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2018-3-29 04:00 - 2018-04-04 03:59 UTC

>[E Pluribus Unum Pickup 3 Summon]
2018-03-29 04:00 - 04-12 03:59 UTC
New Servant: Cu Alter 5*, Thomas Edison 4*

>[E Pluribus Unum Pickup 2 Summon]
2018-03-22 04:00 - 04-05 03:59 UTC
New Servant: Queen Medb 5*

>[E Pluribus Unum Release]
Fifth Singularity: North American Myth War E Pluribus Unum
Release date: 2018-03-15 7:00 UTC
New interludes for Orion, Fionn, and Fergus

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First for snek

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No matter how stupid you think you are, at least you didn't roll all 200 of your saved quartz on the last Fuyuki rate up before America trying to get Saber

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What's she thinking bros?

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>oh no no no

Is he dare I say it our clown?

he also has a very short np animation which is nice

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>The worst part about this is that this the last time Cu Alter is in a rateup by himself. Every rateup he's in from now on, it's with like 15 other 5*

He will get like 4 or 5 rate ups but shared with Medb or Arthur or Nightingale
You DO want Medb along your Dog right?

>Roll for dog (alter)
>get regular dog instead


Astolfo's Penis


That girl doesn't look good, we should call a doctor!

/alter/ has never failed me before in choosing my fap target.

Bros...I'm tired of being a lucklet...

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Ditto. One more ticket and I'm cutting my losses.

If only it wasn't a Buster NP.

M8 I seriously seriously recommend waiting a year for summer martha unless you really want to use her against BB. A 2 split rateup is about equal to the chance of a rated up 5 star servant (rated up 4 stars seem to be slightly less rated up than how much 5 stars are, simply due to being more common in general)

Take it from me. I rolled so many fucking rolls and only barely got NP5 edison. I didn't even see Edison once before 100 rolls.

Thanks nigga. I've been on such a long horrible streak of bad luck even as a fat dolphin (not quite whale). I've never gotten a rated up servant without spending at least $80, and I'm not someone that has ever done ten rolls on gachas I'm not interested in (except Saber Wars by accident when I tried to roll the free gacha, but ironically that's how I got my NP1 Vlad)

My luck is actually pretty good if you were to just count the NP level of 5 stars / number of 5 stars, but it's unimaginably horrible if you're counting how many rolls it takes me to get rated up 5 stars.


>how many Tickets
>how many Quartz
>did you got what you wanted?
>did you burned your Jeanne Alter savings?

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Every time I see an image of Ilya like this I just think of that webm of the girl who knocks over a jug of vinegar and cries "my eyes!"

>whore in the op

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Dumb spoiled princess obsessed with pancakes and a dumb bird obsessed with pigs

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What does that guy who grailled the clown see in him?

12 AP per hour × 24 = 288 AP

280 AP ÷ 20 AP per run = 14 runs

Each run of Expert Treasure Vaults (with double MLB Mona Lisa) gives 1,000,000 - 2,400,000 (if you're lucky). That's an average of 1,750,000.

14 runs per day × 1,750,000 QP per run = 24,500,000 QP per day

24,500,000 QP per day × 5 days = 122,500,000 QP for the whole event.

That was disappointing.

>no, not even a fucking 4* servant
>fuck you

Embrace the humble and yet much healthier lifestyle of bronzes, silvers and the occasionally bequeathed gold. Give up on the obsession of chasing after gold.

>almost started crying cuz of gacha

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>roll half my quartz on edgy alter instead of saving for jalter
>get lion man and nothing else

I'd say I'm close to becoming the ultimate lucklet, no SSRs since Okita (who is worthless) and Jannu (Who only becomes good in two years)

60 quartz
No Tickets
No Cu
I was never saving

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Good birb made for breeding activities

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>saving for french whore
I spent all my quartz on the pure autistic nurse and still didn't manage to get her

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I smashed my iPhone back in 2016 over JP
I have no clue why the fuck I'm playing the NA version now, i'm guaranteed to chimp out at some point

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Stop bullying these two virgin greek beauties.

