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>Persona 5 anime to start airing April 7th 2018: p5a.jp
>Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night confirmed for release on May 24th 2018:

>Groojos are fucking gay

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Missonary with Makoto!

You finally did it Lavenzafag


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Anal with Akechi.

spoiler with Lavenza!

Rape with Anne!

I can't wait for Persona 5 Akechi Goro of the Resurrection!

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Will Lavenza bully Theo in PQ2 like her other sisters?

>implying lavenza will be in pq2 and not the twins

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Lavenza will not appear in PQ2

Lavenza won't be in because time travel will be before she fuses.

Well that thread was terrible in every way possible. Let's get back to talking about what really matters.

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Fuck off

You are literally worse than the dubfags.


>this subtle way to try and start sub vs dub shit again


Indeed user.

So how about that Goro


>mad his meme was revealed to be irrelevant

I'm just here for comfy floof

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>image dumpers
>their waifu is so bland, all they have to say about her is "I love her!"
>normalfag tier
>reddit's favorite girl
>pedos and lolicons mostly like her

The next person to bring up sub and dubs is getting a mental breakdown


Reminder that Haru and Ken’s trailers will be skipped and instead we’ll get MC and Joker’s tomorrow

>mental breakdown
t. atlus usa "translator"

Sub > Dub

The dub and sub are both fine. The best one is what you start with.

Thanks, it's a gift.

you also forgot

Well duh

delet this

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I fucking love subs

literally everyone already knows this

Pretty sure they used "shutdown" actually.

Why? What's the Japanese term?

no i'm not

Xander needs to be banished from this general

they're called gyros

Subs vs dubs is one of the most autistic arguments there is, even more than power levels and that's pretty fucking autistic.

>beep boop forced meme garbage again
Okay, I'm out.

You're a good guy, user. You deserve love.

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Would be a shame, it'd be super cute

Best toaster!

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I want the Haruween costumes tomorrow desu

What if I started with the English version but like the Jap version better?

I hope not, Ken doesn't deserve to suffer due to Haru being a non-character.

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>first spoiler
sure, that's fine
>second spoiler
nah. people can play whichever way they like, but the jap audio is legitimately the better of the two, and by quite a margin.

it's actually pronounced yee-ro

Then you are welcome to your opinion but I don't share it for my own personal reasons

Don't you want her in persona

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Ken deserves to suffer

Cute girl, who is she and why is she posting a gun at me?

Fucking dubfags can't go two seconds without shitting themselves even though the argument was over.


Ken deserves to be shot by groo

Good one!

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I think she’s from Trinity Soul

alright i got Nyx Avatar down to 25% health. how do i deal with not getting my teamates charmed and them healing him?

t. akihiko

You can't unironically think the dub is better can you?

Equip a null charm accessory and/or use Salvation

Just hit it a bunch until it dies

Either use status recovery items and pray, or redo the fight with a charm blocking accessory on your healer.


I can't wait to play the dancing games with my three favorite robots!

Akihiko doesn’t hate Ken though

>implying Lavenza won't have a hard time keeping herself together, occasionally sneezing and splitting into the twins
>"Ahh not again!!"

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Literally shouldn't be an issue if you set up your party order correctly (yes that actually comes into play for boss fights). If your order is fucked up because someone died then
>letting a party member die

By not being DSP youtu.be/AQnDi87VsuE

That sounds like it would get old almost immediately

So we can agree that while P5 had fantastic gameplay it had the worst story of all the Personas, right?

Not saying the game was *bad* by any means, personally I loved it, but in terms of character portrayal, story progression, etc, it was the weakest.

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Replace P5 with P4.




Dunno about comparisons with the other games, but it was pretty bad, especially around Shido's palace.
Promising start, bad the rest of the stuff.

i think im okay. all my teamates have close to 0 SP. keeping Aegis on Orgia Mode and just using strike attacks/healing. team is: Akihiko, Yukari, and Aegis

Just once then?

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What did he mean by this

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Let's settle this once and for all.

>let's discuss things that don't exist.
Ok, let's discuss Anne's and Goro's character development.

I unironically think you're an idiot.

Tbh grooposting unironically cleanses threads.

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You can use -kun on someone who is below you in rank/status, it doesn't just apply to boys.

No not really it just makes the image limit creep closer

Stop pretending to know anything about honorifics because you clearly don't.

it's hard to post with a hard-on

ahhhh finally beat Nyx Avatar. wasn't as frustrating when i beat him in FES for the first time. portable was much easier thanks to controllable teamates

I liked his English voice more than his Japanese one.

It kills conversations so we can all start anew I guess.

Yeah they didn't balance the game around it

shut up weeb-tan

I partially agree, I did think it had the worst story, but I also think it had bad gameplay.

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It's because he's such a pleasant boy

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Let's just all agree that the English Soejima artwork is better than the Japanese Soejima artwork.