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>If you plan on using a controller, it is highly recommended you go into your settings and shrink the dead zone

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>when you manage to parry it was their first attack
no better feeling outside of ledging an LB or killing a Conq using Aramusha's all-block
>tfw realize that this is over a year old and they still haven't done anything about her zone

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Deploy more war assets against the vikings

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*deploys was assets against the knights*
oopes lol

t. weeb

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>Finally getting burnt out on for honor.

Give me a drawing to animate. Keep it simple, im shit

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the eyeballs

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Post and rate mains

pls no bully, I tried to make him look cool

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What the fuck is that?

a bullied warden :(

Too much detail

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Good taste in sword guard

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Are you that rep 7 warden? I swear I literally just dueled you

I'm rep 5, almost 6 at the moment. I do play duel a lot though, so you might have faced me at some point.


>Law bringer is absolutely awful in 1v1s aside from turtling for shoves
>Retards want him nerfed because of this and that he is decent at ganking, not the best though
He needs a rework, and I'm afraid that ubisoft is gonna listen to the crybabies and just fucking gut him into being shitty in every mode

How bad is the grind if I get the starter edition? Interested but I missed the sale.

how do I get gud at gladiator


What are the best feats for winning with warden, vs feats that you use purely to have fun?

Shoulders and helmet paint look stupid, fix it

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Why isn't Cent's zone cancelable?

>in 2018

Each non-dlc hero would cost 8000 steel. You can get two thousand steel from doing both tutorials I think.
That plus the story mode might get you enough for two heroes or 1 dlc hero, maybe. Been a while so I don't remember the exact numbers.

From doing your daily orders you should get about 1000 steel.
Contract orders are a seperate set of six orders that resets every two days, aside from Friday I think where it refreshes after 24 hours.
Each contract order will get you about 100 steel each as well as a sizable chunk of experience.

So by playing for a couple hours each day you should be getting able to get at least one of the basic heroes a week.

Zones should not be fucking cancelable. It's complete cancer that some characters have god tier zones with essentially no punishes
>PK zone is lightning fast and can cancel the slow as shit part for literally no risk
>Glad zone is unpunishable if he cancels the punch as you dodge
We don't need more bullshit

53 and a half thousand steel and nothing to do with it

A'ight, so not too screwed, considering. I take it I do the champion status renewal thing in the pastebin guide even as I'm saving up?

>Fighting against someone as Warden who can consistently parry your top light

Is my only option to get in trying to get a dodge shoulder/shoulder cancel in? Because that is punishable as fuck.

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what a handsome man

Almost dropped my cup.

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Champ status only gives extra exp, loot drops and some emblem designs I believe.
It's not too expensive but it means that you have to use the steel from one of your dailies to keep it going every three days instead of saving it up for a hero.

So if you take a shining to one of the heroes you are able to play and want to level them up slightly faster at the cost of recruiting the other heroes more slowly, go for it.

But extra gear probably won't be useful to you early on. Meaning the champ status would probably solely be used to help you level up faster.

Posting a couple webms from tonight

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Disregard this shit, Uplay is having a sale on it for like 60% off. Guess I'll just get the Gold Edition and save myself a bunch of grinding.

just do a heavy overhead and cancel it, then you can use your top light parry to punish their parry. It's another option for you to use to get enemies to open up and try not to forget faints in general.

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>feint to GB actually working for you
Witchcraft. It's been so inconsistent since season 5 dropped I assumed they stealth nerfed it.


Carry goes a small distance no matter what, and I thought he'd hit the wall

Did they do something to that? I feel like I can never get the guard break because I just bounce off of their heavies. I used to do it all the time.

Whats Swifthawks problem with you and your team

I do that, but no one half decent falls for warden feints because his heavies are not threatening at all.

Gifs are weird. Does anyone know how to make one in 30fps?
I've just been using an online converter since im a pleb

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I hope you get into the game user.

