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Update happened but no special splash page or anything, so just go here

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>List of good Community servers


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what does this even mean

you think valve is gonna backpedal and readd copyright infringing material? youre brainlet as fuck

nth for 7s is the future
I'm not a furry owo

this update was objectively good

first for remove sniper and pyro?

adding Glicko to casual is something not even a braindead spic would do

it might take a bit for me to deliver after it ends i got shit to do tomorrow

>best update in 2 years, doesn't even have a splash page just a flaccid blog post
Is it because they only shipped out one cosmetic crate?

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when the entire modeling community comes down on them for listening to one retarded weeb? Yeah, im certain.

maybe they actually spent like two hours playing the game and changing shit instead of making epic source pictures

You made the thread too early faggot

750 fagotron

>two new threads in one day
So this... is the power... of actually updating your game

i'm so angry i'm gonna masturbate to miss pauling

cold eggs are heckin gross

yeah! show it to 'em big boys
wait what

Hey can somebody make me a cool new tf2 meme for me?

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here's a cool new tf2 meme for ya: my ass

get fucked pop meme reddit

Have one (1) epic

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omg desu ne kawai!!! sugoi ne

>you can equip both eagle cosmetics together
i hope freedom wrapped weapons don't cost too much

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one of my favorites

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>i hope freedom wrapped weapons don't cost too much
A-user... I-I...

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Well it depends if you want it strange and/or factory new and/or unusual. All three would be fucking neat.

>ten bucks for just a battle scarred RL

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Original thread was on page 6 and still not archived even now, faggete

how the h*ck do I stop mastercoms from removing my decals so quickly?
already changed mp_decal to 4096
how do I make them stay longer?

Why are the developers so terrible at balancing? Literally nobody asked for Pyro update to involve buffing M1 and nerfing combo/finesse play. Now they nerf M1, make backpedal Pyro v Pyro like 500% more effective, and you can literally juggle anyone in the middle of a room with scorch and instant axt finish them without even involving walls.


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On the other hand, almost everyone asked for Pyro to get a single shot fire-based rocket launcher, a jetpack, and a throwable area denier that sets people on fire and we got all three.

New meme: le TF2 gamer face
. . . . . . . ,,--^""¯¯¯""^--,,
. . . . .,-^'. . . ',. . .',. . . . '^-,
. . .,-'. . . . . . .',. . ; . ',. . . . '-,
. .,'. . . .,'¯'-,.', ', '-,. . . ',. . . . ',
. .;. . . . ', . .', .'-,'-,'-,. . .;. . ; . .;
. ;. . ;'-,. ', . .'-,. . ',. .'--,,_. .;. . ;
. ;. . ',. '-,"¯¯^_'^-,_,-" ,^¯¯'"-,. .;
. .',. ..; ..,--p=, ) . . . .|,=p--,.;", ;
. . ,'|.', . . ¯ ¯,'. . . . . . ¯ ¯. . .;';
. . .',. ;. . ;;;;;; . ./. . . ', . ;;;; ; ;
. . . '-, ',. . . . ,, ' '-,_ ;" ',. . .,'/
. . . . .'-\. . .(--,,,____,,,_ . ./
. . . . . ,'',. . . '--"-,;,,;,,-'¯. ,'
. . . . . . ,|'-,. . . . -----. . .,-'|
. . . .,-^""; . "^-,,____,,-^".;"^-,
,-^"". . . .'-,. . . . . . . . . ,-'. . .""^-,

You're ugleh.

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>tfw the southie shinobi clips hard with the new cargo pants

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>Implying you need the southie shinobi in order to be a weeb

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Irl image from the legendary battle of b4nny vs. Pottis

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You mean the fire rocket launcher that's garbage against everyone except other Pyros? Especially combo Pyros? And the jetpack that makes it so you can't do anything but be an M1 bad?

it does more dps than stock and is perfect for comboing with as it does more damage to enemies on fire. the jetpack is perfect for backburner / phlog. i dont know why you are pretending they are completely terrible, its like saying gunboats are bad because it "make you an m1" thats retarded

In honor of the new forever jumping scout, I resurrect dead gif!

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you mean to tell me you can't even aim within +/-15 degrees of an enemy's position? because if the enemy is anywhere near the central third of your screen the dragon's fury absolutely shreds them, the hitboxes are so fucking huge you can melt full hp heavies easily

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How does one do the infinite tpose jump?

