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Friendly reminder that CN is now in maint until approximately 4am EST.
The update will bring the crane event rerun, Yukikaze and Mogami, as well as new costumes and all that jazz.

This update is also one of those retarded updates that will require a new APK install in order to access the server once maint is completed.

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German boat event rerun fucking when


why are you posting a rodent

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>the links all work
You disappoint me renownposter.

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It's not a rodent nor a cat. It's breakfast

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Atago is my onee-san

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Stupid question but I really need help, if I play on my tablet but want to play on emulator in my computer, can I still play in my tablet if I linked my account to the emulator?


If I break the links all the time nobody will use my threads, it had to be done. And it's not like I broke the links all those times on purpose, it was always an accident.

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Chinks aren't welcome here. Non-chink beta testers can stay.

Should i stockpile my ssr limit break girls and use it only on a super rare ships, or they are not that rare?
Is it safe to waste them on Enterprise or Yukikaze?

I love Atago because she fulfills my high heels fetish

What's your high score, user?

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Use them on boats you think you'll use frequently and save the rest for limited boats.

I'm still trying to find the motivation to go through all the hard mode stages.

Can you auto the hard stages?

Always higher than yours

They should of made the EX stage cost 0 oil.

You can

Just do it and get it over with and use the points to get another rainbow oxy torp.

Yeah, well, I bet you didn't get to run yours with an Avrora.

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okay, thanks

This is a toot free zone. Absolutely no tooting allowed.

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I want to toot her and her sister.

Hahaha did the chinks recycle the chibi animations from yuudachi?

I miss these backyard shenanigans. No one posts comfy backyards anymore here.

Thanks for actually betatesting.

>3 Yukikaze, 2 Toots, no ZKK, no Mogami yet
50 rolls so far.

>3 3d5
>no yukikaze , 1 toot and 2 Mogami
50 rolls in too, count your blessings, all I wanted was Yukikaze from this event, trade me your luck.

>an accident

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Is Mikuma a knife ear?

Yeah don't remind me, she could have been good too if those hideous ears weren't tacked on at the end.

I wish I could trade you a Yukikaze for a Mogami

The spearhead thing is worse than knife ears.

Why can't we trade anyway? It's an online game.


Just buy more cubes Nyaa

That's the point, nobody would need to reroll if we could trade with players.

Easily exploitable. Create reroll accounts then trade all the goodies on your main account. Pretty fucking obvious.

It could only work if there's a high trading fees. Like 1k gem or whatnot.

Sounds good to me nya.

Yeah keep dreaming. Name 1 mobage that allows you to trade units with other players. Brilliant idea Einstein, mobage companies should hire you.

Make it so you need a certain level to trade. Bam. Solved.

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People will do the same shit, it will just take a bit longer

>make new account
>get boat you wanted?
>if no, reroll
>if yes, level account and enjoy your free boat

Make it so you need to trade for equal rarity or make up for it. Example 2 SRs for 1 SSR.

>Have an extra 1 or 2 leveled accounts that fits the minimum level required to trade
>Cubes are easy to get
>Now with 2 or more accounts you're now generating a fuck ton of cubes
>Roll alt account cubes
>Trade all the goodies to your main account
>You are now set for life with 2 or more accounts generating tons of cubes everyday.

Brilliant idea. I wonder why mobage companies haven't thought of it yet.

Seems too easy with just 1k gems, probably should stop giving players free gems, make the fee be 5k gem and the bote can only be traded when it is lvl100, ringed with 200 affection. After trading it reset back to lvl1 and unringed.

What is this, Pokemon?

yeah because it's so hard to get San Diego fodders

>Example 2 SRs for 1 SSR
>Grind Map for 2 SR
>Now you got the SSR event limited bote you want without spending or buying more cubes.


Go away Akashi.

You forgot to mention the effort needed to reroll.

5-10mins? That's not a lot.

It's even more ridiculous if you count people who macro reroll and run multi-instances. Can easily do 50 rerolls at once with a proper setup.

It's bad design to abandon a good idea entirely because it might be abused instead of working around it. If the chinks wanted to they could make it work. But they don't, because they're chinks. And money is always first and foremost in the minds of the chink.

>working around it
Do you have solution for it?

user, you're fucking retarded.
It doesn't matter who the fuck you are, there is no feasible way of working it into the game without it nearly killing all non-skin based revenue.

This isn't even getting into the RMT market it would develop into, either.

>could be abused
>be sinoalice
>give free unrestricted 10x rolls when you first start the game without having to go through tutorial
>be in maint for 1 week straight due to rerollers
>only can be played when majority of the players left

Did you comforted your PoW today and told her she did the best she could?

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Seeing how I don't have her, no.

Oh no, it's back.

>KC and AL Atagos
>thick onee-sans with big breasts who want to pamper their shikikans
>both portrayed as shotacons in doujinshi
>both tops the lewd list in their respective series
I guess universe is just don't matter at all.

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>not a bear

I had high hopes for that game, its so sad that it ended like that, at least for me.

I thought the game is f2p friendly? How come whenever I mention anything to the contrary shills shit down my throat but when I suggest a reasonable solution all of a sudden the chinks are making lots money from the gacha? Which is it, shills?

Yeah I did, glad to see a PoWbro.

Kill yourself.

Who's that cutie in a samurai armor on the 6-th stage maps?

Just stop replying. It disappears when it can't get the attention that it craves. Spouting retardation and yelling "shills" when it's called out, is its way of shitposting to get (You)s.

Gotta see how the new cleveland's sisters changes the meta, pow could have a comeback.

PoW + Hornet/SoDak + Enterprise + 3 Clevelands?

>3 gunboats

Nothing's gonna change.

>/aig/ instead of /alg/
>spacing removed
>thread numbering removed
I hope you choke on a dick.

>this much autism
I hope you choke on a dick

Doubt QE could be replaced, her buffs is just too strong even if she just buff the backline only.

>lol breaking the OP is okay its just for fun hurr xD

QE on a US fleet??


Renown will never get skin if you keep doing this

She's perfect the way she is.

Wouldn't work, with 3 CLs they move too slowly even with beaver badge so they'll just eat whatever the backline throws at them.

What the fuck is the point of always trying to break the OP anyway? If anything you're the autist here.

Notice how nobody cares and is continuing to use the thread lol

Which skins did you buy /alg/? The Hiryuu and Yukikaze ones seem like the most popular.

Probably because no one fucking noticed. This one's subtle as fuck so I'll give him that.

These. I don't like saru or that VN redhead so I didn't buy anything for them.

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>I don't like saru
>buys skin for sarubote

Not OP, but you're overreacting like a little bitch.

CLs are not that slow. I run 3 CLs all the time. With beaver they're pretty fast. Crazy high movement speed is overrated as fuck anyways.

He's been doing this for a long time now. If no one calls him out on it, it'll just get worse.

They’re slow as fuck. The thing that put me off the chink frontline the most is how slow they are even with their speed buff. A fast moving boat is practically all but immune to BB shelling.

Though now we are going to have 2 threads again when this reaches bump limit.

Everyone should know that if the OP pic is renown they should ignore it

Obviously. I'm just not gonna trust any Renown threads from now on.