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>Release Dates:
Episode 1 − ''Awake'' 31 August 2017 (Out Now)
Episode 2 − ''Brave New World'' 19 October 2017 (Out Now)
Episode 3 − ''Hell Is Empty'' 20 December 2017 (Out Now)
Bonus Episode: Farewell − 06 March 2018 (Out Now)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm features Chloe Price, a 16 year-old rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel’s world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes their newfound alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

Life is Strange is an episodic interactive drama from DONTNOD Entertainment. Set in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Arcadia Bay, the player follows the story of Maxine Caulfield and her seemingly newfound ability to turn hella gay and rewind time. At the prestigious Blackwell Academy, Max must prepare with Chloe Price for the incoming storm of returning to her hometown after five years. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

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BAE > bay

BFFs, Pirates, Wonder Twins, Partners in Time & Crime & Love, Fellow Dorks, GFs, Wives.

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>Pro skater Edition

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Chloe is #1

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Cutest girl in Arcadia Bay.

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Now I'm REALLY curious.
I think I'm going to watch it this weekend.

Cutest girl with the cutest girlfriend.

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Always kiss the Price.

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Always kiss the Price!

#1 girl with #1 girlfriend.

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"Shhhh Lisa! Don't make a peep or we'll totally get busted!"

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Maximum cute!

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It's not a bad movie, but it should not be associated with FF.

In their hubris they proclaimed their digital actress the future of Hollywood. This was in 2000. So far I haven't seen her work since.


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Before Episode 5's release:
>Lol Mari's theories're shitty.It's way more than shitty to become true
>Chloe has to die thing doesn't make sense.Don't worry they will come with unpredictable story
>We're gonna learn everything about Max's powers,Rachel and Prescotts even Nathan,spirit animals..
>Jefferson knows about Max's powers
>Nathan,Frank,David or Samuel's gonna save us
>Victoria's with Max,she'll save her
>(After seeing Cemetery scene from leaks) I'm sure it'll be Williams,Rachel's or Kate's grave.
>Rachel's the doe and Butterfly and probably we'll see her in Max's dream
>Blue Jay's Chloe

After Episode 5's release:
>Mari's shitty cliche theory became right
>We visited the SF art gallery for 3 seconds. FOR 3 DAMN SECONDS
>Jefferson became a silly bad guy from Disney
>David came to save us.He's a former-soldier but he can't even fight,just listens teenager's orders. Even he doesn't know she has some time travel powers.
>Victoria's with us in the dark room.Laying there and we can talk her or not.Just it.
>Nathan get killed,Victoria too
>Nathan knew something about the storm but they cut it.
>Warren explained Max's powers(!)(thanks warryn) We found out her power causes/related with Chaos Theory and storm.It's not like we didn't know or something.
>Storm is only coming for Bay because Chloe lives in there but Max's the one who keep changes the time
>Prescotts story erased.Nobody even mention their name.
>Rachel's story fucked too.She isn't or butterfly,bluejay just spiritualdoe
>Spirit animals thing died.Blue Butterfly's storm summoner just it.
>Chloe dies again in one of endings (unpredictable) It gives you a lesson: You shouldn't have used your power.And you shouldn't play this game.Now erase your choices and cry like a bitch.
>The other ending's short but it's less cliché than other.We saved Chloe,storm's hit the town and gone.That's it
>So, once again we got the fact that our ending always will be BAE>Bay

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This is what dreams are made of

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What do you think Post Bay Max is doing right now?

please no "max would never choose bay" or "max will go back to save chloe anyways in bay" bullshit.

Do you think she would be successful already? Found a new love? Finished her education? Or is she still super depressed?

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I might appreciate it more than a FF fan, then, because I honestly know very little about the series.

>In their hubris they proclaimed their digital actress the future of Hollywood. This was in 2000. So far I haven't seen her work since.
lmao this does seem like something SE would do, though.

