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Northymbre Let's Play -- youtube.com/watch?v=nI9VO_P6bSg&t=346s
Thrones of Britannia Preview Battle -- youtube.com/watch?v=-CuRB3PGgW8
Circenn Campaign and Battle --

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The foul scent of vermin permeates this place, my lord. Do not risk the undermining of your rule by the Skaven - take steps to reduce their chittered lies spreading among your followers.

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took you long enough faggot

ching chong

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To the user looking for Galatian Royal Swordsmen:

It's Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul

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That already exists, look up Corruption Matters. Should be a picture of Trump with a thumbs-up.

yeah boi we wuz brits n shit

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>politically charged mods
this better not add in some pro or anti trump shit, I just want to devour life

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Mod idea:
Remove skaven from the game

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pls frogive i was only worried about u op

Nah, just bantz. It works well, vampire corruption makes everyone's life hell.


Mod idea:
Everyone but the Empire is skaven.

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so when the next dlc faction for warhammer 2 rolls around is this general going to swing back to "based ca"

Mod idea:
everyone stops cheating

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Has anyone played Estalia in the TEB mod?
How do I deal with Skavenblight? I fucking hate how the AI just camps their armies near their garrisons and never leave until you do, it's fucking retarded and annoying.

Yeah, the start is way rougher than it was in TWW1. Personally I got lucky and they declared war on estalia and went west, so I walked in and rushed a terrible siege battle on Skavenblight but barely one and burned it down. Otherwise I think the only way to beat them is just to expand east and take BP property

I am playing as Estalia though, and Tilea declared war on them so I told them to go siege Skavenblight and they got kinda destroyed lel

I guess I'm just gonna wait on ambush until they take the bait and try to take Tobaro

I'm like barely awake, my bad but yeah the best way for either Tilea or Estalia is to just wait for them to declare war on someone else and jump in when it is convenient to wipe out whatever doomstack is fucking someone and then bumrush Skavenblight; honestly playing Tilea just made me quit and play Border Princes instead so I would actually have time to make an army worth a damn to remove rat

I'm playing Estalia because Lucrezzia a cute. Wish she wasn't so fucking useless in battle though, 15 armor is fucking laughable and her lore of magic isn't even that good.

anglo saxon total war when?

May 3


Whelp there we go



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Did you just call the removal of heretics stupid?

That sounds like fun.

Is there any other hilariously broken army builds?

>some mod is updating for some reason even though no update was released
>stuck updating
>can't play

i fucking hate steam so fucking much
there was a time i feared the time gaben would die but now i fucking crave that day

>sounds like fun
except this one is boring and requires you to sit on fastforward while clicking accuse every time it refreshes
more annoying than plague priest sieging

>Every ME campaign turns into Dark Elves taking their retarded economy and steamrolling the world with enough stacks to 2v1 everyone
I just wish my shitty allies would do something when I ask them to attack
I don't think I've finished a single ME campaign. I just don't feel like slogging through a million darkshards

the last two campaigns I ran as both Border Princes and High Elves ended with Malekith getting his shit pushed in before I ever saw Naggarond and Morathi barely holding on because of poopoos

Did some more hunting, Tyrion is ALMOST able to cheese sieges like Plague Priests and Witch Hunters due to his unlimited breath attack with no miscast chance
Will report back if I find any more

My first Malekith campaign mommy allied with poopoos for some reason.

the comments section on this mod is cancer

if this is the level of political discourse common in a democracy I say bring on the king

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Well, the TEB mod won't update.
It just won't download the new files, thanks steam

Holy shit I wish I could fucking kill them all then kill myself

that sweet beast dick

I think the Claw of Nagash passively causes HP damage to enemy units within its area of effect. I can't remember if the default Mortis Engine can, though. It's not really "cheese" like the other examples because it requires either a level 20 Lord or a level 5 settlement and some crazy expensive buildings.

you gottam anit american trators should be summerly shoot

something something prep the bull something something

Rock the boat!

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how are we gonna stop /EAGG/ from invading come fall 2018?

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the same way we stopped fantasy


Dude, maybe burgers shouldn't be so triggered.

But you didnt stop fantasy.

> stopped fantasy
strong statement, my woman of color

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they both do, and it's generally called the mortis engine effect
so you can do it with vampires too anyway
it is lategame cheese, though for all factions except empire which can get a WH out before Vamps get mortish engines or Skaven get plague priests with mounts
Tyrion needs his special sword for the breath, and the only other mortis effect is the Fay Enchantress, but she needs to be in battle

That fucking locus spell is bonkers.

