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>It used to be that Eggman was the sole human. Starting with Sonic Adventure, we're seeing more and more humans show up in the stories. Where are they all coming from?

>Iizuka: "The world that Sonic lives in and the world the humans live in are separate worlds. But, some of the canon games do have Sonic and humans together, and part of that is based on what world is being portrayed when the game is developed. There are kind of different worlds that do exist and sometimes there's some crossover."

What did Iizuka-sama mean by this?

>next main title is a movie tie-in
>you just know that deadline won't be enough time for Sonic Team to deliver a complete game
>in a year and a half's time we'll back right back to square one.

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Sonic Team makes shit up as they go along, because canon is a joke these days?

>H̻͓e͎̜̪̟͙͍̼y̝̰͔͡ ̮̳͚͙͙̤͉a̢n̪̘͉o̰̦̠̭̹n͓̺,͚̳ ͙̙̟͎̥w̧̭͎a̦̱n̥͖n͈̤̙͈͉̳̕a͜ ̫̻̪̮̠̻͘F͕̪͍U̶͉C̞͍̹̠̩̟͔̀K͢

wat do

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I demand an answer.


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Bread theme:

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what's best pose/mouth/eyes for pic related?

also for anyone who has this... what's the extra connecter thingy for? it's super small.

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Don't give me this boner late at night, user

She's not suffering from vagina dentata right?

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Truth be told, you can't go wrong with any pose you go for. I would go for something simple, like the open eyes & smile, tho.

First it was Sonic X, then the games followed suite. You just know the movie will have the Sonic World/Human World nonsense too.

the original slow rat

Silver's even more worthless than I thought. He can't even claim "slow rat" as his title.

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thx user, you're one way past cool dude.

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Thank you.

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An idea I had would be to just set the movie 500 to 1K years into the future, where multiple planets have human colonies (among other megascience like quantum AI, 'sentient' machinery everywhere, Mobians and Chao originating from artificial "buddies" made by embryonic tampering gone wild, bio-weapons like Biolizard and Chaos, etc.) and various stations floating about, such as the Ark.

In this case "Sonic's World" is one of them where they just happened to be living on or some shit. Would explain being able to take liberties with all the weir landscape-designs as well.

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I think it's cute when artists make Amy shorter than Sonic.

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Reminder that Sonic didn't consent

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yes, the physics in forces aren't sonic 1. we get it

Really wouldn't make sense for Amy to ever be the same height as Sonic considering she's 12 and female.

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You wish

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Mina Milestone Maybe?

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Hi Kishimoto

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Why is Buddy green

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Fucking lovely cover.

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Impatient rat

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does this image trigger you?

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Really puts things into perspective...

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so are we just image dumping to get the threads over with?

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People who love boost seem rare in these threads. I have see way more "boost would be good if..." than comments about how great it is.

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I'm pretty sure it's just one user spamming his whole folder.

The Sonic fanbase wants a full 3D Sonic game, but a large portion of the fanbase hates Modern Sonic. Wouldn't they prefer 2D gameplay in 3D games.


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T-too lewd

Let's list off the actually good Sonic games. And I don't mean "good for their time", I mean that without nostalgia goggles, without ever having played them before, you could play them today and have an enjoyable experience playing them.

Well, obviously, the first 3 Sonic games, as well as Sonic CD, Sonic & Knuckles and maybe Knuckles' Chaotix. Those still hold up quite well, in the same way that you could easily pop in Super Mario Bros. 3 and have just as much fun as you did 25 years ago.

And then we come to quite a gap. Sonic 3D Blast is mediocre at best. Sonic Adventure is janky as all hell, don't tell me it's not. People bitched at Arin (Egoraptor) for shitting on that game in their playthrough, but many things he said were absolutely true. Adventure 2 is a bit better, but not by much. Sonic Heroes and Sonic Rush are so forgettable I barely remember they exist, to the point where I had to look at the Wikipedia page to even remember what Sonic Rush's name actually was.

Sonic 06 is an abomination and deserves to go down in history as one of the worst games ever made, and really Sonic Boom isn't much of an improvement.

The Secret Rings and the Black Knight are both shit, as well as Sonic Unleashed. If Sonic Unleashed was just running stages, it would probably be better, the problem is the God of War-lite stages and walking around they put in the game, because I don't know about you, but when I want to play a Sonic game, I have to make sure I'm strolling around town talking to people every 10 god damn minutes. They clearly didn't learn their lesson from 06.

Sonic Colors was surprisingly good and so was Sonic Generations. Meanwhile, Sonic Lost World is basically "we can do Mario Galaxy too" but not good, and Sonic 4 was an attempt to go back to basics that failed miserably and sucks pretty hard.

So in over 20 years of history, we have Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic CD, Knuckles' Chaotix, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and now Sonic Mania.

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Mario's got it right, there's 2.5d games like NSMB and then there's open 3d games like Odyssey they don't try to cram them together into this abomination in an attempt to please everybody.

Sonic Rush still holds up though as do the Advance games.

Got anymore posts from IGN's boards you wanna copy & paste, user?

Never underestimate autism.

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Looks more like MN9 players got buttflustered while Sonic fans just call it as they see it.

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keep these maria drawings coming go easy on the waist its too thin

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/sthg/ in a nutshell

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Why not?

At least sleeps is mostly harmless.

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Remove boost.

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>Don't like boost gameplay at all
>As a result I don't like any of the modern games not even Generations but I accept that people like it.
>Adventure era is really mediocre but I tolerate it due to a combination of nostalgia, it's the last time Sonic games weren't boost, and the fact you had more freedom in your control.
>Classics are the best the series has to offer but they can all be beaten in like 5 hours
>Sonic games are mostly single player so I'm stuck playing them alone
>Even the ones with multiplayer are only local which requires friends I don't have
>Too autistic to quit this franchise even though it's given me plenty of reasons to stop caring
>Blogposting at 3am because I lost control of my life
post sonic music youtube.com/watch?v=9SoTm7jPNoA

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we wuz echidnas n shiet

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what the o_O