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I have a question: will overall level bring my damage up as well?
I'm currently level 53 and my main subclass is Scout. But since every new level up becomes more expensive, can I just buy the cheaper levels of the subclasses I'm not using, like Medic or Jaeger? I can easily buy 3 or 4 levels of every other subclass right now, which would bring me to level 65. Is it worth it?

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>life support
/mgg/ gad a hard life.

Only your currently equipped class effects your level.

Anywhere I can get steel that's not transport hopping or converting iron for a gorillion years?

The map is devoid of resources except for ruins, singularity areas or transporters.

if you like scout just keep leveling scout, dont be a mong like me that leveled a bunch into jager and decide i didnt like it, im a > 56 medic AND i should have just dump all my guban into assault

Split screen would have saved survive.

BOSS X Metal Gear Survive Collaboration Event (For Japan Only - USA/Euro cucks can only hack it in)

USA collaboration leaked.

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it must be time to slap japan around again, you need to show them who's boss every 90ish years or they start acting up

Its rather funny that the Game Item we get is Epic Tier + 1800 Thirst for .2KG
No perks though.

So it's a re-skinned water canteen. Wow, it's fucking nothing.

canteen weighs .5kg, it's still fucking nothing. now if it gave us empty cans to toss I'd be happy

It also gives the chugging an energy can emote. We'll see more when it drops on April 3rd. The same day everyone's getting a content update.

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hello, I have a question:
what does your rank on salvage missions depend on?
only on the amount of iris extracted?
does the amount of iris extracted decrease if the digger gets damaged?
to get an S do I need to do all the side missions and pick up the iris orbs or if Im playing solo can I just stay at the digger and defend it and be sure it never gets damaged?
also what does 'increase digging speed' do?
does it decrease the digging time or does it make the digger extract more for the same amount of time?

how the fuck do you read that page?
I cant speak chicken scratches
what do you have to do to get that shit on PC?
pls assist

>only on the amount of iris extracted?

>does the amount of iris extracted decrease if the digger gets damaged
no, unless the support digger gets destroyed, then you lose 50% of your current iris energy

>to get an S do I need to do all the side missions and pick up the iris orbs or if Im playing solo can I just stay at the digger and defend it and be sure it never gets damaged
You need to boost the drill speed every round and make sure it stays sped up (it stops if it takes damage). You need to place a support digger in all 3 waves. You probably need to do at least a few iris side missions.

>does it decrease the digging time or does it make the digger extract more for the same amount of time?
Same time on the clock, the digger just generates Iris faster.

For daily/weekly missions different rules apply. There's no support digger there but you need to do boost the drill and do all the side missions (including killing the boss) to S rank. Sometimes it can be S ranked without killing the boss but everything else needs to go perfectly then.

You lied to me, that's several questions.
It depends on the amount of iris you extracted.
Yes, only the amount of iris extracted, not necessarily kuban energy and such.
The amount of iris will decrease only if the digger is destroyed, this also goes for support diggers as well (keep in mind that it will drop a whole rank, if not several).
Getting an S rank depends on what difficulty you're on, getting S rank on easy is a lot simpler than getting S rank on hard.
"Increase digging speed" just uses 5000 kuban to increase the amount of Iris energy you dig by a drastic amount.
It is basically the only way you should be digging.

>You need to place a support digger in all 3 waves
sorry but what even is a support digger?
how do you deploy it?

There's several spots indicated on the map. Just go there and activate. You should have one guy babysit it because even one stray zombie will knock it over pretty quick and unlike the main digger, you don't get an alarm sound when zombies approach the support digger.

when the time comes, you'll know

On Hard Standing Missions, there is an option to call in a support digger. You get an option of placing it in a couple of places before each wave. The places you can place it are predetermined, and you deploy them as you would the normal digger. Just walk up to the marker and hold the action key.

well I played a normal salvage game with a guy i found on the reddit survive discord
he remained around the digger to defend it and me with maxed dex and fox walk and stealth camo did all the side missions + pick up all the random orbs that spawned around
the digger only happened to take less than one hp bar slot of damage (very little)
it didnt get destroyed or anything
we got only an A
not an S
can someone explain me why?
its because my partner didnt boost the digger?

is it only on hard missions?
because I only did daily and weekly normal (Im level 49) and I didnt see any option or any weird marker around to deploy anything like a support digger

D114, Burkov, Geist, or the WU S333? Also, WU manual action pistol, Uragan 5,
Tornado 6, Zorn Kampf, and A114 when?