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its almost as if one were being facetious my chocolate american mamas

> siege grung zint
> get this
random map sometimes delivers

the same way Stellaris ended up forming a union with Endless Legend/Space and /civg/ to create /civ4xg/
that is, we become so much like /gsg/ that the weebs dont want to post here

oh fuck wrong image

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Its 1am in america im Italian

I swear I get fucked in TW2 every game. How do I play dark elves. Gimme a YT video.

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chocolate mario mama*

Wrong, its 12:15am on the east coast. Where the hell do you live?

Thats better.


No. Dark Elves are EZ mode. You literally get a super lucrative corner of the map to camp and grow super strong. I have to give the AI upkeep cheats so that I don't wash everyone in 30 turns.

Ameritardlardcuckistaniniggerlovingcuckold detected


here u go famalam
if someone tells you fag shit like "use cavalry" or "muh hammer and anvil" or "muh skirmishing dark riders" you tell them to fuck off because that is not the meta

this is the meta

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t. mpfag

not a mpfag my man
just a dark elf connoiseur

or you just watch lets plays all day nobody else unironically spergs about meta

if you cant conquer Naggarond by turn 15 as Delves on Legendary then you should just give up on Total War

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he asked how to play dark elves
i showed him how to best play dark elves

using cold one cavalry or dark riders or all that gay shit is pretty much not knowing how to play dark elves at all

holy shit lol get over yourself my dude

This is my first Total War game. I didn't even realise there was a Civ aspect to it.

t. can't play proper dark elves
it's okay, you can always go play the retard friendly dwarfs

reminder to take your meds

>civ aspect
yeah just leave
Legendary is pretty much just Easy++++
If you cant master the game on an easy difficulty then you're not ready for it

reminder to not play factions you are too low iq to play

You might have autism.

I should make some of these for Vamp Counts

>for vamp counts

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You may like kroqgar hes more beginner friendly position wise. High elves are the most default race but teclis has a hard start and tyrion is kinnda weird in the way he plays.

>no mention of Mortis Engine or CC placement
>No vanguard doggos/hexwraiths in the back to fuck with the AI and eliminate all stragglers
>Not distinguishing air force and cav
>No vampire chan or wight king in the infantry line

Stick to dorf noob box buddy

You don't need a sorceress if you have malekith.

>Mortis Engine or CC placement
why bother with useless units?
>vanguard doggos/hexwraiths
useless unit placement
>distinguishing air force and cav
see "everything else"
>vampire chan or wight king in the infantry line
see infantry

This picture works for every faction its just a hammer and anvil. Only difference is you would put a rectangle for archers.

> why bother with useless units

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not dark elves, they don't hammer and anvil, they anvil and shades, or malekith and anvil

not an argument

>Mortis Engine heals allies and harms enemies
>Killing routing enemies and picking off artillery/archers is useless
>Cav in the back instead of on the flanks or hidden in trees
>Not making specific note where heroes are

You are the scrub, user.

all useless filler that could be used for more units

> mutts hours and retardation come side by side

>Heroes, monsters, and cav make up the killing power of a VC army

Mannlet, skeleton spam falls apart the second you fight anything stronger than state troop spam.

How much am I missing just having Total War WH 1 with DLC and not 2?

a lot of QoL improvements to the campaign overall, and obviously all the extra races

if you liked 1 enough just get 2 on sale/off a keysite it is mostly worth it

Is there like a tier list for armies in general for TWW? I know there's a "tier" list for Lords and Heroes and shit but I do'nt see any for armies

Your missing a good amount of quality of life magic being in a very good spot the races obviously. You may want to wait longer but hey its your money.

Assuming we get one or two more races for Warhammer 2 what do you think they will be? Amazons would be meme tastic so honestly the only real choice is araby right? Only supre issue I see with that is the fact that area is already fairly cluttered.


amazons, vampire coast with neferata. no araby mahamud.

space marines

Hey, just read your post
I've been in contact with CA Hungary and they plan to downsize Warhammer 3 from a full standalone title to a "Premium DLC" with three factions (Daemons of Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs, and Ogres). The resources they have freed up from the Warhammer 3 project have been re-invested into
- Pirates
- Vampire Pirates
- Amazons
- Vampire Amazons
- Arabians
- Vampire Arabians
and Halflings

The Gobbo King -
T1: Skaven, Dark Elves, High Elves, Lizardmen and Beastmen

T2: Greenskins, Dwarfs, Wood Elves, Vampire Counts

T3: Warriors of Chaos(without ROR), Bretonnia, Empire


>they plan to downsize Warhammer 3 from a full standalone title to a "Premium DLC
So just like WH2? :^)