If I can give some advice, you might want to cut your teeth in duel. Most people seem to enjoy 4v4s more, myself included, but duels are a more controlled environment where it's easier to get a grasp of the combat system, what each character is capable of and the timings of their moveset.
After that you'll have an easier time learning how to defend against ganks, how to contribute to ganks effectively and the other things that 4v4 requires.

Do you have a specific character in mind that want to try out? I can try and give a quick rundown of them if I play them and if I don't I'm sure someone else will be able too.

Just a little mad conqueror.

Is that you Kirk?

>telling a new player to start in duel
Criminey, give the poor guy a chance. I'm not one of those anti-duel autists but its definitely not the environment for new players

I started with duel. I feel like getting gangbanged in Dominion is a much more soul crushing experience than losing in a duel is to a new player.

>plays a viking
>is ashamed of ledges

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Nah, I think new players legitimately should.
The smaller lobby size should allow for better matchmaking. Maybe.

Anyway, I'd say a lot of the veterans who have been playing since day one started with mostly playing duels. Back before we realized the inherit flaws it has.
It should still be easier to build up muscle memory for punishes and things like that in a controlled environment like duel.

That's so bad it's good.

It's too early to say who I'll actually get into significantly, I like the look of a lot of them, if I had to choose though? Nobushi, Lawbringer, Berserker, Aramusha

We played a few games yesterday I think.
Either that or the day before.

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Oh my god. FUCK YOU DUDE! You're too good.

Remember me eddie

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I know its not what you asked for but it was the first thing that came to my mind
I'll try this but it would take alot of redrawing and if I can't do a passable take at it I'll abandon it
Now this is the affirmation I crave baby

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Play them all user.

>a lawbringer whips my ass in duel
>try him out myself
>he's shit

LB is an auto lose against a competent player piloting a hero with any form of deflect
If they're playing someone that cant punish shove though then you have a decent chance

I would avoid Aramusha at the very least. He's in a really bad spot, and teaches you a bunch of bad habits that you won't get away with on other characters.

>Average Knight Redditor.

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Nah, I still get games where I get absolutely destroyed.
And there were a few games where we were on the same team. We coordinated pretty decently if I remember right.
You're at least one of the names that I recognize enough to know that, if we're on the same team, you'll probably watch my back in a teamfight.

>false-flagging as a weeb
Typical knigger.

fucking disgusting

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Whoever coined 'knigger' deserves a medal.

Same. I remember getting fucked by you initially, and then we got paired up on the same team as two Lawbringers. Shit was so fun. Lawbringers gotta stick together in those teamfights.

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I disagree. I feel like duel now more than ever is literally no fun allowed with people abusing anything they can for a win. Earlier I played against a Warlord who did nothing but spend every round trying to 50/50 me by running over and switching between a guard break and his charge bash. After that a Conq who did nothing but confirmed hits. Duels are simply not fun, even if you know how the game works

Oh an anecdote fight is it?
I feel like duel now more than ever is literally all fun with people only playing low tier heroes. Earlier I played against a Valk who did nothing but clever mix ups, using sweeps her charge bash. After that an Orochi who did nothing but side lights. Duels are simply fun, especially if you know how the game works

>making a spinning webm instead of a front and back picture
Holy fuck why hasn't this been the norm it looks so much better

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Hit me up if you ever want to group up.
I'm done playing for tonight but I'm not opposed to playing with people from around here if they want in the future.

Can't have autistic poses taken at perfect moment I guess.
I remember when I tried playing valk or doing side lights as Orochi.
Ended up eating alot of guardbreaks and heavies after getting parried.

It's really not anecdotal though. Duel is and has been almost entirely people abusing whatever they can for a win. Unless you play duel against a brand new player, they're going to be someone who will do nothing but 100% safe moves

Definitely noted. I'm done for today as well, but I'll send you a friend request.

