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Lizards are stinky

be my friend... OR ELSE

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Do they even post here anymore? Why is this character getting posted all the time again

Let us get the dosage out of the way as they cant stop themselves from pressing "browse" anyway

Discuss crafting xDDD

Post elezen xDDDD

Post cats xDDDD

Post chocobos, please.

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I don't understand why people keep posting Wet Paws either

LF EB to spend long nights botting potd 51-60 together.

forgot the unrelated FFXI talk and pedothirsting

Tfw no qt elezen gf

I'll post my chocobo if I get the RDM barding from my remaining lockboxes

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it's almost mating season, oh my!

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post character

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>Red on the crotch

Ehh nah.

Well? Where is he?

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Forgot monster girls, anubis, garleans, ff11, touhou or fetishes

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Anybody have any idea?

Why the heck are you bringing Garleans into your very incredibly broad blanket?

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>sand nigger isnt even in the thread
>I know i'll spam a bunch of images
>"great guys another thread ruined by sandcat xd."

repeat into infinity.

No I'm serious, where is he?

I'm torn on this hairstyle.
I would like a ponytail for my guy, but none of the other ones are really working for me.
This one I could feel is maybe okay. Except I can't see it as anything other than the hairstyle of the main character's sister from Last Remnant. Since it literally is that hairstyle.

Is it too feminine? I can't decide. I'm not going for girly look

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hewwo im elezen owo your lovely poyocchi!!!!!!!

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Next time try to be more subtle Jeph.
It's too easy to spot you foaming.

Do it, looks fine


Alright, thanks for the input. I guess I wish the bangs were shorter, but yeah I kinda like it otherwise.

Looks good

Fuck off Jeph.
You're not fooling anyone with reverse psychology.

what exactly causes chemo to latch on to people like this? harpuia, sandcat, liora, yysara... probably others i'm forgetting.

denied ERP

No one will ever know. Chalk it down to personal vendettas

>tfw no weeb friend to play and talk about weeb things together

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Autism is a hell of a drug.

touchinng those petals... asking its name...
your crimson eyes draw closer to a forbidden word......
In my awakening... the choir of my heart reverberates
THE DEMON from /xivg/ beckons me and with its secret soprano...
redden my cheeks with such

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tfw don't currently know that feel

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Any Free Companies recruiting in Gilgamesh?

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>you will never be allowed to have more than 1 EB
well what's the fucking point

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You're not fooling anyone Jeph.

there is no greater pump.

its wednesday my dudes...

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So I can't actually tell if your posts are song lyric-inspired anymore. Can you include the song you use as a base whenever they are? I need a range of background noise to listen to anyway

really potent cringe


So I'm trying to level up my crafting and gathering classes, and I'm hitting the issue of its all just taking up so much fucking space.

So I just wanna know, are lower level mats needed in higher level crafting? I have a guide that tells me what mats and how much I should gather at each level, but do I need mats of a lower quality at higher levels? Like if I get gathering to 25, then all my crafting to 25, can I purge any leftover mats or will I need them for later?
One of my retainers is already full before I've even gotten all my gatherers to 25, so I can't imagine what things will be like eventually if I gotta keep everything

Poor attempts at satire are cringe when the satire is done ironically

generally the only holdover materials will be the generics like lumber, fabric and ore

lala post

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>act retarded
>"haha its satire"
i ordered a single but you gave me a double cringe deluxe

whatever happened to that autistic fuck?

i am already regretting this

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It depends on what you're crafting, which crafting job you're working on, et cetera. There's guides for leveling via leves so you can reference those for needed materials. If you're sub50 on crafting jobs, it's highly recommended to focus crp and wvr first.

You'll sometimes need lower level mats for higher crafts, yes. More often with things like cooking but it happens for the rest as well.
Once you get more skills and better at managing your quality rating, you'll need HQ mats less often.
Personally, I'd say sell of any NQ stuff you aren't immediately using. You'll be able to gather more if and when you need it, and doing so will help to keep your gatherers up.


went back to bdog


how did the pump meme start?


server/name/date of birth/last four of your social?

I don't like any of these jobs I maxed. Please recommend me something that's worthwhile. I used to main WHM but I hate new Stormblood WHM.

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Jeph is here, somewhere.

>not using time cards
If there's ever an accidental chargeback, you're fucked.


>time cards
what even is this


heh.... if AUTISM is your realms rendition of dominion of the darkened soul, then yes, i am autism. so autism the eternal flame of my being quivers and quakes with such power, waiting to be unleashed in true autism
the time for shitposts is long over
my shivering eyes invite you in unison
my heart begins to beat as you stepped
into this sweet prison of mine...

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>tfw no bun cock to suck
its not fair bros

Thanks, champ

don't listen to him. bard is fucking shit now that they removed cast time

Removing cast times saved BRD

MCH on the other hand...

>Removing cast times saved BRD
>being this wrong


To think, I was actually Jeph all this time and never knew.

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What did he mean by this?

ARR>HW>SB for bard imo, new bard is pretty shit. HW would have been the best if empyreal didn't have a cast so that you weren't forced to feint/straighter proc on every use to avoid gcd clipping

my nama jeph

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even if my life extinguishes
as long as my soul doesn’t hesitate
i’ll continue with you...

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this guy knows. the whole new song revamp is pure garbage and is worse than ret paladin + hunter procs

i dont get it

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ugly lala

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rev up the gas chambers

cute lala

Wow why are you always so rude to me ;_;


Rev them up faster.

show it up close

>this cat boy will never put kittens in your cat girl

>Tail coming out of the ass itself
Doesn't look right

Lorewise, can elezen females bear a litter of kittens?


quality post

Go away, Serrit