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Missing Class Reward if Found Edition

New Expansion Out In Mid April

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hsreplay.net (Buy premium for us)
thelightforge.com/TierList (Arena)

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Have you pre-ordered yet user?

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hearthstone is a skill based gam-

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Should have preordered

consider the following

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why don't you fuckers play around it?

When the fuck is this card getting posted, man? I've been waiting and waiting.

>playing Hearthstone

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nice try brode

Of course I prefer low power level expacs anyway, gives people a chance to get creative

So their way of balancing warlock was letting priest cheat out their 9-drop as well. Good thinking Brode

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I don't play Hearthstone, I just collect the cards and watch other people play on twitch.

*plays Faceless Manipulator and Dark Pact to cheat out my Void Lord*
Nothin personnel, kid

Should I pre-order?

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I'm a memelord, but I'd play it.

Where are her nudes?

58 mins.

Honestly, if you plan on dropping money for packs at some point 70 packs for $50 is a good deal

You need to buy a premium subscription for those

bet she has that mad pusy

Tyrande is the best alternative hero

It's how Blizz operates. A class is garbage, then they buff it beyond belief and it's great. Then because it's horribly oppressive, they EVENTUALLY hit it with a nerf or two and give it Moorabis for awhile while the next class steps up.

I understand their thought process, but jesus, they really need to scale it back a set or two. There's no excuse for Coffin Cunt and a 3 mana Faceless right now. They should do a better job than that.

>plays Faceless Manipulator and Dark Pact to cheat out my possessed lackey

Not in this game it's not.

>3 mana faceless
Your referring to prince right?

Is this in any way playable? I mean they know it's coming and hold onto a kill just for it. Can it get in 20 dmg before death?

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probably referring to the priest spell

I've seen people play it in DMH Warrior. You keep shuffling it into your deck a bunch of times then play multiple of them.

That sounds fun as fuck

I experimented with it for a while in control lock, but it was too unreliable. Even when he awakened the opponent has had several turns or even half the game to draw removal

Threadly reminder that deathstalker Rexxar has not been fixed.

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The fix is right over there you...you double SMOrc!

Soon, brother, soon.

The only people who think Kingsbane is a broken/unfair/bad deck are degenerates with IQ so fucking low they are literally incapable of changing their game plan according to their opponent. They are eternal Shieldbearers who rely exclusively on their netdeck playing the game for them repeating all the same actions over and over again absolutely disregarding their opponent as they genuinely have no idea what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve.

based patty

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Who's your favorite streamer, /hsg/?



I like to watch no-names with something like five viewers.

>watch how others people play this shitgame

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nostam when he's actually streaming


That's how it usually goes except that one time that my opponent played it turn 4 and all three candles ended up right at the top of my deck.

Hi Dane

when kripp talks about stuff other than Hearthstone, he shows how much of a fucking pleb he really is.

Darius is ten minutes, lads.

any of /ourguys/, none of /redditsguys/

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brehs did we find out if there's a schedule for getting witchwood packs from quests yet by the day, or is it just in order of completion?

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I’m pretty sure it’s just order


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what's a good deck for the brawl

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Enrage warrior

Fuck is the warrior legendary on the chinaman's stream

Pathra is such a sweetheart

where's the fookin card?

wtf is this garbage

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boogeymonster 2


Oh god put it back

Mehhhh. This does not kill the warlock

can they unreveal a card

haha funny joke, now where's the real card, user?

Taking the wording into consideration, does this mean it gains +2/+2 if the opponent tries to trade into it? Maybe Darius + Bonemare combo?

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Can't wait for this to be my free legendary, like woecleaver.

Warrior on suicide watch

>hmm everyone hates the boogeymonster
>literally from the moment it was revealed, everyone gave us a ration of shit
>ole boogey is about to rotate
>hold on, i've got an idea
>let's reprint it, slap a new keyword on it, and make it a warrior legendary for no reason
>sounds good, everyone should love it

knowing blizzard the wording doesnt matter they'll work the same

Against zoo type like deck, its auto win

Well, at least it's better than Boogeymonster. It would have been a much greater insult to reprint it but make it even worse.

>13 mana combo

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Oh shit
So you can't just throw a bunch of weak minions at it, you either need removal or a big body? That actually doesn't sound AS terrible

It’s shit
lol, compare its power level to the warlock legos

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Based on that wording, and it's not even unclear, it does operate somewhat differently from the Boogeymonster. It's a lot better, too.

Remember boogeymonster? Neither does team5

Couldn't this have like just 1 more health? I could probably just excited for that, but this is just eh.

hey wait a minute...

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Seriously, what the fuck. Why did they give the tier-S class that's losing literally zero cards in the rotation a card like this?

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I never understand why they make some cards Legendary. There's nothing amazing about that effect. It's a keyword and a simple stat gaining mechanism. Cards like Gruul and The Beast get a pass, although they really, really should have known better even then, because they are so old.

I'm gonna say this will see play if tempo warrior ever becomes a thing again. But good luck with that.

>blizzard keeping warrior dead for another expansion

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This yea. It’s so boring for a legendary

get excited*

Does it gain +2 health before or after the damage calculation phase? This is important as you'd need at least a 6 attack minion to kill it on the first trigger

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if it really is "whenever it kills a minion" would the +2/2 save it from death?

We can do this all day you know.

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>losing literally zero cards

it would be overpriced and bait removal. Warrior one can trade immediately and force removal

I could actually see this card being good in an aggro or tempo warrior deck should that somehow becoming a thing

>Trade a 4/4 into Crowley
>Your minion dies and Crowley becomes a 6/2
>Need at least 4 damage to kill it, anything less and he'll survive
Pretty good if it works like that


Anybody hyped about the next expansion?

I wonder what Ben "that gone cost you my man" Brode comes up with next.

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this is actually the most boring expansion ever

>you know that mechanic you were playing with in SV for a while now? It's now in Hearthstone
Boring as fuck desu. Just compare it to Old Gods and see how uninspired this set is.

Boogeymonster would be hugely better if it had rush. It would basically be charged devilsaur with an upside.

I think this card is going to be good. There's a big difference between having rush and not having it for a card like this.

Boogeymonster is honestly the most retarded card they've ever made, just a worse version of an unplayed classic legendary.

>MtG is about $300 to even be viable in local tournaments, $500+ if we’re talking big tourneys
>Artifact will likely be around $100 for a pro netdeck
>Even fucking YGO and Pokémon can be in the 100s for competitive decks
>Pay $50 every four months or so and you can realistically make 3-4 decks that can take you to legend and bring you hundreds of hours of entertainment in HS

Look, Hearthstone has a shitload of problems and isn’t a perfect game by any means, but all these people bitching about P2W need to get a job, literally any job, and stop acting like HS is prohibitively expensive. Especially when compared to almost every other TCG

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This is my OC Bogeymonster 2.0, the strongest warrior to ever exist. So strong infact, that he eats tinyfins and snowflippers for breakfast. He has a sword that can cut through any army of dudes or murlocs just like my favorite Final Fantasy character Cloud. His favorite one liner is "nothin' personnel kid"

I want to fuck Tyrande Whisperwind