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thoughts?? edition

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Blood of Sargeras to gold:

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first for girl dick

will i get my dark shaman set this week bros


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BEST Shemale muscle goddess of boy-destroying heat reporting in!

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First for Horde nigger will gets what's coming.

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Humans are for _____

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Khf mascot here to say hi to all you cuties.

Hope you've had a good day, user!

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Elf supremacy

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Will the troll tribes unite to fight the Aqir again?

>can't decide between being enslaved by Lyndria's feet on moonguard or being destroyed by that dark iron bar on Argent Dawn


yeah another bomb on your city faggot

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Have a drink and think about it real hard

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Well, are you a foot-fag or do you have actual taste?
That should answer your question.

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Lyndria isn't nearly as aggressive as the shemale, if that helps in your decision!

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>world of wacraftt wowg
Someone not retarded make the thread

arthas was a dick but he was also a beast

antonidas, illidan, kaelthas. only plot could kill the man

When does WW Monk get fun

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he dabbin!!

I'm all alone here as I try my tiny song. Claim my place beneath the sky, but I won't be here for long. I sang all night; the moon shone on me through the trees. No brothers left, and there'll be no more after me.

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You should really consider turning off names for some of your screenshots, it makes it look messy when there are so many in there

It's just Lions Pride. It's too packed in there for screenshots

if i had a 110 character and wanted to do every quest in order, would it be

>starting zone
>back to azeroth for 20-60 content

>horde gets a cool bat with candles
>alliance will probably get another gay gryphon

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Why that order?

Vanilla server>Outlands>Northrend>Azeroth>Pandaria>Draenor>Broken Isle

loving worgen druid. the caster form looks great and the shifts too

>He doesn't know

At level cap like every class in Legion.

What’s a good UI setup for occasionally casting spells on party members, but mostly just doing damage?

im having fun with all classes on leveling stage desu

they also fucked dungeons so now you cant sleep or you get fucked by mechanics, at least during panda/cata stage

>he thinks he does

storyline order

Sure wish bgs would pop faster at night...

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>GM just said after wiping on H High Command twice there's going to be some changes to the raiding structure coming up

Oh boy

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When you burst people in arenas, otherwise it will never be fun.

asmongold you redneck son of a bitch

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How the fuck do you PvP as a mage? I feel so squishy, a light breeze can kill me.

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>- Copy - Copy.png

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In battlegrounds? You don't.

>Wowhead shills for some tumblr artist
>she doesn't even draw porn
What's the point?

Based Kemonito poster

Stay behind your meatshields, never do anything alone, and pray no one notices the mage freecasting.

wtf why are there two threads
why cant Void elf tiddies be this big.

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>horde warfront armor

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Stop playing the minigame

All of them look good except the cloth set. Cloth looks fine for warlocks, but it's too edgy for my priest/mage

>Trade chat is either politics/religion or female elf and pandaren players begging for more cosmetic customization
yo wtf bros

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Sorry user, no Asmongold here.

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Do I main monk??

>pvp is le mini game meme

Pvp has always been a thing, stop acting smug because you enjoy playing scripted fights and pushing your buttons in the order icy veins tells you to.

I just don't get why anyone would play this over warlock who do more damage AND are much more tankier.

Not standing in fire is hard dude. And sometimes you have to stack in the fire. Wrap your tiny pvp brain around that.

Should I just reroll frost mage then, mostly looking to pve

Only if u ahve sevre depression and wanna kill urself everyday

You just described 90% of the people that browse this general.

i really dont like evil horde. im a outcast hero not a monster

That resolution on the armor

Get back into the camp, orc-scum.

>install dbm
>never think again for the rest of the expac

I love how it clashes with the already outdates res on the tabard aswell. Truly brings out the "WoW" feel.

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what storyline

lmao has anybody else noticed how highfather and eonar trinket are disabled in lfr, just so you can't literally afk heal?

eat my shit blizzard fucking retards

I’m amazed they actually had the foresight to do that.

So Im really new to WoW, haven't experienced an expansion changeover yet. I know the classes are going to be changed a lot. What happens if you are say, Level 60, and then BFA comes out? Next time you log in do you suddenly find a lot of your abilities are gone or switched around?



go into lfr and spam some spell that is aoe or whatever, something to just trigger the trinket procs
it does literally nothing. details doesn't even show my eonar trinket at all, and highfathers was 0,5% or lower
on multiple bosses

I dont like how for Beast Mastery in BfA, they are locking your pets into specs. I liked being able to choose any spec for my pet...I know it seems more realistic to limit the spec for the pet, but now that we have the option simply taking it AWAY feels kind of cruel.

unironically the best expansion

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[04:35:50] You receive item: [Cache of Sha-Touched Gold].
[04:35:52] You receive bonus loot: [Malevolent Gladiator's Waistband of Accuracy].

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This is the reason we still have lfr/flying/queue based random lfg

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>tfw will never again have as much fun in a game as early wow

if two handed frost came back i would be so happy

i dont know what youre trying to say

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Never ever

can someone give me a run down on survival hunters? this feels like a clunky mess.

MM hunter would be so much more fun if they replaced Aimed Shot with something else without a cast time. Its just such a boring fucking ability especially when the rest of your moves are instant.

>he actually plays this garbage game
>he doesn't just use order hall missions for free blizzbux for their other games that aren't complete fucking outdated garbage

absolute lmao

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and this.

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>someone else start posting DI cuties

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how many order halls are you running user

Might stick with the dude tho

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Just pointing out how excellent that armor looks on the race.

You have to actually go out into the world and collect order resources to keep the train rolling though and we all know this.
And more halls for more gold also means more time spent mindlessly farming order resources.

It's not like you're somehow superior for ONLY doing the most mindless tedious bits of WoW.

muh noble savage

why do orcs think theyre entitled to land and prosperity? why is it my problem the burning legion used them as fodder to kill their rebel space goats? get the fuck out of my planet

>*joins your raid group*

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will i get banned for making an autohotkey script for spamming an 8 sec cooldown ability every 8 seconds and nothing else

I really don't get why the Orcs think they have any right to Ashenvale. What the fuck? What possible claim do they have to that land? I felt bad for the Night Elves

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Lore wise I still don't understand why they didn't just fuck off to nu-Draenor.

user discovers the reason the horde exists

>get the fuck out of my planet

as if the humans would use durotar or barrens anyway...