>top UI is now on community servers

>literally started using Sydney Sleeper yesterday
>gets nerfed
Fuck my life
On a side note, is Axetinguisher good again?

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It's almost like he doesn't know there was a patch which both reduced the width of the projectile, reduced the damage after they're on fire unless you hit them directly center mass, and lowers damage from distance.

morwannig is this you playing on a hightower server

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Why is the Axtinguisher still here? Just to suffer?


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hold madmilk
kill self by typing kill in console
when you spawn take out madmilk again
look at the old madmilk from when you died off the the ground, throw your new madmilk and continue holding m1 never letting go ever
pick up the old madmilk

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Cursed image delet right now THANKS

I'm so glad I can play this game with you guys and I'm so happy it's still as loved as it is.

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jaja cursed imag XD

Havent played the new patch yet, do the flamer changes actually do what they're supposed to. Is DF worth using any more. Did autobal get added to casual or did they change how it works just to torment community servers.

nice custom hud broke

Dragon fury is still good, just requires more aim, autobalance is in casual now, it's jarringly sudden.

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>custom hud
oh my god

dont tell me you virgins use the default hud

>making reddit weebs have a meltdown
Absolutely based

>new update
>pyro still braindead
>scout still exists
maybe I'll not play this game still

look at him go!

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>autobalance is in casual now
It was a long time coming, but now casual will no longer be an endless fountain of the worst games of tf2 I've ever played.

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>tfw just play spire for 12 hours a day
>haven't queued for casual in months

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I was talking about what they originally added in Jungle Inferno. He said nobody asked for M1 buff and combo nerf. I'm saying in addition to doing what nobody asked for, Valve also gave us all three weapons that people did ask for.

They gave the fire launcher in the worst design possible.

The biggest casualty of casual was the fact that no one plays custom maps anymore.

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Do not bully Pyro mains

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The Detonator is one of the best splash weapons in TF2. People should use that more often.

can i play pyro without feeling like a jerk yet

im so thankful the old cams are back, and couldn't have come at a better time

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The changes to lag compensation have fucked it up bad. Moving around feels lagged now proportional to your ping like you were watching spectate.

The hitboxes are god knows where too: anyone moving laterally if you actually aim center-mass or for headshots you either miss or barely do damage. DF was taking 4-5 shots to kill a scout or engie unless getting a dead center mass shot. Arm with burning does barely anything.

Degreaser is worthless now. Takes like 5 secs to kill anyone and if they backpedal you it does like 15dps.

Only truly effective tactic anymore is scorch juggle them into axt sting. Its like original Axt except even better bc the initial burn+puff are the same move and you can juggle them in the middle of anywhere and does 175 sting.

The developers are completely fucking incompetent.

Natascha is back to how it was pre-nerf with the insane slows. Short Circuit does the old 15metal cost with the new "shrapnel blast" effect so it hard-counters any Soldier not using shotgun against them. There is some perma floating glitch too. If you get the melee glitch for zero dmg with Axt it extinguishes the fire too, fucking you over even more.

ui version '3' in info.vdf to get HUDs that haven't been updated yet functioning

B3nnie time

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>Enter 2fort server to test new shit out
>See a heavy with a white painted shirt and hat
>Not one spec of Blu anywhere on him, except the very subtle color of his pants
>Map lighting made his clothing appear slightly red tinted
>He was on Blu

Valve...didn't you SPECIFICALLY say bullshit like this wouldn't happen. How long has this been a thing?

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do i deserve

wow that is a first

What else is there to competitive tf2 other than dm? What exactly does 'game sense' entail?


You can't paint the Apparatchik's Apparel

so did the update fix pyro or what? I haven't played yet

that shirt isnt meant to be painted should it?

what does it mean when i kill an enemy player and they type 'dont deserve' ?

you might've bodyshotted them as sniper

It's a b4nny meme lol

do you actually believe only one person had a problem with it

>join casual valve server
>go outside
>enemy scout is in civilian pose
>has infinite air jumps
>purple soda popper puffs
>no weapon in sight
>just flying around

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So. How ridiculous is the projectile erasing ball?

Seems a little shitty since it does so little damage and the metal cost is ridiculous.

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You may have killed them in a shitty way w/ a crit, it's a b4nny meme watch some of his videos on YouTube(tm).

look at the ground and stand next to them when shooting that thing. kills 125 health classes.

Its not made for doing damage