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post your finest raibu memes

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First for my cute wife Dia-chan!

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Umi is love.

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Cute chocolates from their boyfriends.

I don't know if this works with you

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What kind of nu-male plays Final Fantasy?

this card is ridiculously bad lol it's worse than a rare

sasuga yoshiko fucking worthless annoying larping whore

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Reminder to vote for the PDP March poll!

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>what are promo URs

Post cute Chikas!

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>red hair and goggles
who is this goddess?

haha so freakin epic guys i love memes teens get in here



Love the cute magnets

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based ironybros

Dumb post, hetshitters should kys to be honest.

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lol so random haha

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This is the epitome of an underage post.


teen post

For magnets.

I love them.

Lee fucking sucks because he's harder to play than Mishimas and less rewarding.

Bird is for ____

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I miss them


I love respecting all raibus and all women!


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What SIF character is that?? perhaps that's a Love Live song??

Just play Noctis or Lili

legally purchasing music.

I am such an incomparable homoooooooooo ePlease stick it in mee based

I love Mari. She's so cute.

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Look at this mishima babby and laugh

translations please

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I play Nocto AND Lili, Lee sucks though.

Chika loves her beautiful senpai Dia-chan!

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And let's not forget, fun.

epic lol

and cute

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Piss off flip.

And cute!

Fucking Harada buff Lee honestly, Lee's execution is fucking insane compared to what you get from him.

>tfw diminishing returns after 800th login

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hope you're all reporting these shitposters

get in here ota teens

>shitman is a spic

Gentle loving and hand holding!

My most precious treasure.

Let me tell you, the absolute worst place in the world to be a Love Live fan is American High School. There was a lot of social stigma around being a "weaboo" and I soon stopped watching anime altogether because of it. So through the years I was in high school, I didn't watch a single episode of Love Live or listen to any of the songs out of fear of what others thought of me. But the whole time I knew that I still really loved the show, and that I was just forcing myself not to. The social stigma, coupled with a lot of personal problems that I won't go into, made that era of my life pretty awful. The time when I needed something like Love Live the most, I wouldn't let myself watch it.
I left high school soon after due to my own personal philosophies, but I carried the emotional damage with me the whole time. I finally let myself revisit some of my old favorite anime such as Yuru Yuri and Space Dandy and I figured why not give Love Live another shot, since it was once such an important part of my life. The second I heard "Bokura wa ima no naka de" I started to choke up. I realized how much I had deprived myself of for so long for such a ridiculous reason.
If I could give any advice to my 14 year old self it would be to just love what you love and not let anyone take it away from you. I fell in love with the show all over again. To this day, it is not only my favorite anime of all time, but my favorite show. I was never emotionally equipped to deal with finales but Love Live's hit me really hard because it had been so important to me for so long. That's why to this day I get emotional when thinking about it or listening to the songs. I fell in love with School Idol Project 5 years ago. 5 years ago my life would change and I would reject something that I really loved for social status. This turbulent experience I had with it is why, in the face of all objectivity, LLSIP season 1 will always by my absolute favorite show of all time.

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Why do you keep posting this?


qa here

Friendly reminder that Minami Kotori has a navel fetish!

That feeling that I can't even begin to describe is just for SIP and just for μ's. It makes me sad every day to know its over, but I can't even think about how sad I'd be if it had never begun.

KLabGamesStation LLSIF Corner is about to start!

Twitch: klabgamesstation

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You sound like an unironic faggot

omg there's a beautiful riko available to scout RIGHT NOW
why did nobody tell me?

Is this Land of the Lustrous?


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It represents the average poster here.

>caring about people's opinion

It was more than just "I didn't want people to think I was a weaboo" or anything, I wanted to change who I was because I wanted people I didn't particularly care for to like me lol. That's what high school is all about

>hey, watch me! i don't care about about people opinions! just notice me!

cute birb.

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And that's why you are an idiot. You need to change for yourself not for other people. They don't care about you.

Don't reply to pasta, tard.

Yeah it seems crazy to me now how I ever really cared about that stuff

The faint, wind-like voice is calling me.

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cute angels

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cute girlfriends.

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Ah, could you wait for just a while?
Ah, I can hear someone calling my name somewhere.

>crackbrain meme

fuck off bcombobug

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dafuq is this?

Cute Maki and Ugly Mikan.

interesting pair

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cute canon

Get chance and luck

God I wish that were me

>almonds activated

they're really pushing this huh

Cute gays.