Was the Iris bar in the bottom right Yellow, or just white with multicolored effects on it? Also, did you hear a slightly annoying whirring/beeping sound in the background? If not, then the digger wasn't boosted, and that's why you didn't get the S rank.

purple wu with exploding rounds

From what I've experienced, it's only on Hard "Standing" missions. The weekly hard and daily hard missions had only boss fights and, to my knowledge, a mission can only have either the boss fight or the support digger.

Was this a daily mission?

As I said, daily require you to have a perfect defense if you don't kill the boss in order to get an S rank. Your digger took one bar of damage which means the speed-up would be gone for a bit at least.

>Just hit chapter 6
>Finally managed to hunt, catch and find enough shit to push my hunger out of the red with plenty left over

I'm not hating the game but shit that was rough.

Yeah the beginning is rough and almost makes you starve. Once you get past that though the mechanic is completely pointless.

It's so fucking annoying to eat soup every 15 minutes. I wish there was an auto-eat feature we could configure.
>Drink soup at 2101 hunger/thirst

>Drink milk at 2905 hunger/thirst

>not drinking milk at 2999 hunger/thirst

So i played some Normal Weekly Salvage and there a lot of people playing it, 30~40 lvl people.
Is game in the rise?

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Captain, please. Your milk addiction has gone too far.

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so the enemies you find in hard missions are different if it is daily and weekly or standing?
on weekly and daily hard there arent waves but only bosses to fight?

Nope, still on that downward trend as always. You either found your peak hours for your area, or the few people who actually play this game have finally gotten to acceptable levels.

That's something only a calcium-deficient AI would say.

No they enemies are the same, but higher level.

The boss just occupies a spot on the map. He won't bother the digger, you have to go out and kill him.

It's the same old defense missions, but on daily and weekly, a boss monster spawns way out into the field instead of being given an option to call in a support digger. Level 50 for normal and level 70 for hard. Depending on how you and your teammates are kitted out, you will either send one person to go kill the boss, or all of you will need to cooperate to take it down together. It's not impossible, you just need high damage gear and some mild tactics. Tactics meaning that one guy distracts, the rest pour hot lead into the bosses weak points. It is VERY recommended that you fight bosses with guns and not melee.
A gun may be more expensive, but it's the only weapon that will put out reliable, consistent damage.

Threadly reminder
Captain isn't as pure as you think she is.

Fake news.

Captain has PTSD from sending all those kikongos to their death.

PTSD because they were all DEEDEE's but were the only one's that could satisfy her addiction to D's?

You need to be in japan. And have a japanese PSN/Steam/XboxLive.
Basically, you go into one of those AEON stores and buy tagged BOSS merchandise and avail them on your gameplatform.
You get the drinking gesture AND the epic tier cans.

I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

>but on daily and weekly, a boss monster spawns way out into the field instead of being given an option to call in a support digger. Level 50 for normal and level 70 for hard.

well I did plenty of daily and weekly NORMAL since I finished the game and unlocked the secondary classes and in daily and weekly I have never seen a boss spawn marker on the map or a boss side mission warning
the only things I have ever seen on the map in daily and weekly normal are the blue circles of the side missions and the areas outlined in red where you can find some small iris balls

Almost everyone plays hard these days so when people are talking about these missions you should keep that in mind.

Normal (and easy) should only be done as a stepping stone to hard.


Yeh but normal weakly gives you upgrades for purple weapon/amour. Also they give you around ~250k kuban and that fucking nothing, even drilling singularities gives more and for 5 min of work.

>upgrades for purple weapon/amour
I got a metric ton of those upgrades and not a single purple weapon/armor worth spending it on because I never get 3 star attack guns/bows.


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nigga if that is what I think it is i'm gonna freak

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I don't get it

what is the best way to farm sensor modules or whatever that blue component is called the one needed to make blue auto MG turrets?
I fucking did first wave of base camp dig 2 and I was planning on manually defending wave two too but I fucking got stuck in traffic coming back from work and I missed the deadline and it went into autodefend
the fucking entire dig failed and my base was almost wiped out and I lost a shitton of auto turrets and need to replace them quickly

Every singularity in singleplayer gives you I think 3 sensor modules. That's about as targeted your farming can get.

Other than that you need to do teleporter runs but that's basically a supply run for every material.


nigga i have 250 sensor modules wtf are u talking about

>boot up the metal gear legacy collection
>games are in chronological order, not release order

i know right, what kind of idiot was in charge of-
>hideo kojima

>You need to increase your Mountain Dew Intake.....