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Danketsu is nice
But LoliPs get out

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Shout out to my main man ChieP
we go way back

sleep snug ya'll

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So is Tachibana's name actually Alice or Arisu?

Thanks NanaP
You too

Probably Alice(see her solo) but Japan's Japan

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>his dookie isn't 15 stars
What's your excuse?

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LoliPs stay. FOREVER.

Snug 17-year-old.

I like Miho better.

This looks a lot cleaner than the old UI.

Making babies with a ranko!

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I kinda lost interest once I got my Chamas.

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Seems like the present box is taking forever on it's initial load if you have drinks stocked.

Smug tea.

Business feature data added. Will it be unlocked in 5 minutes?

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Theater Days has been updated to version 1.2.9.

Support for aspect ratios greater than 16:9
Theater mode menu UI changed (square buttons, smooth popout interface)
Present UI changes
The ability to change the height of the target area during lives

Other changes to be described in-game once that comes out.

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And they said Love Laika was dead!

What did they MEAN by this?

So this is basically oshigoto isn't it?

If you didn't hear by now Bang Dream EN Server has gone live in Singapore.


Wouldn’t this be unlocked prior to an event since that’s when it’ll be used?

>Support for aspect ratios greater than 16:9
Holy shit, finally.

Go back to your containment thread
I was under the impression it was out since a long time ago

Theater Showtime right NOW!

Live Parade, new song "Vast World".
Koume main: files.catbox.moe/iqyrw1.mp3
Chieri: files.catbox.moe/b0k6lu.mp3

What the hell, Chihiro? I love Koume and will get the card but this is kind of absurd.

No clue yet. Have to try and see. But something like that probably.

Not strictly tied to events. Don't even know yet how it'll affect events.

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>Laikas are back together
Not like this, /@/. Not like this.

I name this unit "Somebody give these girls some Ricola"

Does Koume have the most event SRs now?

>having to copy TD's system with almost 2 years difference between them

Why do things correctly when SS only has to copy them from successful ones like Love Live and now TD? Pure trash attitude.

Syuko, Yuki, Yuka CMs added to Smart Live.

>koume gets her third main event card and fourth event card total
>chieri gets her second event card, neither being a main card despite her being very popular

I'm really wondering why Koume is getting pushed so much. Also curious who else is in the unit, since Koume has a lot of event cards and Chieri got a card recently.

Fuck, and here I was thinking Koume and/or Chieri should get another card.
This is really nice.

Happy birthday, Koume! Oh wait.

Two soft spoken cuties together in a song? Well another Koume is nice.

>koume in event in CG
>koume in event in SS
they couldn't give her a new SSR huh?

Looks like you can send your idols out on notExpeditions to give you Producer EXP and other small items and fans.

Is there a limit? Who knows.

Each CG appears to have different levels of stats: Active, Smart, and Unique. These appear to be static.

You can spend stamina to immediately finish jobs.

I really want to reply to him, but I’m too tired

It's nothing like TD's oshigoto.

And on that topic,
CG and TD use "oshigoto" whereas ML and SS use(d) "eigyou".
What did they mean by this?

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In order to raise the chances of the promotions ending in a great success for more requests, your idol team should surpass the designated markers as seen in the fourth image.

There appears to be regular promotions, and special ones with particular conditions.

No thanks, I’m not into butt stuff

Good for you little plum! Let's try to beat Sanae's record of taking over the most event cards.

I think she's tied with Sanae now? Too tired to check.

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Moontube is back for foreigners.

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Your butt this way, please?

You can filter in girls who you still have memorial commus to unlock.
This might be a neat way to fill fan quotas.

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Koume have 4 i think, dunno how many sanae have.

The App was downloadable today and the server went up 2 hours later for the Singaporeans.

Going to take a lot of expeditioning, though.

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Aiko has completely equal flat stats.

Is it up now? Cause I can't seem to use it

Oh, never mind. I did that completely wrong.

It's up now. Might have a timezone issue though.

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Ah, damn. I miss Orel cruising.

It show up like this for me

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This is nothing like TD's oshigoto though. You send out idols on all sorts of jobs, with each idol's stats ending up influencing how well they do.

>SS is unironically closer than TD to how the classic games worked with sending out the idols on specific jobs that you chose and scheduled yourself.

>Producer Exp
So leveling up? Will this be anyway related to events?

>spend stamina to immediately finish jobs
Oh. Well most useful when there isn’t an event going on and one wants to spend that stamina not used for LPs.

Fuck yeah crazy million

Probably because time zone.

Considering there's a spend stam option, pretty sure it'll affect events in some way. Have to see when an event starts.

Stage for "Vast World" is a fucking airport

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Seems like all the 多 fans are "limited" and you can only do so much until the next refresh.

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>look at job rewards
>no jewels
Well that's a letdown. It's kinda fun mixing the stats to fulfill all 3 requirements.

This seems pretty fitting for a Live party

What did they mean by this?

Like you've ever even tried it with a girl, cherry-boy.

- Friendlist Cap Increased by 30
- You can now buy additional 15 dorms

wow so original based fucking ss!

That's so fucking epic really, a fucking airport, who'd have guessed! Breaking idol models all around, a new success for CG!

Call me when you get a theater in space or in a prehistoric era.

Well that sucks. Still, this can help reduce playing to grind fans to unlock memorial commus.

Someone seems upset.

From now until 5/6, idols have a chance of being in a special collaboration background where they are working at Tokyu Hands!

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What is your deal today, man? Do you want a hug? Let me know

>Call me when you get a theater in space or in a prehistoric era.
The difference is that the game that did these is now offline while SS is online.

>mlfags getting buttblasted
always hilarious

You can stop replying to yourself now.

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I don't get it. It's not even anything special to get buttblasted over. And yet here we are.

Really, why can’t we just get along? Instead of ruining our own threads because of one guy, can’t we just bully the LLfags in their general? They’ve got it way worse than any of our branches


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That's nice, I used all my Rares to skill up SSRs after I got Dookie event rewards because I had no space and I was fucking tired of it.

So now I have to get back 100+ Rares and bond them again.

Thanks Chihiro!

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Makino-chan is a cutie

Let talk about idols
Who is your favorite idol and what part of their body do you scuff first when you take a shower together?

Makino you sabotaged my 10-roll

This new BGM is pretty funky.


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Oh neat, you can choose with Puchi of the idol you want to use.


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If you go to the event page, there's a button that directs to the oshigoto feature, so they'll give stuff for it.

Now that you can sort by Smart, we now know which CGs have the greatest brain problems.

Oh, nice catch.

Need to sort who's active, smart, unique.

Also, this means you can rank within minutes by spamming work and using stamina to complete it, no need to play the rhythm game at all.

So who is it?


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Still too early to say. But I'd love if that's the case. I've been getting tired of playing the rhythm game for over two years.
Wonder how it'll work for stuff like Parade, but we'll see soon.

- Non-existent Active Stat
- Meh Smartness
- Off the Charts Uniqueness

Like pottery. I'm unironically having fun seeing the stat allocations of the idols here.

>Non-existent Active Stat
But she's an idol. She has to dance!