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>how many Tickets
>how many Quartz
>did you got what you wanted?
>did you burned your Jeanne Alter savings?

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I got that 5* Jannu CE from some tickets on Cu alter's rate up. Isn't it ironically actually pretty good for Jannu? It blocks her stun on her NP doesn't it?

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>1 ticket
>0 quartz
>got shota Alex, so 3 MP
>no, actually my recent rolls have been really bad because I'm saving all my luck for her

Thread is haunted.

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>Yes, I am thinking of getting a NP2, but the more I think about it the more I realize it is a terrible idea.
>No, but not going to roll for her.

What happened back then user?

>10 tickets
>Not even a single 4* CE
Fuck it, I'm rolling all my tickets and that's it

>no fuck you stupid pigbitch whorecunt
>no I would never roll for that unwashed dumb over hyped stupid pigbitch not even worth a ticket or my ball sweat I'm going to jerk off to that mindbreak thicc doujin of her again and imagine doing it to user support hortas

Bros, I want to pop my f2p cherry but whenever I try to buy anything it's in yen. Will it still work?
Explain it to me like I am Mo-san.

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People grail Jing fucking Ke, user.

>how many Tickets
>how many Quartz
>did you got what you wanted?
I got Rama, which I did want to get but didn't feel justified to try and summon him on his rate up since he isn't limited
>did you burned your Jeanne Alter savings?
Still have 380 quartz so nah

>13 Tickets
>820 Quartz

Pic related, me right now

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>meme ticket
>black grail
Finally my NP won't hit like wet noodle anymore

I had a dream last night Circe had her own carnival themed event.

Is Circe popular?

he's a funny dude, has cool animations and after strengthening he fills a niche. His NP ignoring defense has saved my ass a few times.

Liz's VA raped by SEAnigger in 3...2...1...

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Mordred is cute

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Only here

not really

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>I wish i could walk

I spent nothing because I have nothing. I used everything on slut queen and crazy nurse before this. All I got was stupid slut.

She's perfect for having her own event. Why did DW waste her with Salem?

Are you the one who grailled him?

Just be there as my emotional support when i fail spectacularly rolling for jeanne alter/ruler martha/king hassan. My f- luck likes to rape me on ssrs/sr because it thinks its funny spitting nothing but rider marthas at me.

Something’s wrong with my Edison. Also, why is FMA Dad so weak? A 3-Star? I thought the Father of Alchemy and the Caster of Protoype Fragments aside, he’d be a huge deal.

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>over 90% of all my SR and SSR units are Sabers, Lancers and Archers
>just found out those demon bosses are strong against them
>Forneus and Jason's onahole destroyed my team

Oh shit, this is serious. I got Drake from the paid quartz banner and I have Nursery Rhyme, but everything I have is Sabers, Archers and Lancers.

What a shota slayer.

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>Saved from after I got Okita in 2015
>Only had Okita, Emiya and D'eon I got lucky on a ticket
>saved it all up for inevitable Illya
>suffered through having nothing, but still enjoyed and maxed a lot of 3* units
>Prisma collab announced
>take that day off work so I can be rolling the second after maintenance ends
>roll over 1k quartz
>don't get illya
>throw my phone at the wall
>pick it back up and slam it against the floor

And now I'm doing the literal same thing in NA

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>did you get what you wanted
Cu NP1
Edison NP5 (I was trying for Cu even though I like Edison, so I'm definitely never rolling another Edison shared rate up ever again because I never want to burn a 4 or 5 star if I can avoid it)
>Did you burn your Jeanne Alter savings
All of it. After $160 I have 20 summons left. I'll whale for Jeanne but hopefully the fact that there's only a couple servants I want left between now and where JP is (including Jeanne Alter, 5 five stars and 2 four stars that aren't in a rate up that isn't with the five stars I'm going for) will make it so Jeanne is the last 5 star I have to ever whale for.

1 ticket and 3 quartz
of course not
what savings? Everything burned for Nightingale and she didn't show up.