Alice! What the h*ck!
Pretend that Kate_200%_lewd.png is here becase I don't want to eat up the image limit

Before BtS Episode 3's release:
>Devs: ''Intense episode is waiting for us.Be ready for it;);) There is a reason why we chose Tempest as major theme and you will find out;)''
>Don't worry, Deck9 won't disappoint us. They are better than Dontnod
>I love you Zak. Thank god, finally a developer who understands us!! What did we do to deserve him guyssss
>Sera is a witch. Ending is going to be awesome
>We will see how Damon got killed
>We will get our revenge from Skeevy guys too
>We will see Skip's concert too. Rachel and Chloe will go there yeeeyy
>All plot holes Dontnod left will all be answered.
>Beanie Queen Steph will get hug and also we will have advice scene ;);)
>They will not touch 3 years. They will keep their promises:) Unlimited happy endings are coming. 6 variations depending our choices with RACHEL HYPE CLOUD9

After BtS Episode 3's release:
>Deck9's worse than Dontnod
>Devs were bullshitting all along: Tempest? They forgot it. Poor Shakespeare is rolling in his grave right now
>Zak went full retard
>Nothing was cut:)
>Girls went full nun-mode and was giving each other cheek kiss and 0.1 sec cuddle scene in bed -even with cloud 9 intimacy
>Choices didn't matter
>Pedo Frank
>Frank pushes Damon out of screen. God knows how is he fucking dead
>Rachel spent almost the whole episode in that hospital bed
>Chloe was unconscious at the very intense moment
>Sera magically untied herself
>End choice didn't solve anything
>William went full Fast and Furious flashbacks.
>Even if Sera and Rachel reunite, Sera gtfos that town in one way or another
>They added credits scene out of nowhere - Rachel's ded - Chloe's still suffering. Technically, they were bullshitting about not touching 3 years either

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Chloe is giving her niece lessons.

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Are we assuming she doesn't give in an use her powers again?

I think she would become an activist of some sort for lost/abused women, that sort of thing, and try to protect others from Rachel and Chloe's fate if she could

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As Max and Chloe are leaving the ruins of Arcadia Bay behind, there's one more tragic story unfolding
>Alice and Lisa stuck in Max's room, Alice hasn't eaten anything in days, the dorms are destroyed and no one comes looking for them
>"No one's gonna come save us, this is the end, we'll starve to death..."
>Alice...you can survive this and go back to your owner. All you have to do is... all you have to do is eat me."
>"What? No, fuck that. Lisa, you're my number one priority, I'm not eating you!"
>"Alice, think about it... how many times this week did you try to nibble my leafs? I'm a plant, Alice, you're a bunny, maybe it's time I accept my destiny... OUR destiny."
>"Lisa, I can't make this choice!"
>"No Alice, you're the only one who can"

>eat Lisa

>eat your own foot

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Chloe is such a fun aunt.
I hope she buys Alice a little helmet to wear to protect her from the inevitable spills and crashes.

Alice prefers cat back riding.

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Yes I believe that Bay Max would never try to use her powers ever again and would try to live a normal life
I can see that happening

Please do not let the continued attempts and outrages of a few troublemakers take over the threads. /lisg/ does have its own ideas of what it considers canon, much of that is an agreed upon headcanon that most other fans may not get or like, why should that change? It's what makes this place what it is. Objecting to that and trying to force a change through conflict or disruption only strengthens it.
In short, the best solution to all of this is to: hide posts you don't want to see, leave if you don't like the general.
Anyway, I know my words will change nothing overall. Those looking for fights will still start or join them. /lisg/ has been, to me, an awesome place for three years and I take the relative stability of it as a massive plus. It does get repetitive at times but I will take comfy smoothness over chaos. Besides, we have S2 coming.

Also, loved the talks about Paris last thread. As well as the idea of Chloe speaking French (and possibly more) she is a smart girl and may be able to pick up on that stuff. Handy for traveling and impressing her gf/fiancée/wife.


Don't you mean Chlo Skater? ehehehe.

>#1 girl with #1 girlfriend.
Hell yeah!

