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I only read moege

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Are there VNs with the scene density of a nukige but still have the plot/characterization of a moege or plotge?

Speaking of this girl, who got cucked harder between Yoshitsune and Ai?

I only read kinoge.

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I want to sniff and masturbate with her used pantyhose

>not liking M girls

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We will never know, because A-5 will never be translated.

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Alright you people post your favorite Sensei's

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Put some fucking clothes on

Steins;Gate was great, why does nobody shitpost about it? Is it because it was too smart for /vn/? Is it because it was too dumb for /vn/? Or is it because it is an 8 years old title that everybody already talked about?

>not fucking your wife's sister with her consent
>not getting drunk with your wife and her retainer and having a threesome
What are you, gay?

Patrician taste.

pretty cute

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One had an entire major game with its separate storyline dedicated to her. You tell me.

I want to cum on her big tits

I love Suzu

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Ashe is so cute. This reaction rivals Kaoruko's best.

Shes like a confused puppy.

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Old AND normalfag bait

>Or is it because it is an 8 years old title that everybody already talked about?
This is why, though with the S;G0 anime airing this next season people might talk about it more.
Or, if you're like me, get another excuse to shitpost about Shaman Girls.

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He can’t help it. He wants you to rape him.

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I'm honestly feeling like that otter while reading Wagahigh.
I'm hating almost everything about it, but I can't stop reading it for some reason.

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Ok Renna was lewd, begging for it and shit. But is Maki lewder?

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>tfw managed to read the chomp part without getting spoiled

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I love you, moebro

I bought a loli sex doll on AliExpress to suppress my feelings.

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what is this bitch from?


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post pics

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>tfw no real route

Jokes on you, I find the idea of a girl wanting to kill me sexually exciting.

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Any VN's to cure my depression?

Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- when?

Sit your asses down, best sensei coming through.

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why is a he a hobo?

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Hobo female Beard-sensei 2.0 is my favorite sensei.

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>not marrying your teacher

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>everybody is posting sluts

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How do I unlock her route?

lol JAST
who even cares since Mayuri doesn't come back

this is the One with the cross dressing MC right?

I did like Beard-Sensei he was a fucking good guy. Shame Kojima-sensei literally doesn't like him at all.

He fucking deserved her, bros.

Loli senseis


What the fuck man

Loli vampires

Almost every guy in Majikoi is /ourguy/, it's amazing.

he was literally too good for that hag

Doki Doki Literature Club!

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Did you miss the choice right after that line?

You shouldn't question God's fashion sense, it could end badly for you.

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none of them believe me i tried

Read a good yurige instead. Kindred Spirits for example.

If anything VNs will make you even more depressed

Yeah, but the art isn't as good.

S-she doesn't? Right?

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What's /vn/'s stance on Sayori?

Ain't that the damn truth!

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Meme tier

Post indiscriminate victims who got the short end of the stick.

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>Translation two or three years out at least, if it even gets picked up.

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Often times I'll see the characters falling in love and being productive and it just reminds me how I'm worthless and will never achieve anything so you're completely right

I want to fuck Sayori

Is Chuee /our guy/

user we don't talk about things like that here

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Masturbation scene is a wasted scene unless it ends with penetration like Miu's first

I really like Sayori's art but I don't like any of the games she has been involved

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Dont say that user
Im sure you can achieve something
Atleast you arent dead to drug overdose or got unlucky and got raped and killed by a gay serial killer


VNs where the protagonist has a mental illness(es)?

Tries too hard to be Japanese (and get naturalized), which is a very cringy thing.

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I'm sorry I needed to vent

Vol.4 Soon

Hello Veeky Forums. How are your bags?

Just finished Kaoruko's route and it was shit, I though I was going to love Kaoruko but she's shit.
Is Ashe's route better? I was thinking about doing it next.

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