1 ticket. So this is why the nurse didn't come to me...

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Coming this Fall...The Ulysses Trap!

He just sails around it and Circe takes it out on the rest of you.

>steals you're waifu

RIP in piss

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I wish I was Archer of Black so I could watch her take shits

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>Rolled Book at the very last ticket
I love you from the very bottom of my heart, Alice.

Kind of, I got Cu Alter though I also wanted Edison but I won't bitch about getting at least one of those.

Nope, though I'm now slightly worried that I've blown my luck out with this. I'm happy to have a complete Cullection though.

I'd be more worried about your QP. Get to farming those doors.

That's rough user,hope you get blessed rolls and don't fall to anger again. I never get quiet I just get incredibly sad and curl up in defeat while hating myself. This one's real bad because I'm a cufag and cu Alter in particular is like meeting all my personal tastes on top of a character I already liked. I'm truly broken because all the casual/normie friends I got into fate are posting their Cu Alters they rolled. Some of them got him in tickets and are "saving for Jalter lol!"
I feel like my body is coated in ice water
My stomach is twisting. I'm at wits end

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I got a consolation prize called Jeanne.
Fuck that whore.
>me inside

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>roll over 1k quartz
>don't get illya

Jing Ke is at least cute and not the fucking gay clown.

YES, even Edison
wasn’t saving for her but i have some scraps left if she wants to come

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>average of 1,750,000
>5 days

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whatd you waste your indian boners on?

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>no Dogzilla, but I got Kaleidoscope, 2x Black Grail, 2x Heaven's Feel, 1x Ideal Holy King, 2x Imaginary Around, NP3 Edison, lots and lots of other 4* and 5* CEs and more prisms than I can shake a stick at
>Hardly, I still have 3 more 140-packs to buy before I drop 1000+ quartz on jalter banner

How did you not have enough bones when you knew you were summoning a doggo?



Just hope or be willing to spend money

Fuck no.

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>15 Tickets
>Somewhere under 200 quartz
>Edison, Dino C, Kscope.

Lucklet reporting for duty, I've managed to get every single unit I've wanted thus far, I don't imagine JaHortalter will come to me after such luck I've had.

I'm trying to prepare myself for the inevitable disappointment next week (or two or three NONONO) for the Jalter masacre that shall occur.

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Speaking of that, I wonder who the least grailed servant of each rarity is.

>all those anons rolling for fun servants
>meanwhile you're stuck saving every scrap for Waver

It's not like bones are hard to get they drop off a 4-5AP free quest in fuyuki.

Did anyone else give up entirely on caring about cu alter after failing to get him? here, all I'm thinking about is the money I spent now and not caring much about the lack of Cu.

Plus I can get more tickets next week with the new month

>I'm truly broken because all the casual/normie friends I got into fate are posting their Cu Alters they rolled. Some of them got him in tickets and are "saving for Jalter lol!"

This happened to me too when I rolled for Illya, it infuriated me so much that I stopped being friends with all of my online friends who played FGO.
I've never felt that amount of rage in my life, it genuinely felt like fire was burning inside my skin and boiling my blood

Having friends who are into this game is the fucking worst because they just drive the knife in when they get shit you want intentionally or unintentionally

Why were you too stupid to reroll?

>yes because I wanted no one
>I'm not rolling for the French whore

I will, 10/10/10 on Gil and 7/7/10 Altera fucked me up
I do wanna farm some bones first though...

Do we really have to go down this road again? Asterios is probably the 1st or 2nd most famous Greek myth monster and has very high innate abilities, Blackbeard is the image people associate pirates with, and there's tons of shit like that. Stars have much more to do with how much money they think people will put down

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What the FUCK bros, I've rolled probably over 1000 quartz and not only am I a Kaleidolet, I'm also a fucking Divine Banquetlet!

LITERALLY not fucking fair

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I'm planning on rolling for her papa, and I already have her babysitter and her onii-chan. I have no job so I have to hope I have enough catalysts.