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Eh, nah. If you want everyone to share the same opinion and just repeat everything over and over, too bad.

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>Max's tiptoes
I guess they left the kissing crate at home.

>Also, loved the talks about Paris last thread. As well as the idea of Chloe speaking French (and possibly more) she is a smart girl and may be able to pick up on that stuff. Handy for traveling and impressing her gf/fiancée/wife.
Me too! It's fun to toss ideas back and forth about what Chloe and Max may or not be doing for their honeymoon (or just a simple vacation). Chloe busting out her mad French language skills on the waiter to put on a show for Max was really cute.

>Chlo Skater
Nice one. I audibly groaned. :p

>Please do not let the continued attempts and outrages of a few troublemakers take over the threads.
Amen to this. As well as to everything else in your opening paragraph.

Nice Rachel she's having

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Max has an...interesting taste in movies. She seems to like stuff regarded as bad as well as exploitation movies. What a little nerd she is, and we love her for it.

Bunnyposting is the most wholesome thing.
A little helmet? Cute. Alice is hardcore tho, she'd probably just wear the beanie made from a cut up sock.

Poor Bongo II just want to relax D: I could see Chloe watching that occur and laughing at it.

You're doing a good job of repeating everything over and over by affirming that you're only here to cause trouble and posting the same images to eat the limit.

Alice may be hardcore but Kate would be very disappointed if she didn't practise proper safety procedures. She might even not let her go out with Chloe anymore.

>I could see Chloe watching that occur and laughing at it.
Chloe'd be egging Alice on.

Nah, I'm here to post what I like, if trouble finds me oh well.

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>/lisg/ does have its own ideas of what it considers canon, much of that is an agreed upon headcanon that most other fans may not get

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Longwinded way of saying "I don't like having to view opinions I don't like"

Never fear. A suitable helmet has been found for Alice.

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These threads show why shippers have such a bad reputation on the Internet.


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He's probably talking about you.

Or perhaps about you?

Nope. I'm talking about the whole "stop liking what I don't like" thing.

Well with a helmet like that I know what concert I'm taking Alice to!
Get ready for the moshpit, shaka bun.

Oh please. You're free to stop your whining and acting oppressed anytime.

Mate, we're fine with you liking what you like. Our problem is with you spamming every thread with things that only three total people like.
It's not that you like it - it's that you're pushing it on the rest of us.


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Poly shipping is garbage.

Amberpricers really did have issues

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Mental cases



The intent behind me saying "Poly shipping is garbage" wasn't to tell him "You can't like poly shipping". It was instead meant to say "Stop pushing poly shipping on us, you fucking idiot. We don't like it."

>shaka bun
What a cute nickname.

>you can like what you like
>but I'll call it garbage you fucking idiot
Lmao I'm sorry to tell you this user but those are not the same thing
I like how 1 post out of 57 is "pushing" it on you, though. How insecure can you be?

>Midnight drive

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>girls hugging is poly
fuck off

I didn't realise Alice was so hardcore. I hope Kate approves.

What's terrible is that for a long time, people here could easily differentiate between Legion and other Amberprice fans and so things were mostly good. But then the Amberprice fans here did their best to make sure all of them were associated with Legion or similar nonsense.

>203 Pricefield images and 487 posts
>1 poly ship image

You sound like those Christians who say gay people are "shoved down their throats" by merely existing

Attached: 72c.jpg (600x450, 18K)

>implying that was any difference between them

Everyone has their own opinions even if they are hostile.
But you're not going to win them over by waltzing into the church and making out with your same-sex partner.
Learn to leave people be and stop trying to antagonize them.

It's because of toxic waifuism

They see their little Max-Chloe relationship as some kind of sacred thing, adding a third person makes it some kind of perverison.

Even though we all know Chloe would dig the idea of fucking two chicks at once, as unrealistic as the idea may be

You obviously were not here during October, November, and December

>post an image you know 95% of the thread won't like
>they tell you they don't like it
You sound like a moron.

