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[3/21] Deviljho and weapon rebalancing in update 2.00 - capcom-unity.com/monster_hunter/blog/2018/03/21/

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Small Monsters - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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baba booie baba booie howard stern's penis baba booie

Remember to be help out your fellow hunters in need!

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Post 3D Kirin Girls!

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List of players you should avoid in /mhg/ sessions!
- is what I’d like to say, but I can’t because I got warned and will get a nice 3-day vacation if I post it again. You guys are no fun at all.

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are jewels weighted within their rarity? i have 6 focus and 8 crit boosts and 0 pierce decos

>he thinks it's actually a blacklist

why the fuck don't people let me tcs a sleeping monster for fucks sake

>farm 40 tracks in 30 min of sniffing normal diablos
>only get 2 tracks with jho, but both are 3 monster hunts

Is Jho a T3 which explains why I barely get shit or solo jho hunts? How do I farm jho only investigations efficiently?
Also did they buff tracks giving more investigations? Before patch I only got max 12-20 per 55 min diablos hunts, now I get above 50 without the full 55min.

damn, I always looked forward to these. Now I'll never get my name on your list.

do it anyway, the thread is not the same without it

>Eye patch
>Nerg Coil
>Xeno gear

Instant kick on sight

Because you keep missing them.


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what a relief, good thing I play in full HZD collab gear

>he doesn't know how to get past bans

Spoiler that trash next time

Backup Room/Session ID if Fapper is full: 3CsLDKCRRihZ

I legitimately do not know how you play some weapons online where you can't accurately predict the patterns of monsters.

Don't open this.

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I have a very important question for you /mhg/:
How do you feel about rocks?

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if you whiff that shit once im shooting a slinger pod at it, i dont give a fuck about your shitty killscreen

After getting good decos i finally can see the power of the jagras gs. Max might 3, focus 3, crit3, w.exploit3, atk4, elementless...damn this thing is very versatile. too bad it looks like shit

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>he was actually autistic enough to make this

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Would I need Hongky or Taiwan PSN plus to play? Do they have Skyforge and Neverwinter there? Sorry I've really been looking for an answer for this for so long and thia is my only chance. Also if I use a new PSN what about trophies?

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oooh rocks hmmm yes oohohoh yes
aahhh I love them! gimme gimme mmm yum
*belching lava noises*

why are you avatarfagging with these ugly 3d bitches

your avatarfagging is paying off, youre attracting other autists

Post huntrass

Oh the irony

You know the original one is just a list of people you can play with online. I just edited the first part of the pasta into blacklist as a joke then suddenly it got spammed all over and new names were being added.

I'm also the leakfag who posted it once but for some reason one of you would always post it as a daily reminder. You guys are funnier than fucking dragon dildos.

Reminder to help relieve your palico partner's sexual needs between hunts!

I don't fucking miss it, it's not hard.

It's not about a killscreen, it's about trying to do as much damage as possible so the hunt ends quicker, so randoms don't have a chance to fucking cart.

Finally got around to making Omegamon. Shame I can't take a better pic it looks retardedly awesome with that G Rathian SnS acting as a head and all that white shining

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Fuck you I'm the one who made the original lists of players and leaks.

Why are so little monsters weak to fire? Only Kirin and Baalsack comes to mind.
Worse is that those weapons are harder to get than, for example, thunder weapons.

both hongkong and taiwan work, what region you choose will determine what region of prepaid card you have to buy
trophies will only be on this asian account, and don't carry over to your main
also keep in mind, it is possible to download the game with an asian psn account, and then switch over to your main account and play it
you will however be unable to use any prepaid cards to buy anything for the game, making it impossible to sub

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Sure, i am of the strong opinion that rocks are stupid and are for stupid dodo heads

Don't forget to help other other felynes in need too.

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Ok and I edited it as Blacklist instead as a joke then someone else used it as a daily reminder.

Absolutely. I have 50+ copies of many jewels and then 4 of the same rarity tier.

What skills?

(ur a faget)!

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That's ok I just want to get the trophies for Skyforge, Frontier and Neverwinter. Thank you, friend.

