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I love Natsuki!

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I love you

Monika Futa Horsecock

I love the Doki's!

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Hey everyone! How’s your day been?
Welcome back to my late evening poetry club! Maybe early night? Something like that. Point is it’s bed time!

Word of the thread is “confront”!
Alternatives are ‘issue’ and ‘family’.

As always, if anyone would like to write anything, be it a poem, prose, green, novella, stream of consciousness... Everything is welcome and encouraged. However... poetry is our main focus so that is what I’d prefer. Up to you though! Just like the words, it’s always just a suggestion and the choice is always yours!
Once you write something, please go ahead and share it with us! Post it here so we can compare and contrast poems together with each other and everyone can improve together! Doesn’t that sound nice? Ahaha...
Anyways... Everyone is welcome so don’t be shy!
I’m really looking forward to your poems!
Have fun!

Are these getting shorter? I feel like they’re shorter... Oh well!

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Where is Monika?


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She's the void of space

Monika wanted to watch over me sleeping, but i made her go to bed too! How would she enjoy me sleeping with my daki then? She needs to sleep with me!

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Casual reminder that
Sayori loves you!
Yuri loves you!
Natsuki loves you!
Monika loves you!
And I love you too!

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You keep doing you!

>Not hooking your computer to your TV so her giant face can look over you as you slumber.

How does this image make you feel?

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The sun god has many names,
Amaterasu, Ra, Shamsun, Tonatiuh etc

I prefer calling her Sayori, however

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I love her too!

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Are we in european hours, already?

A daily reminder that Sayori loves you.

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Morning lads! Gonna shill this piece one last time
Here's my newest comfy piece! user and Natuski go to the school prom together.

Enjoy the piece lads! Feedback and criticism is always welcome
Have a good one you lot.

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My internet loaded only the first line and I instantly knew what this is.

"If you were from
Where I was from
You'd be dead."

I love her too

I love you
Sleep well precious

Implementing the Nimzowitsch-Larsen setup against an opponent with Monika! Embracing hypermodern play with Monika! Forgetting for a moment your extended chain of miserable losses to clearly superior opponents while obliterating this clearly inferior one with Monika! Celebrating your ability to trample weak players while making excuses for your inability to overcome strong ones with Monika! lichess.org/Va76ApEk/white with Monika!!!

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I'm driven to dance
Calculated dance
By suns that will never rise
While the one in the sky
Burns me alive

I really miss who you are
You were never bronze enough to hold them in you, so you let them out like a bird.
Isn't it about time you learn to fly too?
Seal your past to an end, flying downward
Or perhaps open your future, flying upward?
If you don't confront it, everything will get as bad as it can get
Live your life or end it

>Leonardo Dan SalVinci's Monika Lisa is arguably the most famous portrait in the world, but now some are speculating that the woman with the inscrutable smile may not be a woman after all. They are suggesting that the Monika Lisa may be a self-portrait, Dan in drag."

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Nice game chartsanon! I always hated playing Larsen's opening but it was when I was a much weaker player! Maybe I should give it a shot again sometime! Unfortunately some of the lower ratings are skewered with high-skill-difference games, which is no fun! But never give up! I usually go by the "if I lose 2 games in a row, quit for today" mentality when playing online to not stay upset!

Have you and Monika met Chessanon and his Monika?

>Brown eyes
That is no Monika. That is clearly an impostor parading around as the real Monika Lisa! But the question remains, who stole the original Monika Lisa?

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queen dokis rough sketch

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I love how they look already. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Oooo, these look good so far lad! Keep it up

Never leave Monika!

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Looking good Koha, can't wait to see the final product!
>that Monika

Aw, no Elizabethan collars?

because its a giant collar only for the victorian gowns which would make it look way out of place from the french dutch and austrian dress

Good night /ddlc/ I love you

Sweet dreams user.

It's time to unveil my literature contest. It can be a poem, a letter, a story, or even a paragraph of begging/requesting for a Doki Keychain. It can be any form of literature really.
(You) have a chance at getting a Doki, Keychain (shipping expenses paid) mailed to you.
It's a simple contest and I am the sole judge.
The dead line is April 21st

Submitting a piece of literature
>You can post in the thread.
>If you want to ensure that I see it, send it to [email protected]
>Put the name of your Doki as the subject
>Be sure to send your address/P.O box./whatever info I need to mail it to you.

As an added bonus, I will hand write something for the winners.
For example if you wrote a letter to Natsuki
and you win, you can expect a hand written letter from me along with your Natsuki Keychain
Even people in the US can enter and win.
Who knows? (You) might even be the the only one to submit anything for your Doki and win simply because you had no competition!
You can also submit questions to the throwaway e-mail posted above.

