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Latest expansion - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Anniversary leaders - Moon Al-mi'raj, Fairy Princess


>New private match event
>March nerfs/restrictions - Queen of the Dread Sea, Ambling Wraith
>Next Grand Prix
>New Cards to Be Added to Dawnbreak, Nightedge in Late May
>New Arena Mode: Grand Prix
>Rotation, formats, new class

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nonja is lowkey the best card sword got this pack


Does the new Vampy have a voice interaction with Spinaria?

>slime is back

wtf do I do now darias out of rotation

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Build it yourself.

Private Event: Unlimited


Suicide blood.

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She is better Goblin Princess most of the time, but she has won a few games for me.

>swordniggers downplay every single card they get
>lo and behold it's the best deck
no one could have predicted it

just ward bro

Bullet Guy is insanely busted, he single handedly will delete BnB from ladder. Chromatic is busted to fuck and back. Turn 1 use it for white slut if going first, or save to 6 with Gawain for retarded immune boards on 7. Celia is so versatile it just boggles the mind. The class is overloaded with power now, this is Sword's ToG. Maybe Haven will get a chance next once it hits 0.76% winrate.


People have been saying that it would be good ever since Duel got revealed, shitposter.

they now have bounce and banish, may as well give them ramp and necro too

seven wins in a row with this. mostly faced portal so dunno if it's actually good

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>swordbabbies cry every expac that they never get anything good
>t1 at the beginning of WLD, SFL, maybe DN
makes ya think


Holy shit they weren't kidding, sword is really good now.

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Need a concede senpaitachi 81195

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every fucking game is sword or blood aggro.

Can I get a win please?

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Dragonbros, is it our time again? Just won ten straight matches with this PDK deck. All smiles now, no more tears. Queen may be gone but PDK is our new Mommy.

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>zeus revive
fucking god just let me pull off this shit combo already

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>celia muh worse goblin princess
>bear muh worse veteran lancer
>sky fortress muh 8 pp gabriel
>nonja muh vanilla 1/3
yea ok

>mission for a WD ticket
>mission for a CG ticket
oh fuck off

>tfw not one person has talked about a potential Forest list aside from saying that Ygg is shit
Have we gone back to the ToG-SFL days?

This Rune loli is really autistic, I like her.

Just post the list.

Make your own

Play unlimited

I already have. A support cannon one. To make a Mars deck I'd need to craft it.

I'm enjoying this expansion so far

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Should've tried for the chance for a free 3500 vials lad

Thanks, Arisa!

Reminder Unbodied Witch is tier 0

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Who [Cannot be used] here?

oh i am laffin

I like how most of the cards that make or break decks and the cards that would be added to unlimited decks are mostly legendaries with mostly T2 fodder outside of that. Really really nice. Creating a new deck should cost 50k vials indeed.

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You are not even trying

muh fucking dick

good lord

I'm a different user, not from the previous thread though.
Deck code is d2r0.

Can I have a free win?


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Dreadshift. It's the same kind of shit. Nice try discord.

>Playing Cursed General
My nigga

Animated Junk looks fucking sick

Do I craft 3x Celia or Sky Fortress?

Honestcraft is back and now even more honest.

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Thanks for the win by dude

that guy looks chill as fuck

3x Celia is auto include. Fortress you only need 2, 3 is nice, but not core.

Haven is complete shite

She's really fucking cheeky. She's great.

If you can only craft one, craft Sky Fortress.

>people unironically thought Vengeful Orchis would only summon a single Due
This is Unlimited by the way, where a board like this at least has some answers. What do you do against this in rotation, aside from concede?

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So i only need to play 1 (ONE) private game a day to get 500k rupies?

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Okay it's fine, thanks. It's almost like my deck, just missing a few copies and new cards.

>Have decks I want to play right now but no more vials
I’m going to make a new account just for the packs. Has anyone else done this? How has it worked out for you? If I’m lucky, how many vials will I get from the freebie packs?

I can't decide like this

i'm trying to with these new support he got but the entire goddamn ladder is countering me right now

Would replace Daria with her.

Go first and Arthur into Fortress

Now ain't that a surprise. I can't believe there were actually people here that were saying it would be anything other than bottom tier.

just themis

50 packs and only got moon runie and Alex wtf

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Yes, everyone gets it

What the fuck i thought Luna was pure

Big fat wards
Kill them before turn 8
Threaten lethal on board before Orchis gets dropped
Force the puppets out for the opponent to survive
Orchis isn't bad, but it's overrated.

Thanks a lot fellow portalbro

i would give every card i opened just for moon

I think you need to win it in the lottery

>Queen Magnus the Black, Fanfare: All allied followers can't be damaged until the end of your opponent's turn.
>It actually only includes spell and effect damage

Nice card text shadowbabs

Now if only I could use my Moon


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Need a win don't concede please

Sky Fortress

That made me look extra retarded when I attacked into a card thinking mine wouldn't be damaged.


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Pure thot

Hey I'm not very good and kinda just started, but this is what I got out of the new box. Is there anything good I could use in here?

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In Japanese she has the same text as Liza.


Forgot the pic. I ain't a big fan of Mars, maybe I'm gonna just craft the 1pp card and Celia.

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reroll my man

You can't keep doing this to me...

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Haven't actually used Mars much in my current deck. Might just drop her.

Moraie Encomium is OP


you dont need mars and 2 arthurs and fortresses are enough. melissa isn't necessary

Any blood people here? I'm having fun so far in rotation with blood now, but not playing the bats deck.

Need a full match for event.

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Why not just release a fun and balances expansion with a variety of usable decks every 3 months instead of holding out on cards?

Fight me

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Melissa is a meme since everyone and their mother have bane. Even Bampi has bane a fucking bat bane that takes out big guys

Ok, after multiple testing I concluded Vanara is shit, just as I predicted.

Pure aggro forest has a very big weakness which is it run out of steam very fast. Right now everyone and their mom are running tonnes of removal and sometimes even untargetable shits, which is why it cannot work out. Need to at least make it tempo-aggro, which is actually too much to ask as I don't have fairy saber.

What are you playing, jorm?

>clears your board instead of dropping Orchis
>you make him drop Orchis a turn late
>you still can't answer it

>big fat wards
Otherworld Rift.
>kill them before 8
I can barely be killed before turn 8 in Unlimited, and I think we can both agree that unlimited is faster than rotation. The only things that have actually stormed me out are currently bat blood and garuda storm haven, and neither of those exist with anywhere near the same potency in rotation.
>Threaten lethal
Great, I'll wipe your board instead of playing Orchis, and then I'll drop Orchis next turn when you no longer have an answer.
>Force the puppets out
Will not happen as long as Puppet Room exists.

There are ways to lose, but it feels like most of them rely on the puppet player not drawing the removal they need, not the opponent actually doing something specific. The one weakness the deck genuinely has is a lack of healing, so burn damage is pretty effective, but also not enough on its own if you don't get any other damage in. Maybe I'm just getting lucky with the deck or something, but it feels super strong so far.

Uriel and Albert are hurting my current deck, I'll really miss them.

Wouldn't Durandal be better than both?