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Who's the best companion and why is it J'zargo?

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I still haven't beaten Skyrim
Playing multiple characters is more fun than exhausting a game on one

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Morrowind Codepatch is fine. You really don't need anything else. It isn't as buggy as the others. Ignore anyone saying otherwise. If something starts getting on your nerves, look for a mod to remedy it at that point.

I never really knew the difference. I always go with mgexe though.

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Should probably remove the >/tesg/'s characters link from the OP. It's three years old.

>Mod your first play through as you want. Not doing so is autistic.
And just how the fuck is someone gonna know how they want it if they've never played before?

Not entirely true. There's some pretty significant bugs, and the patch project is highly recommended.

It has been edited and updated, and this is very clear. The first and most obvious piece of evidence is that Ava uses her most recent design, and that's the second image.

yeah but it gets updates though

But why? Eiries keeps it updated.

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It still gets updated every time someone posts a new roster. The last update was like a month or two ago.

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One day I will be relevant enough to make it into the OP

Should undergo a purge or reorganization though. It's pretty unusable if you're looking for just the current regulars.

You're right. You should probably kill yourself, since you can't know if you'd like death more than life until you've tried it.

>not Aela The Huntress


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"Current" regulars fluctuate pretty heavily over the course of a year though.

It's not entirely required but it's all you need to clean up the majority of the issues that are likely to spring up. The most serious bugs I ever came across in thousands of hours of playing were falling through the floor a few times, outside of modded areas anyway.

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These lolis are better being less messy to clean up if they get decapitated, their head it alreayd in a quick disposal sack.

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There are a number of really bad text 'bug's. Things like saying to go to the wrong person, or a person that doesn't actually exist. If you are going off of in-game conversations/journal entries and not a wiki it makes some quests unplayable.

You know someone never had an argument when they go to such an irrelevant extreme so quickly

dont do this

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You mean, make a roster and ask Eiries?

magic is fun

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Way too late.

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no psychopaths allowed


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this is a not goo d thread

we can ban him for showing a titty in the distance right?

Do it. i havent slept in days.
Its not like I coudlnt circumvent easily I fi wanted.

I'm going to update my roaster soon

Did Kos give up on his fucking magic mod again? The beta test was really fucking fun, and I was looking forward to more.

he was the only active modder that actually had decent mods. I wish he came back, I need to ask him about some scripting questions

Fap fap fap

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Asking again since I didn't get a response last time.
Are there any questlines in Morrowind that have plots outside of the main one? I'd like to play some of the other factions quests as well, but if it never progresses past 'go kill X' or 'find X item and bring it back' without a plot/reason past getting paid and advancing within the faction it gets real repetitive real fast.

Hello, can someone please give me some advice?

I'm practicing some alchemy along with enchanting and am currently trying to collect ingredients on my way to another town to buy more soul gems. I am having a little trouble, and am wondering if there is a better way.

Salmon Roe.

What's the best way to harvest it?

Right now I am bunny hopping backwards in 1st person spamming E and Space Bar flicking toward them at they come. Other times I am lucky and can find solid ground to stand on near enough to grab them. I tried using a flame spell to just roast them, but I'm afraid of losing them down river. It's kinda dark right now too so it feels too risky.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Which mod are you using? That one decapitation mod on Nexus was really fucking buggy last time I used it.

I know. I really enjoyed his stuff in Fallout 4. His spells were looking pretty GOAT, and would be a nice change of pace then just using Apocalypse.

Have you tried buying them at a market

not really the only other big plotlines are the two dlc quests

I converted dolls nevernude. You people say I cant mod, but I managed to take a nevernude and turn it nude as well as making everything compatible.

Only at alchemy shops. Would salmon roe be available for purchase elsewhere?

You don't need a mod for decapitation.

on kids you do bitch.

There's a cave if you keep going down and turn right towards the bridge

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Probably meat stalls

This thread started out really weird.

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No idea, but his magic stuff was rad.

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You do for extreme decapitations and chopping off limbs.

start an otp already

Thank you, I will visit them for sure. I have a couple in mind that I've seen before.

There's a lot of factions that could be really cool
But quests like 'go get 5 sload soap' don't really make me want to keep doing them

None of which he's done.

I have DD installed. You really seem to not liek me on a personal level. Dont worry its mutual.

OTPs are weird. No really, it's so freaky and weird, I don't understand why anyone would start an online relationship considering how some of the posters here behave.

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just ignore it

Do you have the latest link? I have one of his earliest verisons and the fx had problems

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what do you mean you don't want an online boyfriend to have virtual sex with?

Eww, no. I already have a boyfriend IRL and he might be my fiancé soon.

sarcasm btw

Well, I don't. I don't see any merit in it.

You stop that!

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Oh and I wanted to thank /tesg/ for making me who I am again.

I'll be mentally prepared for the civil war again.
It's all thanks to you that I finally ditched Jesus for good.

Where I'm from I don't have to shoot at steel targets, I can shoot at binary explosives instead.

Fuck Skyrim for a bit I'm gonna go innawoods and practice night manuevers with my local militia.