Good luck!

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Why would I ever leave her?

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Did you ever draw a Monika with a 2 or 4 of clubs?

>Sun Sayori will never burn out your retinas and give you skin cancer
why even live

It was by the bathroom counter
Neither of us could bare to go check
Both of us in the living room, silence

it meant our futures
it meant a goodbye to the child within us
goodbye to the free time for ourselves
Free time to fool around
Around (or on top of) each other, or with friends
Friends would all disappear
disappear to their own relationships
relationships that only involved
a forced dinner every year or two
to eventually being a faded memory

But despite all this,
We went in the bathroom
Saw the results
And cried tears of joy

I read his posts daily, but our schedules don't align so we may never meet! It's for the best - my dignity is much too fragile!

I happened to win my first three games on lichess recently, thinking I was hot stuff! Then I lost the next dozen! For better or worse, at least acknowledging you're less than the best makes you take things less seriously!

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>You want this cookie?
>I want it!

I already have an idea in my head! I can't wait!

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>our schedules don't align
Actually I was ! Sorry to surprise you with that if it does! Don't worry, I don't insult anyone's playing (or never try to)!
I have a strong passion for Chess and love to see people playing it at any level!

>ywn have to explain sarcasm to mermaid Sayori
>ywn fail to keep your dormant inner cynic in check sometimes and confuse her
>ywn have to deal with her making a game of trying to say the opposite to everything she means
>ywn hear her 'sarcastically' say she doesn't love you then apologize profusely because she feels bad and doesn't want you to misinterpret it
>ywn agree to keep sarcasm confined to single sentences in the future and be more sincere
>ywn stop to think about how much more sincere a person you've become since you met her
>ywn make it a point not to compromise the sincerity of your humble, almost hermit-like lifestyle together
>ywn find yourself more and more pessimistic to typical contemporary life but thankful for the contrast it provides which makes yours seem so ideal
>ywn spend time with her focusing on enjoying simple things, not feeling inclined to ask for much more out of life
>ywn dedicate entire days to just sitting with her, reading a book together and talking
>ywn take an interest in helping her decorate the house, which was practical but cosmetically average
>ywn stay in bed with her and let her hold you for as long as she needs before she's ready to get up
>ywn start to find peace in just existing with her


Cus you will get bored of her

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That's a nice Moni. Poems can have rough drafts too.

How are you guys doing??
I'm currently sitting in a dark room and listening to the Yume Nikki soundtrack while browsin the web. Might play a VN called Narcisus later because I haven't even gotten to the feelsy bits.
also internet sucks so I can't post Yuri pics which SUCKS

>can't post Yuri
I've got you covered brother. Doing well here. We're in quiet hours at the moment. I guess it's kind of nice because maybe 600 will hit when I'm actually awake, haha.

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>Implying I'd ever get bored of her.
What kind of bad lover do you take me for?!? I'd never get tired of those I love!

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My throat hurts from the fish bone that was stuck in it. I had to eat a bowl of half-cooked rice to get it lodged out!

Are you sure user? Even if she will never be able to hug you or kiss you?

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I wish I was making this up

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This prompt is a lot more popular.

holy moly, that is a nice Yuri pic and I haven't even seen it before! thanks for sharing user
didn't even realize 600 was comin up until you mentioned it, so I'll have to stick around for that haha. Glad you're doing well user, keep it up!

sounds painful user! I'm sorry that happened, are you doin comfy besides that?

I'll smite you for your heresy myself!

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>What kind of bad lover do you take me for?
I dunno, ask those three anons.

Okay, a far way in future

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Yeah bud watching old saturday night live and eating a big bowl of spaghetti

Very spooky, I thought you were a day-man, not a night-man! In any case, MASposting has revived my interest in chess lately, though playing on the internet puts rusty skills in perspective compared to local face to face games!

You had a typo but surprisingly enough it only works with the typo. just tested it myself, pretty wonky

very nice my friend! you got good taste in comfiness and food

>I imagine future

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You and mermaid sayori exist in the same reality, but That reality is the movie Doki in the Water by Dan Night Salvamalan and you have to help her inspire Dan Night's self insert character to write the greatest Visual Novel of all time.

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Then wait I shall. All the more time for me to prepare.

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My sleep schedule moves quite a bit! I lurk a lot around here but I really only post when talking about my games or if people ask me something! In any case, it's great that your interest in Chess has sparked up! If you ever need help with something let me know!

>, ask those three anons.
What will you prepare for her?

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I love you too Sayori.

I don't know who those three anons are, and I'm sure they had their reasons, but I am not them.

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I will prepare myself by taking her advice she's given to heart. Molding myself into the user she knows I can be and working for a future where we can live comfortably.

