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At least crop the fucking watermark you mongrel holy fucken shit

The datamine discord are posting here to counter the watermarking, they got triggered

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please ratchet your autism down

This bitch is literally NYCamilla

F!Grima is pretty much Colorless Joshua with built-in DC. How good that unit actually is for your squad may vary, but I don't think she'll actually have much of an impact on the game as a whole.

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Who makes good use of warding stance?

How do I build her?

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+spd/-res Brave lucina. Best build?

>-atk +spd

Well, locked forever in flying team.

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Pretty good

Should I +1 Halloween Sakura or give kitty paddle to something.
Like maybe Olivia to give her a magekill niche

Get fucked Grima
Had to switch to wrath/qr so tiki could get enough big dick heals to survive the onslaught but it worked out in the end.

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How fucked am I?

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Is there literally any point in running warding stance when distant def and warding breath exists?
It's not like it even works against dragons anymore on mage units

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for up to date builds, check out


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aether steady breath wrath drive spd
aether fury desperation drive spd on budget

She has shit res so that's one of her better sets. She wants +spd though.

Got spooked by a cat. 17 orbs left, should I go another round or save for Thracia/the next b8?

Her default build is fine. If you want to go super cancer though you get Firesweep Bow+

>Free roll and luckshit Brave Ike
what units like Warding Breath anyway

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+HP -Res or +Res -Spd for Tiki? Regular adult Tiki that is.

Go Gray!

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Not really, no.
Since it’s locked to non mounted melee only distant counter weapons can use it well and there aren’t a lot with good res that want more.

I think I'll just stop here

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>decide "fuck it I can try for FGrima next month when there isn't a chance for HSakura to ruin me"
>free pull is FGrima anyways
Is base 38 SPD good enough these days

just give her fury, glimmer, and reposition

Got mine after 100 orbs, literally in the last roll. Fuck you wrys now i have only one orb

Fuck I was thinking Lyn for some reason my bad.

>Just wanted STiki, Gunthra, Zelgius or WB Fooder
>Get Perfect IV SElise and HTiki
am I going to jail?

Firesweep dragonstone fucking when

>Did a full roll with the 15 orbs I scraped together after wasting everything trying for titty ninja
>3* Lissa
>3* Felicia
>4* Lachesis
>4* Odin
>4* Boey

About what I expected

I might be able to just barely hit 20 orbs in time for one more full roll with the Minerva BHB coming up, but I still expect to get nothing

Did I just roll the perfect iv ?

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>FGrima with +RES -SPD
Did I do good?

Spent 180 orbs and got 2 lyns, 2 neko and 1 fjorn.

Lyn is finally +10 but which to keep...
+spd/-hp or +atk/-hp

I never pulled Faye so no firesweep.

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What build can save a +HP -Spd Lute bros, I'm not going to fodder or send her home

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Oh good, awakening maps did start I could use a few more orbs to roll again.

Pulled a second VIke, which dragon should I feed Warding Breath to?

>13.50% broken by a Neko Sakura
I'm done with this lads. I never had any good luck with this game but this is just madness.

err Nowi.

3.5% is nothing right? Realized I don’t really want Kagero and want to save orbs

>Tons of anti horse
>Only 2 archers that have shit positions

To be honest, the healer is the one fucking everything up on Lunatic.

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>Ike, Ephraim and Grima confirmed for early May
So who is the new green legendary hero going to be?

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No, you rolled it in the last thread you faggot. Grats.

There's nothing wrong with cutting your losses at any point, "but I have to use up my pity rate" is a trap, especially if you stopped caring about what you were rolling for

>use SCatria for the first time ever
>she's actually doing better than Rein because she can tank and kill red mages and debuffs everything ever
Why did you lie to me /feg/

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I'm gonna give up Joshua for Close Def and there is N O T H I N G you can do to change my mind

every b8% banner

Sigurd has a banner right now, why not roll for him?

Now pair her up with her fatass girlfriend

>Rolling for S!Tiki
>End up with only colorless session
>Try again
>No greens

300 orbs down the drain and I only have FGrimas and a single S!Elise

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>200 orbs
>3 more BLyns for fodder/merges
>+Res/-Spd BLucina
>+Spd/-Res HSakura
>failed to roll female Grima just like I failed to roll male Grima

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Do it, you got two anyway, and it's not like you'll miss that single merge

>-atk +def Lute


My rein tanked shit, watchu on about

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>Typical b8% banner
And people still waste orbs on this shit.

i bet they fucked

Is this a good build for Nowitch? Her IVs are normal and non-crippling. I actually rolled 2 of the same IVs from this banner along with +Spd -HP Zelgius.

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Fjorm is atk drive fodder right?

Triple drive out of the box means you don't really have to worry about builds. She does come stock with a player phase skill so throwing desperation on her empty B slot won't hurt anything.

I meant in AA

How Epik are you?

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>anything but blartome
into the trash

Sleep right fucking at me, Haar.

I don't even care. Reinhardt and Lyn have been out of the action for so long.

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No, even before the dragon refine DD was better as dragons weren't common enough to justify it

>waste 2 stam potions trying to clear the infernal grima map with V!ike, marth, pa!azura, and taityu
>decide to replace tait w/ reinhardt for check if he can secure faster kills
>beat it in 2 tries



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It'd be stupid not to go blade tome with mage fliers.

Swap grimoire with blade and switch escape route to desperation. Pair her up with hinoka or ny.azura

>1 hour later
Who wanted robin already got her
give up now

It's real unfortunately
Was only avoiding greens too
Luckily I got broken by some good stuff in a +def VIke and +Spd Zelgius in the end at 12.5% though I had to eat into my stash more than I would've liked.

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>finally rolled green mommy of mindrape
also +atk/-def Blyn or +spd/-def?

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Please respond!

You DID get both Grimas... Didn’t you?

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Is imitating Jaffar how we will make healers useful?

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Gonna do this map with a cav team featuring Rein and BLyn and Haar can't stop me

>Rolling for shit
No thanks

What's a better IV for Gunnthra? +Atk-Spd or +Res-HP?

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>+res -spd f!grima

Am I high IQ for thinking this is one of her best ivs or am I deep in the iv stockholm syndrome?

my condolences, I've been cucked by b8% as well, better luck eventually lad

I do have a spare 5* Tharja but I really like to build units based on their prfs and Grimoire is pretty swell.

>both ended up worse than Myrrh
oh no no no

Why is this hick so cute and cuddly
I want to snuggle with her all day long

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Good vibes.

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I've been there before. Good luck!

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Only FGrima did. MRobin is too epik.

+atk if you're planning to run her on a cav team, otherwise +spd in my opinion.

She's an enemy phase unit anyway, slap QR on her and she's good. +atk and +def with -spd are fine too.

>magvelcucks actually think this
fem grima might be worse but the fair and balanced bold fighter man is obviously better

Luckshat both with +atk

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Pulled my first Lute, what do i do with her?

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