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Who else Eggs?

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Cheeky cunt

>deepwood anomaly now has storm

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Eleanor wants to be pinned down and sucked

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Star this card immediately

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Glitch is real

Crazy to think that the game could change so much now that Bahamut and Sahaquiel are gone.

Who are you quoting newfriend?

>moon and sun are lolis
Japan? What is the implication here?

I've yet to see the storm anomaly meme in the wild. Is it actually good?

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>play sword
>only lost to 1 grinder dragon
All those board clears really fuck with the deck.

tomoyo, dont you worry now!
my wife is going to save havencraft.

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Look who's laughing now, Dragon-san?

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moonbun is already doing that

Is my deck all over the place?

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How often did you manage to pull that off?

Thanks, I guess... I also opened 2 more marduks and one more jerva. I don't think they'll be good for anything other than absolute memes.

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Didn’t Magnus help with that?

Sword is overrated as fuck, Portal just runs it over. Blood is much better, just goes face and doesn't have to deal with infinite rush puppets and artifacts.

That pack is so good yet so, so bad

You can only post in this thread if you have moonbun

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Can't protect a board if you don't have one. Unless you're chaining her back to back over 3 turns it's not gonna last.

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Shutthefuckup. I got Aria already. Thank god i bought Illya as insurance.

>ugly dildohead with ugly grandma cloth

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who /stuckat0points/ here?

Now now there's no need to be upset.
>How often did you manage to pull that off?
Never turn 7, that turn 8 was thanks to chaining Ghoul after Ghoul, turn 9 is when I usually manage to get him online.

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What is a good dragon deck right now? Forest?

Probably shit

>settling for Aria
Fucking gross man

>all these cards that try to speak with a southern drawl

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>50 packs opened
>only legendary I got was Marduk
Kill me.

>tfw got to 1k points and can now take it easy for the rest of the day

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145 packs. I didnt get Moonbun. ;_;

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Represent. Missing a lot of key cards for some decks.

Only in unlimited.

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just play sword

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>80 packs
>4 legos

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i think many people have below average draw this expansion, cygames definitely did something.

Anyone got an Orchis list? Ive been playing Lion and having fun but i wanna play as many decks as possible before the meta settles

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user that bragged about his 20k rupies a few days ago and said that he guaranteed Moon, did you get Moonbun?

Wait why did they make a 10/10 Storm that ignores Ward for Dragon?

Did I miss something?

>tfw getting moon from the 10 free packs

I'll consider this an apology from the luck gods after bricking during final stage of GP

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Come play an unlimited private match with me for the daily mission. I'll use a suicide blood deck that kills both players quickly. 88629

>Try prophecy of doom
>unbound witch copying mysterian rites is faster to gain value from

What does it mean to be registered for that treasure trove event? The notice doesn't go into a lot of detail. Are the lottery rewards daily or a one time thing? Do you have to be registered all 10 days to qualify for the special prizes?

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You need to have played 10 non follower dragon cards before
It's not just turn6 12/12 Storm ignore wards
On average it comes out around turn10 as turn 10, Lindworm is maybe the most balanced big storm dude dragon has

can i see your list? my list is just mid shadow with no eachtar or squasher

Post dick.
I want to be you.

The rewards are given out daily
The welfare reward are 50 rupies but if you are luky you might have 500.000 rupies in your crate

Blood needs a good aggro 5 drop. Airjammer went to shit after blood wolf rotated out.

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It's not really hard to pull that off

>when you beat dshift because you can't play anything

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It really is if you don't spam Sun and Moon.

It could still pull Yurius or some shit on rotation and be worth something, but now that it doesn't even get that it's truly worthless.

Is it just me or is the swordcraft elite retarded? It always curves perfectly with unga bunga when I'm just checking my meme's consistency. None of the other elites feel this bad.

When are they given out anyway? The usual reset time?

you still need to survive long enough to have played the spells required and then need to pay full cost of 10pp too for his choice
It can't come out on turn6 like a fucking Windmill Bahamut

i'm on win 10 right now too swordbro, comfiest climb i've had in ages.

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Is puppet portal already confirmed T1?

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Even Vengeance in Unlimited doesn't use Airjammer anymore. Just hope pure aggro becomes good so Oldblood King or 5pp choose buff card are viable in rotation.

S-share your lightning dick please...

Think up ways to play 10 non-follower cards in first 6 turns. This should be easy for you

I just opened 20 packs and i got moonbun in the 10 free packs.
I love you KMR!

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svg, is this true?

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Half of the people have below average draws. By definition.

>3 animated gold playset
>it's zwei
Why do I always have the luck to attract the crazy?

Is Midrange Shadow dead?

10/10 with storm and ignore ward is balanced on turn 10 on Dragon, of course.

Nerf Elephant btw ;)

its fine, just play ceres and odile

>succeeded by a white queen
Latham is anything but a chad

No. Ceres is unironically great again now that healing 2 and being tough to kill actually means shit without ETA, a ton of transform, random destruction and balanced Windmill combos, Orator is good value, it still has Eachtar, Odile is good against current boards, Belenus still gives value to all the skeletons you create, Andrealphus pukes out value and Aisha still murders everyone on turn 10. It can definetly hang around.

>haven't pulled a single leader yet
>saved a bunch hoping for Moonbun
>no luck

I suddenly don't feel like playing anymore.

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>confirming tier lists on day 1

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Same here, user. And all I got were meme legends too. Every expansion, I pull fewer and fewer legendaries.

>out of cards vs. puppets
>portal rams all his puppets into my Sky Fortress buffed Princess Prim
>draw 6 cards
lmao this is dumb. I feel like a Dariafag.

Trading my doroshi for moonbun thank you

>tfw want to try mid sword but have to craft 3 celia and not willing to go that far for a deck that's not confirmed to be as op as everyone's saying it is

200+ packs didn't give me anything I wanted

>all these lucklets ITT

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Spawn blood was confirmed on day 1.

This is your meta for today.
Say goodnight to Luna.

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>followers can't be damage until end of opponents turn
What am I missing here? Am I just locked out? I have an evo but I literally can't do anything.

wrong, it took a week for neutral blood to be discovered as the true cancer
beforehand everyone was hyping up neutral sword

Probably the only class that wants both new legos right now along with already using previous ones. Sword is possibly good again and is more expensive than ever.

Celia is not even that great. She's a luxury 5 drop that Luminious Mage does better. She's brick proof because you can play her on 2 at least.
Sky Fortress, Arthur and Valse is all you need.

That's just pure revisionism. The first day of WLD was nothing but people spamming Neutral Sword. Only over the next few days did it become apparent how disgustingly overpowered Spawn was.

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i'm only using 2 celia and 2 fortress and it's been more than fine.

What are these filthy bronzes infesting my wallet deck?

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Only damage from effects. Think BNB sans the destroy clause

hold me shadowbros
wish i could turn back time
to the good old days

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>Shadow gets a strictly worse version of bloodkin
>Blood gets a strictly better version of Bone Chimera
What did Cygames mean by this?


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Why doesn't it say that then? I should of attacked to be honest, but I conceded since I figured the text meant no damage. Didn't really matter since I wasn't clearing that board without using aoe damage anyways.

You're the one being revisionist. The first guy to hit GM was playing spawn and he did it in way less than 24 hours. After that, everyone started playing it.

>not wanting to go back being the comfy craft no one else plays
Fits Luna perfectly.

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