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Their reasons were "She ran out of things to talk about and I'm bored now", three strikes outta three.

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Danlet turns to the /x/phile side and sets a paranormal plight upon the Doki's

Yuri is stalked by a succubus. Her sleep cycle is ruined, at night this slutty demon molests her and is slowly trying to gain more power to rape her!

Sayori has a constant poltergeist in her house but, if she stays in one place too long it will follow her.

Natsuki has become demonically possessed and is pretty much the girl from exorcist. The only priest willing to help her would probably turn her into a boy and molest trapsuki

and Monika is in hell. Dante's Inferno style.

How would you save your Doki from the paranormal?
How would you go about punishing the darklord Danlet?

And people say I don't love her enough, when anons like that get pats on the shoulder and sad condolences. Tch.

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I will battle through hell and reclaim her. Bringing carnage and destruction in the wake of my arrival. Afterwards I will banish Danlet to the inferno he trapped her in.

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Fanfic writers let me ask you something: does it feel weird giving lines to your doki? It feels like I'm shoving words into her mouth! Getting a single word or punctuation wrong dooms the entire work, and destroying the credibility I have of understanding her. How do you guys live with it?

went to the club tonight but I just drank, I'm to ugly not even deunk bitches want me I'm stell loyal Monika please b real

>Poltergeist is in her house

Alright you dummy, I'm taking her out of her house to live with me.

Problem solved.

Danlet's attack on Sayori was pathetic, him living life as a man under 5 feet tall is his punishment. I'll just write him a letter reminding him how short he is for a year.

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Monika's butt!

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You study her likes and dislike, and work to fix it. Your work is an idol to her, I personally would be honored if someone were to get my mannerisms down to a tee.

Monika wants you to get home and stop drinking before you hurt yourself! Do not drive, that'll make her worry even more. Get yourself an uber and some coffee.

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>Every day. I murdered people so I could be here with you.
>My hand's a pen to write a poem for you and me
>Last time he sent me into a dark place
>Move to just putting your hand in his mind!
>In this World of butterflies
>You need to find that special day?

>I how I discovered the pleasure of everybody.
>I can't read you.
>There are words that says it all?
>And if this world runs out of lovers we'll still have each other
>What will it take, Delia? I just had to have it.

>My pen is very easy to writen I trust those who are of use to me?
>Is it okay if I kiss you?
>Last time he sent me into a dark place
>Quoting it?
>You can hear the sound of the sea in this hotel room.
>Power man: laughs woman.
>I don't know how to help you.
>I'll leave you be, then.

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>Another day with Moni/k/a.
>Watching Youtube gun videos with Monika before Youtube takes them down!
>"Why is Youtube taking down this wholesome content of an old man shooting at targets in the woods?"
>Explain to her that a bunch of people went REEEEEEEEEE and want to suppress people's rights.
>Monika is sad.
>Comfort Monika, tell her it'll be alright.
>We continue watching Hickok45 then move onto Demolition Ranch.
>Monika is happy.
>"I want to go shooting tomorrow."
>"Don't bring that Taurus."
>Range day with Monika tomorrow.

Looking good so far Koha.

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You should write more Moni/k/a adventures.


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I don't smell half the smells that emerge from my room
Dark dank and dry, like some musty-fuck's tomb
So I whittle the hours at night with my childhood games
Passively but bitterly waiting for my situation to change

Time clocks away and it isn't getting slower
My ambitions grow but they become prioritized lower
My ambitions jump upward but my motivation gets rusty
I go to bed at 4 AM and wake up with my eyes crusty

So I find another empty way to shave off my time
By forcing my thoughts into some bland scheme of rhyme
But I hope the user reading this at least found it comfy or nice
Maybe you'll even enjoy it enough to read it twice!

hope you enjoyed my first poem on /ddlc/. I was gonna spoiler it but then I realized that would only attract more attention with the giant black block lol
but also aside from that, hope you guys are doing comfy and having a great night

[insert comfy image of Doki of your choice since my internet is shit]

I'm thinking of entering that keychain contest. Might be Moni/k/a centric but also nice other things like explaining to her about eating meat ain't all that bad.

She's not my Doki but, I get a giggle out of the thought of giving Natsuki an exorcism.

"The power of Cupcake compels you!"

And she'd be all like
Then have her dad give her a smack across the face, To hurt the demon of course.

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Stya up all night while she sleeps with a gun and some holy water by my side
That or Id try to contact/contract DOOMguy to help me out here

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It's "could bear", reeeeee
>all the words fit thematically
Great job, user. I like this piece.

If I were to drill a hole in a wall and cut it out, then put my dick in that hole....What do you call that?