See you guys whenever.

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ok bye :)

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It looks like there are bandits over there, I'm going to stay away from that area. I'm not looking for any trouble.

Fags in this fucking thread who don't want an alpha male to share sexlab pictures with like wtf? Gay ass

The latest link is dead, I'll start archiving it when he comes back


Hopes and dreams for the next elder scrolls?

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I wonder how tesg did that

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I was hoping to get my game a bit more stable before I play it for real, but I appreciate the offer

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What a cute shota! Can I see his boipucci?

Not looking bad, senpai. That arm tho, wew.

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Is it autistic I dont make my view distance bigger in Morrowind because I like having the fog on all the time?

It gives the game a much darker feel

Summerset or Elyswer
Return to old style magic
Return to experience points for levels
Less focus on scripted areas to make travelling interesting
Continuation on improving dungeon uniqueness
Continuation on improving plot in side factions
Return to making choices between competeing factions
Return to less linear dungeons
Return to some light puzzle elements
Return to computer-friendly UI and controls without mods

It feels good in some areas but on a sunny day in Vivec I feel you should be able to see real far
In the ashlands it makes sense though

I have absolutely no idea. He must have been possessed by the autism ghost once he decided to adopt a name.

It happened to Trainwiz, it happened to Kos, and now it happened to Shipwiz.

Wow yeah, that arm looks pretty terrible now that I look at it. Thanks tho

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The difference being im armed to the teeth and am military background.

I just wanted to make mods. I just wanted to escape the war, but no im a samefag right?
And then when I showed proof I wasnt you guys wouldnt except any standard of proof.

I hope you all die when your electricity is cut and you have to fight off niggers and spics for food trash.

You worthless fags kept accussing me of samefagging! And you would hold no standard of proof to teh contrary.

I didnt samefag even once. I even proved it, but I was told that I couldnt prove it no matter what I did.

But everybody gets accused of samefagging all the time, even if you're a goddamn moderator, people will still accuse you of samefagging.

Why? It's a goddamn shitpost. Ignore them and just listen to people that legitimately want to see you prosper and develop as a modder.

>The difference being im armed to the teeth and am military background
Sure you are, Jan.

>Ignore them and just listen to people that legitimately want to see you prosper and develop as a modder.

So noone.
I was abasically told to leave over events that where 90% out of my control
(ill admit I shouldnt have sperged out about magitech and shouldnt have accepted that name)
but you stupid fucks wouldnt stop.
Every time I soemoen said ANYTHING positive about me I was told I was samefagging.

please either leave or stop posting
you're not contributing and only making yourself angry

stop samefagging holy fuck

So you knowing that someone said something positive isn't enough for you to believe there are people who want to see you prosper? Do you realize how unhinged you seem right now?

i swear if another goddamn mass shooting happens because brave and his clique couldn't stop bullying someone, i hope the fbi shits down his kermit throat.

And this is contribution?

It's hopefully contributing to get a known shitposter out of the thread.

Like you?

Rejoice. If that happens, you'll finally get the board ID that you wished for.

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You're on the wrong board mate. Try /pol/. Their TES threads are better than ours anyway.

House Hlaalu, Telvanni, or Redoran? And why?
Slavery yea/nay? Why?
Daedra worship or Aedra? Why?

>not a new IP

Its whatever its not any ban that gets handed down wills tick. I can spoof both ip range and mac address.

No loading screens.

That they actually have a vision for their game and think everything through so that things/details are done well and with clear purpose.

Better lore in the gameplay and immersive dialogue rather than the silly and careless a b c choices.

Less scripped encounters, walking into a city in skyrim feels like standing in-line at a theme park ride. With no GF, family or friends. And everyone is ignoring you, while they talk about the same thing everytime in the same way... and the ride's broken.

Better combat, weapon swapping, magic use, sprinting, dodging, jumping attackings, underwater combat, etc etc.
All of these mechanics can be introduced basicly and have their limitations set free, speed increased, etc as you become more skilled. Like faster weapon swapping out of DOOM. Maybe you can even have double jumping later on. Have an arrow lock system like High Noon outta Overwatch.

You know, fight as a common man at first. The NPCs are more useful than you in general at the start, you see some badass npcs with better mechanics than you and you must overcome them and then become a demigod in the end.

Playing Vermintide 2 for a week and then going back to Skyrim was weird.

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Put on some clothes, slut!

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>House Hlaalu, Telvanni, or Redoran? And why?
I would suck dick to serve any house if I lived in morrowind.
>Slavery yea/nay? Why?
It's understandable when it's to serve a great house such as house telvanni. They need servants to do menial tasks and such.
>Daedra worship or Aedra? Why?
Tribunal of course

Any play through recommendations on Morrowind for my first time?

I wanted to play on the hardest difficulty but no idea about play style

Read all the text, it's where the story and important information is
Pick your build at the beginning and stick to it, swapping is very difficult
Magic is almost necessary, although enchanted items and potions can substitute
Enchanted items are really really good, regardless of your build
Understand how stamina works

Make me. :3

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