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tfw deleting BBCF and reclaiming my 50 GB for other games

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wanna fuck baiken bros....

Decided that I need a secondary, so I'm about to learn Cammy. Is there anything you people have to tell me about her? My main character in Guilty Gear is Chipp. How similar are they?

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Thoughts on morrigan?

Zangief VT2 is the most moronic shit I have ever played against. If I get lamed out by another one of these frauds I might kill myself.

how the fuck is that game larger than xrd?

>tfw no anal queen kolin gf

it is impossible to learn fighting games

she likes to succ

poor optimization and long ass story shit


Ken, Mika, or Ibuki and why?

none. fuck fighting games.

thick throws

Are you the MH guy?
I never really got people who pick characters for shit like costumes.
Does gameplay not matter to you at all?
Sorry for the autism

this, just let us move on to mobas


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stick to monster hunter. this genre is not fun or worth attempting to learn.

Why do you continue to play, then?

>2600 hours of sfv
/our queen/

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that's where you're wrong

Certainly explains the mental illness.

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dumb orbiter kys forever

Hey Brick, what can you tell me about C or H Satsuki if I wanted to learn her? Is she easy to pick up and play?

lmao, and the other guy looking up her steam profile and posting it for the pedophiles on here is okay?

Is Laura good for newbies? Or should I just go with generic main character Ryu
also interested in rashid/nash/karin/zangief but i heard rashid is hard and i can't do zangief's 360 motions on a keyboard

stop bullying little girls

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keyboard 360s are not difficult, you don't actually have to do the entire motion, just a 270 degree turn of sorts.

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5,000 hours of visual novel story with uncompressed audio
also high def sprites take up way more space than 3d models since you have to have 10-30+ different hd frames for every normal and special

gief spd can be done as 225

If you're old enough to hang out with the FGC and form a cabal with Justin Wong, James Chen, and Fatfeels, you are old enough for us to post your statements from public profiles.

Ryu is good for learning, but you should also play whatever character you find fun. That will make you want to play and learn more and also help you find a potential main.
I would actually say play a bunch of characters against the CPU or something and see which ones feels good. Keep doing that as you get better, doesn't matter if you feel you're not good enough to play a character.

Laura will teach bad habits. If you're not trying to get good it doesn't matter though.
Nash and Karin are the most reasonable picks from the rest of your list. Gief is a weird character for new players to pick up because he plays so differently from the rest of the cast that you won't learn many transferable skills.
Rashid is likely to teach bad habits.

You don't even have to do that in SFV, you could do left right down up and it works because the SF4/SFV input interpreter is designed for morons.

If you don't post a sniff, you're not a part of the /fgg/

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bros wtf..... punk and sonic fox have moved on to pubg. Are fighting games that bad?

laura and all grapplers are complete fucking traps. total feast or famine characters. you'll stomp clueless people and then get stomped by anyone with a clue and you'll want to commit suicide when you've realized how much time you've invested into a shitty gimmick.

just pick a shoto or some easy mode scrubshit dogshit character that plays itself like m.bison or urien

Rebis is legit my favorite hentai artist. Best futa cocks, best brown girls, best asses, best tits, 10/10, should support him on Patreon.
I'm assuming he'll want to play another game eventually and that it's a bad idea to teach him a bad habit like that.

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They're both kids who likely don't have the same sort of attachment to fighting games as the old guard do.
Also they both just fell from a high point and had to face the fact that they weren't actually top of the pops, that's probably a hard thing for kids to deal with.

>posting a skullgirls webm to demonstrate keyboard 360s
That game literally lets you do standing 1080s without jumping

A lot of people are going to say that laura is a "Trap" or "bad habbits" but really, pick a character that you like to learn the game. otherwise you will really be turned off. Tiers dont matter too much until like gm rank so honestly pick what ever you like. Just watch high level footage to see what is going on and try not to rely on gimmicks every match.

>guy starts teleporting after losing a game

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There are 1080 motions in Skullgirls?

>start up jive
>lab urien for 10 minutes
>hit some ranked games
>win 4 of 5 sets
>quit while I'm ahead and while my high is still up

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You both need to sepuku ASAP, not hard to understand.

This should be everyone's jive routine desu

but why?


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Lower barrier to entry is a good thing 2bh

I'm stuck on the "win sets" part

Ryu will teach you the game better than any other character. Capcom champ nuckledu played ryu before he moved on to other characters/

No. But Cerebella's 360s are so lenient you can spin your stick several times without jumping.

the input system has special 360 detection code to keep you from jumping while inputting them
but and there's only one character in the entire game who even has 360s

what would Tanukana's EVO suite look like?

ryu is also an awesome way to bore the shit out of any potential new player and make them never want to play this crap again

>If you don't post a sniff, you're not a part of the /fgg/
I lurk and save sniff only

I'm like the sniff version of the asshole with a 0 ratio on a torrent site

Jedah is fucking cool

That must be why he's the most played character.

tfw drop everything in real matches

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dude just jump back. its the best strat.

he's the most played character because it's what people online tell newfags to play

the vast majority of ryu players are in rookie or bronze because nobody wants to play ryu except people who think they have to

>Ryu will teach you the game better than any other character
stop with this diaper level meme
if you learn the game with ryu then all you fucking know is ryu. play the character you want to play and learn how to deal with everything using them instead of wasting tons of time.

tired of you vappas pushing this shit

My real Piccolo will never be as good as my lab Piccolo

You talking shit about my main? Post CFN bro. I'll parry everything you got.

