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2nd for Nia

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What’s in the update!

just bugfixes I think
hopefully next month we'll get DLC news

Twitter account showed new quests

She could've said no.

No. It changes to this in ch7 apparently.

It's when they were still in gormott so it's before the whole thing.

She probably didn't know whether "no" was a feasible answer or would give her away as someone who never had a childhood

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>Sheba will never get art
Still upset. I love her design and being a mermaid thing that's also a lesbian that floats around in a bathtub and only gets out to punt cunts into literal next week is hilarious to me.

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having a long thin fishtail coming out of your ass but still having legs makes you a uh... fuck, I can't find the name of the creature. I once drew some and I got confused on the terminology and called them huldre, but a hulder is something else. Point is it's a thing in mythology, different from a mermaid. Probably half mermaid.

anyway her in-game art is so ugly that nobody will ever love her. I'm surprised they did as well as they did, though, given this confusing pose the designer chose.

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Does she have clothes on her ears or what.

They're earsleeves.

>the jew was conned by black scam artists
There is a joke in there somewhere, but I can’t be bothered. I still don’t get how nopon have feathered wings. Don’t those look more like furry ears?

Version 1.3.1 out tomorrow, apparently adds more Expansion Pass quests.

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Convince me Xenoblade 2 is worth slogging through the tutorial phase of the game

You might end up loving it. Or you might not.

No one love gold-mongering whore.

Well I loved XBC1

If the art style isn't putting you off then stick with it a bit longer I'd say.

The tutorial is like 12 hours, if you didn’t know the number already. The very early points are great and the ending half or so is even better, but there is that slower area that is worth getting through. I hate how Vandam got the worse section of the story, after his section is “over” it really starts to pick up. If the DLC really is a flash back, I hope we can play as a young Vandam, or at least have him as a party member.
Last third of the game>First third of the game>Middle third of the game

middle third is better than the first thread. Chapter 4 may be shit, but 5/6 are better than 1/2/3

How are the expansion pass quests, anyway? Are they mostly generic or are there some stand outs?

not worth it outside of the items some give. Though these ones seem to be actually decent being blade quests

Neat, I was hoping for more blade quests.

Apparently one lets you craft premium cylinders.

How do I start adenine quest?

w-what about overdrive protocols!

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what am i doing

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Enjoying yourself, I hope.

They seem like that one quest where you need Aegeon and Bridget in Mor Ardain. Not really a Blade Quest but the quest involves them.

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Better than nothing, I guess.

>This is Tora's bathtub

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