the same
GRIND GRIND GRIND Your Pattons and Kenshins, my niwas.

>Reset isn't fated
You can't prove that.

>implying Patton
I keep dropping only Hunty every playthrough

If you want to do the feast it's easier to do it while difficulty is low. Why would grinding help if it rises difficulty, too?

It could always be more smug. Just imagine if Torako had been on it instead.

God fucking damn it Kimchi you slut, heal for once

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Oh, Hawzel actually killed it. Love you, twincest fire lesbian. Fuck Kimchi still.

Why do Zeth first?

Wait never mind, just realized you had Hawzel so it can't be the first country. Is this a first game? Why only 6 party slots this far in?

Not a first game, it's turn 4, I needed to switch some perk for a Hanny Zippo and I didn't want to turn off AP Recovery +1 or Shinma.
I just kinda felt bad for Alex after letting him die multiple times and decided to try saving him for once, and beating Galtia was really easy so I figured I could work it out. It worked out in the end but I guess I'm not one-turning anything else this run.

How many levels are there for friends?


I'd call Seizel a lesbian but Hawzel is rather clearly Bi

TADA said that he'd go back to "remodeling" Rance 10 after he had some time to rest his head on the same day that the first patch came out.

His post actually came out after the patch came out.
The contents of the patch are the following:
Corrections to certain character profiles levels, typo corrections, adding new character profiles for generics (steel horror), removal of extra CP in part 2 (this was removed, it wasn't a bug, it was a fully functional code).
Patch 1.01 was mostly rebalancing and error corrections. So in terms of "remodelling" work, there wasn't any this time.

Hahah, I'm liking him already.

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He is better than Feb

Feb seems to just be a typical nice guy hero which is great and all.


What is happening between between Mix and Rance after you beat Rance? Almost looks like he teases her.

Definitely not as cute.
Speaking of Feb, his best friend event at turn 11 has him offhandedly mention he has been to the Gods Realm before, makes me wonder what the actual fuck did he even go there for and how did he get out alive of it.

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Rance is trying to guess who is her mother and and quickly decides it's Miracle's kid.
Mix says she's not happy at all to hear she reminds Miracle to that point and storms away.

But it's not interesting. I'm withholding my judgement until I've finished part 2 100%

>Fight final boss of part 2
>On hard mode
>At highest difficulty you can get legitimately
>At the highest level you can get to, which can only be done UN-legit
>A measly 120mil
>LP had like 10 billion

HP, I mean, for the 120 mil and such.

Looks like that unlike Feb's partner choice, where even if you unlock the other choice you still get to chose what you want in Part 2, If you kill Masuzoe once in Part 1 you're locked in the branch where he's dead in Part 2. Guess Masuzoe being killed is canon.

Is this a fake question or do you really get to pick your route?

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The KR Ontology that plays during the credits sounds pretty similar to a boss theme from FF2 around the beginning.

You go to JAPAN no matter what

>Berksam/'s apostles can read the future or possible futures
>Miki was only taken because of that
>As a result Hornet and Kayblis did not become the DK
>This means humanity is actually spared for a few years
>This allows Rance to strengthen humanity
>Which allows the events of part 2 to happen
>In a sense, Gi and Berksham played a key part in saving humanity and ending the chain of suffering

Why does Tillday's kid get to be the only one who's screwed over and excluded

Too young?

It's cute that at least she is a normal girl for her age

Almond's the youngest out of them all in Part 2. At least she got a few lines to say.

Aww, I wanted to go see how bad Zeth turned out to be without Rance being around to save it

Hawzel liked the cock.