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Welcome back to all returning players! 1.0 is here!

>Where do I look up tanks?

Play with friends too!

EU: NOPAN - eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500136066/
NA: NEET - na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000043295/
PS4: BLAPS - console.worldoftanks.com/en/clans/ps4/BLAPS/

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Dead general, dead game

Feels like our life support ran out of juice.

I hate when threads die when I sleep

It deserves to die.

They're not the only thing that died in its sleep

what is the point of the BC12t when the t71 exists A TIER LOWER?

Your soul is redundant goy, let us take care of it.

wg needs a really shit tank that branches to three lines so people will pay to skip it

>when you survive the match on 1 hp

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like /wotg/



Is the M3 Lee grind supposed to be bad? I'm more than halfway to the M4 and it's not nearly as bad as people said it was.

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It's basically glass cannon td


Utterly pointless.
Now map changes made MTs obsolete.

Now whole game boils down to who has more HTs. WG's not going to get my money anymore.

>t. tomato, just outskill them.
I can't even penetrate most of HTs in corridors and outmaneuvering them with speed isn't possible anymore because all maps are corridors now.

Most people have trouble with the lee because they're new players and it plays completely different from other mediums in the line. It is a TD that is listed as a medium tank.

Same thing with Tier IV lights. Lights are fun Tiers II-III, but once you get tier IV you used to get the scout matchmaking and suddenly you go from being a speedy little death machine to being a useless piece of shit that doesn't have the player or crew skills needed to spot.

change to a better gun?

I'm top gun. Most of non Russian mts have bad pen high dmg or have other gimmicks that are balanced with awful pen. I really want to complain about this but devs won't care anyways because it's the game about great patriotic war not about capitalist tanks))))

i'm kinda new to the game so I hardly know what you're saying
why don't you go down a tier or something to a level where you're actually having fun

I mean that Medium tanks have low penetration stat because they come in 2 varieties: 2nd line brawlers (Russian mediums and some German ones) glass cannon/sniper (everything else).

By limiting game maps to corridors in 1.0 patch, only tanks that can fight with heavy tanks are viable. It doesn't matter if I'm skilled or not, if my penetration is too low to do any damage. At t7+ it's basically HTs and TDs now.

Ah, I haven't reached up to t7 or anything that high
Can you play as an artillery tank and avoid direct combat?

nigga stop shitposting

I got none unlocked, but I see 1-2 of them, usually, in most of games. I don't know if at t10 they are still viable. I might try them if they won't fix the game soon.

>heavy tank hating artillery so much that he leashes on a new player.

wait, so you weren't suggesting him to try the well established real life tactic of indirect fire using a tank gun (which never happens in WoT because lul small maps)?

I've only played with the early tier ones but they have different fire style so they're not hitting thicker armour at the front or whatever

>have been great at avoiding artillery for years
>new maps
>artillery hunting me all game because I'm holding a flank 1v5 because the retarded team all went the opposite flank and I sometimes have 1 of 3 artillery helping me
>die every game with 3 kills and twice my hp in damage
>50% winrate because my team always fucking suicided on the other flank and died before me
Had a fisherman's bay, half my team died in the center of the map, the other half died in the western woods, I was literally the only tank that went even near the city.

Remove corridors.
Time to write petition to Putin.

>hitting thicker armour at the front or whatever
Yeah and that's the issue, 1.0 removed all spots that allowed MTs to hit sides or snipe. In corridors, nobody's stupid enough to expose their sides.

They literally added rocks on the desert maps in places where MTs and Tank Destroyers used to climb.
In germanic town maps they removed these arches under houses and some rubble piles that were sneak and peek for medium tanks.

And most of corridors are now wide enough so nobody can take advantage of hiding behind corners and Heavy tanks don't have to expose sides.

I do my best to bump but I was the only one doing it for like 3 threads. I need time to sleep, fap, watch anime, and play WoT too.

>They literally added rocks on the desert maps in places where MTs and Tank Destroyers used to climb.
ebin response to gold spam

>I was literally the only tank that went even near the city.

This is why you have 50% WR. Why set yourself up to fail? Just follow the lemming train.

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forgot the corridor in the middle/sides