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ryu isn't well rounded anymore. he's just a gorilla with a headband.

>and that it's a bad idea to teach him a bad habit like that
It's like learning a different motion entirely. It's like saying teaching a player to do a QCF is a bad idea because eventually he'll have to do a DP.


Looking at the guy's hands, doesn't he do the motion right anyway?

the best character for new players to learn is NONE

don't play this shit. just watch tournaments etc. way more fun. if you already know how to play fighting games in 2018, you do you. if you don't, then honestly don't even bother.

sup mike

just closed out of jive to play some dbfz.....
story mode

His inputs show that he hit up instead of stopping at up/forward, so he probably did but there's no way to tell since it's SG.

If you learn the game with Ryu then you know the template that all 2D Fighting games were originally built from.
More importantly he doesn't have any character specific gimmick that can fraud people out, and every player you match against will be completely familiar with him so you'll never be able to win through lack of matchup knowledge. That forces you to learn tools which apply across most of the cast, rather than learning that nobody in Bronze can deal with repeated bison headstomps.

the fgc won't become blacker this way, mike

SF5's issue with throws(and dp's and command grabs) is that it's constantly engaging in a scenario where janky choices cause issues in the future that cause them to come up with other weird solutions to the problem that are even more wack as hell until all those weird design choices just collide. Hell Sakura still has a throw loop and Zeku has one vs 4 framers

TvC you could combo from megacrashes or use them in combos, next game they made any possible combo form them scale extremely hard. This was made off the completely rational decisions (based off prior games doing so) that combo breakers should reset the scenario.

That's definitely not the reason why. The top 3 most played are all 3 of the shotos because that's what casuals like.
>if you learn the game with ryu then all you fucking know is ryu.
This is probably the dumbest shit I've read on here. Ryu is a fundamental character which is something that carries over to other characters.

Post your cfn. i guarantee you're a scrub

Post sniffs you wish were in a good fighting game.

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>then you know the template that all 2D Fighting games were originally built from.

Ryu stopped being the template alogn ago because FG's changed a lot. Why the idea of making new people have to grind out Ryu, SF5 RYU nonetheless just to play their favorites is a horrible way to dissuade people.

Good point, might as well learn to abuse that interpreter.

Not sure of any other trick I'd teach a new player besides the easier DP, though.

why don't you post your cfn first and prove your epic "learn ryu first" strategy gives results? let's see that ultra diamond big boy.

What weird solutions or janky choices are you talking about?
SFV is probably the most cleanly designed fundamental fighter on the market, with the least amount of unintended meta-mechanics. People even regularly complain that your options are too simple and straightforward, which of course is exactly what Capcom were going for and succeeded at.
Explain thyself.

typical capcuck fucking dodging like a bitch. I know stupid fucks like you don't play the game.

Cfn= betaphaggot

No other genre does this. Why the fuck would you put pseudo restriction on newbies in a genre that HINGES on character player meshing.

>making new people have to grind out Ryu
I'm pretty fucking sure nobody is holding a gun to every random new player's head and making them play Ryu sonny. He's the most popular character in the game because he's iconic.

command grabs changes, DP changes, the anal need for throws forcing a hard neutral (despite my Sakura example).

Guys, Redditblade is ignoring us to play with /v/appa right now! Can you believe this shit?

>/v/ is playing games
>/fgg/ is shitposting about 15 year old girls, silver ryus, and posting anime porn

maybe you were the vappa all along...

>I'm pretty fucking sure nobody is holding a gun to every random new player's head and making them play Ryu sonny.

It's mentality that is very prevalent.

Are you going to post cfn pussy?

>first character ever mained was SSFIV Dudley
>been fine for 8 years
>have played everything ranging from pixies in Guilty Gear like Chipp to grapplers like Mika in Under Night in Birth
Is this Ryu thing a meme?

Does Mike Ross like tekken?

The throw change isn't janky, it's extremely simple and intuitive. You're now further away after throwing people so you don't get as much advantage. You can't get any more self explanatory than that.
The change was made specifically to create more neutral, which at the time was also what people were calling for. It succeeded. It was a simple intuitive change which did exactly what it was supposed to do.

The only mechanics I can really call weird are the different invulnerabilities on different non-EX DPs. It's not obvious to people that say, MP DP is air invulnerable so you should use that to AA. That could have been communicated better but I don't think it's a bad change for the game.
Having a particular strength DP that is specifically for anti-airs and can't be used as a reversal is useful from a design perspective, because it means you could buff AA damage for those characters without making their yolo reversals better.


>broski has a Veeky Forums pass
how long until the british goobermint arrests broski for alt-right wrongthink

/v/ only plays anime kuso because anything else has too much competition for them. Why do you think that Redblade plays that shit? He'd get smoked in a real game like SFV.
>ignored footsies to play a meme character because he saw a Kokujin video
>now only knows how to play unga anikuso rushdown shit where every character has the exact same gameplan of get in there, mash, and dash some more
I weep tears of sorrow for your fighting game career

No, he hates Koreans

Happy birthday my darling Toffee xD

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