You say that but people acting like cunts isn't exclusive to duels. Everyones been 4stacked in dominion atleast once
I play almost exclusively duels and I still have fun with it. Theres so few enough people who are absolute tryhards that I can recognize them on sight
That one LB with the nazi emblem, that rep 50 warlord, pokeball guy goes from fun to disgusting depending on the day
Being a good sport and playing semi competitively is not mutually exclusive

Ranked is another story though. Fuck ranked

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>Duels are simply not fun, even if you know how the game works
But that's the thing, he would hopefully be matched against people who for the most part don't know how the game works yet and are learning just like him.
You're not wrong that some people just sap the fun out of duels though. Keep-away players and other cheese has ruined the mode for a lot of players.

>everyone finally loads in
>good times are about to be had
>server shits itself
>fourth time in a row
Fix your fucking garbage, Ubisoft.

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>Holy fuck why hasn't this been the norm it looks so much better
Because most people don't know how to record and make webms, even on Veeky Forums. I don't blame them, it's way more effort than just pressing a button and then dragging said picture to the window.

Make that 5 times in a row now. Apparently the servers are shitting themselves completely.


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why does everyone have server issues except me

Maybe you're just having better luck matchmaking than I am, but I find that duels are almost the complete opposite for me. The vast majority of the people I play against are just trying to cheese for a win and are obsessed with their win/loss ratio, usually quitting if you manage to beat them while they turtle every round.
Every now and then I find an actual good fight with someone who doesn't just stare at me and wait to parry something, but more often than not it's just going to be a Warlord camping a ledge and desperately trying to land a GB, or a PK/Glad spamming the ever loving shit out of their zone, not even taking a risk with light attacks because why would they?

Because that's too much work for my lazy ass

This is where the anecdote comes in. I'm only rep 66 after 800 hours because I almost only play duels
I'd say tryhards are 1 in about 20 games. Maybe your bad luck is just the hours you play at? Dead o' clock would probably have more autists than normal hours

>PK player on my team spamming zone cancel every fucking fight they get in
>Constantly staggering and interrupting me when I had a guaranteed kill because they spam their wide hitting zone over and over
>Because they got in every fight they have the most kills
>They're nonstop trash talking the enemy team
>Everyone rematches
>Enemy is doing better this round, they're holding two of the three points
>As soon as it looks like we might lose the PK quits
Nothing is more embarrassing than some faggot talking shit and then quitting to avoid taking a loss

>Has great mixup
>Can crushing counter in every direction with his lights
>His lights confirm the kick, which in turn confirms a heavy, making you eat about 50 guaranteed damage from getting hit with a light
>Hyper armor that ensures he lands his attack even if you try to stuff it with a light

Do these baguette niggers even test the shit they implement?

They tried to protect us user. They nerfed his stamina, his damage and his tracking
But no. Your hubris did this. You wanted to see his true potential but you weren't ready

It's anecdotal both ways. You have your experience, and I have mine. I've played at peak hours on duel plenty of times for the duel orders, and most of the time it's been an unpleasant grind of people playing crutch characters insisting that they're actually low tier

The swamp beckons.

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>That weapon

I can't believe this game doesn't have the archetypal knight with the sword and shield combo. Instead, that weapon combination was given to some snownigger.

Really boggles the mind.

I still can't believe BOTH dlc knights were made into roman gladiators.

Fuck you. Romans are way cooler than generic armor man

Except both Cent and Glad basically have the same design. They were both made to look like roman gladiators, just with different outfits. It's pretty gay that each faction got warriors that made sense, and then knights just got romans because fuck you, why not?

That's the real kicker. Samurai get heroes that fit the aesthetic and time period of the faction.

Highlander works for Vikings because of Gaelo-Norse and real Viking activities. Shaman is shit and out of place though.

But knights? Knights get characters from an entirely different time period and civilization. And on top of this but characters are the same fucking thing, gladiators.

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