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If your support is Squall in OO, I'm not adding you niggers


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Oh wait, that one only had Shantotto in it. Unless it's some character that just looks like her, but it was tagged Shantotto anyway.

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Xth for Prishe!

She went to that other general, user. She's gone. Maybe forever.

This is delicious.

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oh shit do they only drop the 4* ones?

Seriously who the fuck thought Tiamat should have lowered ATB charge time for everything ontop of the already retarded damage you can't mitigate because it's multi-elemental

I know you guys only care about sub30, but I'm happy just to have downed my first one

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The special unlock primarily does, yeah.
I sometimes get one or two 3* but that 7 4* is common.

Someone up for Ozma ? I have Garnet + Vivi

Time to make Terra stronger.

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Congratulations, but I'm curious as to what Zack here is doing

Ozma Hard up, bring last stands and shit.

I think this is art from the same artist's twitter.

So does Vincent have his imperils or do we have to wait for a patch?

Closest thing to a shout

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Crit boost

I wanna hold hands with Prishe! While I fuck her!

Damn it, submitted accidentally.

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>quest unlocks for 30 minutes
>...but it costs 30SP per run so you can only do it like 2-3 times

Dumb Lalafell.

There's a reason they just added stam pots

those are not infinite though

Buy SP Potions, kupo!

I am not convinced one run of final is worth three runs of 2nd tier at 10sp

>lost 5 medals
At least I won

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>hidden mission opens after the first run
>getting piles of artifacts for literally everyone but Vivi
Fucking desire sensors are everywhere these days.

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>three runs of this is better than replacing it all with 4* artifacts

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>Rem artifacts

miss me with that gay shit senpai

Maybe it's because there's a half stamina campaign going on and final will cost 60 fucking SP by the end of it.

I want to impregnate Shantotto and see what kind of aberration she gives birth to

I love Aileen so much. She's such a perfect little cutie! Why is she so perfect!

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And all it took was Squall going Super Saiyan.

>no book of treasure
step yo game up

Prishe is cuter. And probably more muscular.
I bet Aileen couldn't even tank one of Prishe's kicks at full strength.

>30 minutes of grinding
>treasure book popped
>literally 0 ZERO usable passives across three characters
I really don't want to play this game anymore

Same shit is so stupid

I am.
>tfw keep getting 2-3 of everyone but Rem and I'm lucky if I get one for her
The desire sensor knows.

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Probably reads which characters you have the most crystal levels and levels and play time into then adjusts rates

>Luck to get the final mission to appear
>Luck to get the artifact for the character you want to drop
>Luck for the artifact to get the passives you want
>Luck so the passives doesn't cost too much cp
All layers and layers of RNG to hide the fact that your chance of getting a good passive out of this shit is lower than even the jewiest gachas out there.

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Has anyone recruited Vincent yet? Can you post his abilities?

>manface is cuter than Aileen
>tfw prishe would brake her leg in half making contact with Aileen
There's such a thing as accepting defeat with dignity, user.

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But I pretty much have every green leveled.
That said, finally a good run.

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Why did I do this

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To maximise that Deepeeess

I usually like Alexander, but this one's just weird.

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>>Luck to get the final mission to appear

Its shape is unusual. Normally Alexander's structure is shaped like two arms and a torso, and it appears to drag itself along. This one looks more like it has legs for arms and can walk on them.

Yeah I don't know how I feel about the Diablo-style stat randomization on artifact passives. On one hand it is really exciting when you get one that's really good, but on the other hand it does trigger my autism a bit that I'll probably never have the absolute optimal stats possible.

I'm equally triggered by knowing I'll never get the +10 atk from relics in RK that will never be available again.

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Are you even playing the game you dumb faggot?


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>not one pull on Vincent's banner
I know they are trash characters and all but seriously no one is pulling? might as well pull, just let me get some gems from the new chapter

8 tickets, got Layle's 4* ball and decided that's good enough

Why are you pulling on a shit banner if you are so piss poor gem-wise

So did someone confirm we get the Vincent balance changes JP already has?

I will but in a few, need to finish up a few things and then burn through my tickets

Complaining DOES help

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>pulling for vampire cuck's guns

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Confused the sensors by showing negative emotions while thinking of Vivi

>he didn't level up chocobo

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A flower for a Gil!

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>I'm equally triggered by knowing I'll never get the +10 atk from relics in RK that will never be available again.
Library of guidance and eventually special luckies that have unique/SSB selects.

I didn't really want to bother with those until I cleared the rest at least once for the rewards, so I assumed you cleared each of them once and then done, sorry.

I don't really care about any of the characters, so eh.

I did 3 ticket pulls on the banner.

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Threadly reminder that the discordfags are still harboring this faggot in secret. Those guys are fucking hypocrites

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>didnt have book of treasure running


>see only two nodes for Zell at the beginning
>woah, maybe he'll finally join at the first chance!
>lolno, cya later

Please don't even bring Discord up. We don't want to become /ffixivg/.

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>that messy room


no one ever trusted those faggots anyways.

That's so cringey

Eh, not the greatest, but it's a start.

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What the fuck is wrong with /xivg/.

>Jet Fire can crit
holy fuck what is wrong with this horseshit

I hope you step on a lego

>Library of guidance
what is that?

Guess what Aileen. Prishe is in an actual Final Fantasy. Meanwhile, the best you can say for yourself is that you're a nobody in a half spinoff.

Those fucking books don't grow on trees.

That being said I'll probably burn all my books on this shit cause every time a new character is added your rates get worse.

That's rude.

Future update to Cid Missions in about 2 months or so. You do shit and unlock draws and selections(and also a free wall).

Here's the list:

>just dumped all my tickets
>2 Layle Armors
>2 Zell Armors
>1 Vincent 15

Gonna do two pulls for all these goodies, someone grant me some meme magic in this terrible idea

Is rapid speed worth a damn?

I will, two pulls will get you THREE CP35, better get ready

Usually no,but its better than hp/def shit

I did one pull for shits and giggles and I fucking am getting T I R E D of the grind in this game

I got Zell

I think I'm OK with this

Is it affected by how many cid missions you have done beforehand?

He looks like he was crossed with gondola.

>my 90% on banner was a cat
>tfw I needed that for the Prishe event so I can't even be mad
90% my ASS

I expect 3 35's on my next pull or I'm going to be upset at you

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Alright, cool.
Trying to figure out what to drop to make room for artifact passives.

Sending you some extra help just because I want to see something hype, plus you deserve it after managing to pull off-banner.

>aiming for Layle
>acquired Vincent instead
I mean, it's okay I guess. It's not 3, but it's okay. And I guess I can MLB Zell's armor now so that's...something.

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Dont ever doubt my powers again ok? have a nice night

Depends on what you mean. If you already have done something, they complete retroactively.

>try out a stamina pot
>it's a flat refill unlike BE that does 10 NRG or RK that does 100 stamina
>it has overfill
>can hold 999
Pretty nice
But I'm probably saving till I'm rank 150+

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Wow, poor Alexander.

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