>amberfags know nothing about Chloe's character
Well this surprises no one.

This post, when taken in context with the history of Amberprice posting here, is very funny

I'm sure there still is a difference but it's certainly not demonstrated here.

I was here then and long before that. I can assure you that there was a clear line between posting or discussing Rachel/Amberprice and being a douche about it trying to badmouth Max/Pricefield. The more fanatical side of that won out and absorbed/displaced the rational side.

>post 1 pic with "peace"
Lmao you LITERALLY sound like those Christians now. Amazing

>they tell you they don't like it
First, who cares? Second, that's a nice way of putting "calling them a fucking idiot"

>>post an image you know 95% of the thread won't like
It's an image of Chloe, Max and Rachel hugging

If this triggers you, I think you need to look inwards to find the source of whatever "problem" this causes


Well you deserve to be called a fucking idiot. You fucking idiot
>Woe is me, why won't people accept me when I keep demanding they change while trying to annoy them

Attached: Life_is_Strange_-_Before_the_Storm_2017-12-30_19-34-23-504.jpg (1920x1080, 308K)

>posting a single pic with a single word is deserving of being called a fucking idiot because it's not what you like
You sound very stable

>Keep coming to these threads when you know people won't receive you kindly
You sound like a masochist

>continuing to feed the troll
Please, guys, you're better than this. Believe in the Kate that believes in you.

Attached: 1503536233535.png (493x555, 129K)

Hi, I haven't been part of this immediate conversation, but I'm the one who called you a fucking idiot. I wouldn't have done so if the last 6 months hadn't happened, but they have. Ignoring the context of your actions is stupid.


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>neither post responds to what I actually said

>"Fuck your hugbox!"
>"P-please don't call me mean names ;__;"


Attached: 1521196859633.jpg (540x722, 89K)

Actually, I did respond to what you said. You were saying that calling someone a fucking idiot for posting a picture I don't like indicates that I'm unstable - but you're ignoring the context. I called you a fucking idiot because of your cumulative actions over last few months, not for that one post in isolation.

>/lisg/ is so silly and unstable for getting mad at one poly picture
>better just post a bunch of poly pictures!

Lmao I think there's a middle ground somewhere in there user, just maybe

Ideal timeline is Rachel telling Chloe the truth, them peacefully ending whatever they had, Max and Chloe being together, and Rachel being their supportive friend who can leave and then visit every now and then.
Gives all three characters what they want.

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Sounds good to me!

Max could even take some shots for Rachel to help her advance her modeling career.

Post cute canon

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But I didn't post that original pic and you have literally no way to tell that I did, so you just call random people fucking idiots based on a single pic and word. Again, not very stable.

They're just further proving they are a shitposter and nothing else. You're not going to reason with them because they will always play dumb about any accusations and then spit in your face by doing exactly what they are accused of just to spite you. The only solution is banning them which is unlikely to happen...unless you ignore them and make them start posting more disruptive things that will cross the line.

Then just imagine that what I said in is directed toward whoever posted the picture. It *was* one of the three Amberpricers. You know it and I know it, so there's no sense in pointlessly arguing.

How would Max react when Rachel ended up mostly naked in a highly artistic shoot?

>unless you ignore them and make them start posting more disruptive things that will cross the line.
Actually, ignoring them consistently shuts them down. They spam for another hour or two after people stop responding, then they leave and only post intermittently until someone responds again.

I'm not sure why she'd care all that much.

I posted the original picture.

the single word was what I wanted between all parties.

The fact you're this mad over a couple pictures of the girls together is telling of your insecurity.

I hope one day you'll get better then what you are right now.

So you admit you will automatically assume a harmless post with something you don't like is posted by people you don't like and say they're fucking idiots.

You are why this general is shit. Someone can come here and post something and you go paranoid and act like a complete douchebag.

I don't think Max would do those kind of shots. If Rachel suggested them and saw Max wasn't comfortable then hopefully Rachel would realize that and stop.

Like a professional.