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I was the one who turned it back into the “blacklist” and posted it at the beginning of every general for the last few weeks, just to see the reactions. Anytime anyone posted a webm or image with names in it, I added those names to the list to. It was just funny seeing what people said. Someone else can take up the torch if they want.

who are the best lewd monhun artists

nice name you colossal faggot

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What are your armor skills?

It counts as "doxxing" now so the jannies will just remove it.

Sorry, it,s all transmog. Set underneath gives Sharpness +2, Critical Eye +2, Tremor Res and Razor Sharp.

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>that name
You can smell the reddit from a mile away

this artist SUCKS

That's pretty alright for a an early mixed set.

No you

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>Narga gets added to the game
>The quest is in Ancient Forest
>It does the same tree fuckery as Tobi
>It flies away as often as the Raths

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People who Flashbomb Nerg when he's not dying and trying to go to his next need to be shot.

People who flash nerg's dive are even worse.

It's not from reddit it's an anime called Fate, I think japanese people understand my reference along my engrish shotouts

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Lotta people cart to that shit mang. If it's a 1/2 faint it's not worth the risk of letting him finish the dive. If you've done even a half-decent job of hurting him and sleep bombing him he should die in 30 seconds even with full black.

I don't even have a strong enough reaction image for this.

There was an idiot here saying you should alway flash Nerg when he is about to dive. That was the most retarded argument I had in a long time.

Why is it that every female armor in world has mandatory midriff/thigh showing (even odogo slut’s hip window) to acentuate a huntress’ thicc thighs and bubble butts while keeping the breasts covered and trying to make them look as small as possible?
What did the devs mean by this? What do they have against big khazar milkers?

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>I-It's not from reddit
>it's from some shitty anime
Nope, not reddit tier at all

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Anyone Got that USJ Event or is it gone?

>messing around with a set for Jho Charge Blade
>2 Dragon Jewels leave its Dragon element at 270
>3 Dragon jewels leave its Dragon element at 270 but in orange numbers

I don't get it.
If 270 is the cap why isn't it showing in orange with just 2 jewels?

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What justification could he possibly have other than "lol dive will ohko you"?

Because it only goes orange if it's over cap

Post huntress sluts

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You've hit the hard cap, it cannot go any higher than 270.

It's not from "some shitty anime".
It's from Fate: the SHITTIEST anime.

toned thighs and midriffs means you're fit and ready to hunt. big boobies just get in the way, even though they're nice to look at.

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>Liking anime is reddit

>That one dude who will keep mining Uragaa/Radobaan when it falls over instead of hitting it
You know who you are

>brainlet wants to see BIG TIDDIES LMAO
every time
How's that blos CB treating you?

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He said because when a monster flies and you flash it, it is an instant knockdown. Then I said that's stupid cause Nerg retains his black spikes and is going to dive again. And then he said, good, because you could flash him again and that is more free damage. And then I re-emphasized that Nerg has black spikes so you are dealing shit damage if not bouncing in the first place. He said he didn't bounce despite no minds eye. I said bullshit, he stopped replying.


The only reddit anime is that one Monster Hunter Stories shit. I'll never understand how can you have a franchise this epic full of memorable bosses and armors that make it comparable to Dark Souls and decide to focus on the tiny lighthearted side of it to make an anime.

How can such perfect titties even be real?

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The rotten vale IS under the Higlands, user. :3

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Not liking anime retard, NAMING your shitty character from some shitty anime. Have you by chance ever named your past hunters kirito?

He probably sharpened back to white while sleep bombing Nerg.

It's just a flavor thing to really reinforce the whole connected environment dealio. It's way too small to be used for much.

White bounces as well

That IS the vale you dumbshit.

Hey, in my defense I needed a name that japanese players would recognize since I'm playing MHXX. And Monster Hunters IS a weeb game, every quest is named after some anime, so FATE was the one more players would recognize since it's written that way in their country too.

Naw I don't give my characters names. Point still stands, this website's 4weebs bro.

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You're an idiot.

cute slut! that mizu gunner on the left is just okay though.