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Selling trans weapons is as dumb as being able to sell shards.

Yeah, but shouldn't they get banned? It's super fucking obvious when they're botting, a GM could just go through maps that are populated at normal Korean time and wipe out a ton of bots. It wouldn't even take long to do, especially if they had some sort of way for GMs to see a list of the populated channels or something. It's also super depressing to see 10 million silver, which is something that takes a lot of time to farm in raw silver, go for fucking $3.

Get gassed, faggot whale. Your pathetic reign will finally end, just move on to sex worker or some other pay to win shit.

IMC is lazy.
But they do ban some, if people report them in the forum. More new bots are made ofc.

>Yeah, but shouldn't they get banned?
You can't just randomly ban people who aren't playing the game the way others want them to though. The botters can just reply if someone say something to them and they notice, so you can't say they're 100% autonomous either. Even if they do get banned, the person will probably just swear up and down they're legit and get unbanned.

>It's also super depressing to see 10 million silver, which is something that takes a lot of time to farm in raw silver, go for fucking $3.
>This guy's complaining because he can't sell his silver for higher

I'm complaining because it would take me like 5 hours to farm 10 million silver, but I make $40 an hour while working. Seeing an actual number put to the time I'm investing in the game just makes me feel like I'm wasting my time actually trying to play, it doesn't help that they spam that shit in shout 24/7.

Nigger please.
Some random dude would do that, but the Silver selling Companies dont give a shit if one of there dozens bots get banned. They just make a dozen more. Its there business and they have many running at the same time, mostly/full automatic.

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That's going to be really cold, sticky, and uncomfortable when it drips down onto her chest.

>makes me feel like I'm wasting my time actually trying to play
This just in, playing video games is a waste of time, more at 11.
Besides that you could
-Spend those 5 hours doing challenge modes or something instead of raw silver farming
-Progress your character
-Go farm at work on the side
-Be content that you're saving 3$ instead of wasting 3$ and potentially getting banned.
-Feel good that you're wasting lesiure time playing instead of wasting your work time to buy fake money to break your weapon with
-Get a second job since you're wasting more than just 3$ not working for 5 more hours instead of playing games

There's the other answer to why there's always bots around.


I should just work on my Japanese and start practicing Piano again.
>* SP consumption of [Magic Shield] decreases by [attribute level * SPR]%
Assuming this really means something like (20*(100))*.01 = 20%, what happens if I have over 500 spr?

Also does anyone else like drawing crosses with firewall?

hi retards

been in a slump for a few months, havnt even "grinded" since mid october

unlike most of you im not ashamed of who i am and will gladly spill my spaghetti as to why if asked, but lets drop that for now

me not being active isnt 100% related to tos, and i still am theorycrafting autistic builds in my mind... you may see me again soon

see you space cowboys

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does anyone know how to obtain the raincloud headpiece?

Buy a goddess cube and hope you get 1 from there hehehe

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Isn't that just for the cloud, or does it include the rainy/lightning one as well?

It has all the different types of clouds, rainy, lightning and sun.

in my quest to own every "event" headpiece i am wasting my savings on the following two useless hats instead of getting decent gear

bear mask
bossbear helmet

(idk wtf theyre called)

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>Played on Fedimian when ToS was released on steam despite playing CBT on NA servers
>Want to come back now
>Don't want to go back to Fedimian
>Would have to level from 1 on Klaipedia again after so long
What a pain

servers merged weeks ago

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not fedi

I don't even know what I want to reset into anymore.

what is the top 2 must have wiz builds in a pve/cm pt right now?

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something kino something

Wiz2Pyro1Ele3WL3 (if you like stronger damage with slower cast time)


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Homunculus's ice pike and stone curse are okay. Homu itself is still shit though. It needs to attack faster/more often.

CHADlains where we at?

>mfw I maxed Invocation to 15 in exchange for PoA points

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So if I start over on NA, is there any way for me to have a good Cryomancer build? I heard it was nerfed to shit but it was a favourite class of mine in beta and early release, same for Chaplain and Fencer.


They all have an unique type of pantsu.

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what about along the line of support wiz for pve/cm stage7?

That demon on the left

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Her bellybutton is just 3 pixels painted on her exposed tummy, but I'm aroused as fuck after noticing it.
I was going to post their pantsu here, but I'm not very well hydrated for that yet.

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Linker3Thaum3RC full SPR. You'll also be able to farm with this build.

Wizard > ??? > Kino3 > ??? > Warlock3
How'd you fill the gaps?

cryo rc

what's the new meme with cryo kino and rc anyway?

I spend money on hats and costumes as if there's no tomorrow. If cute is a sin, I'm a sinner

Is there a new meme? Enchanter can make pp and gravity pole lightning element if you want to meme it up with frozen enemies.

Cryo Kino RC has been a thing since before RC came out. BUILD OF KANGS