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Creepy Breeky edition

>BugTrap, crash to desktop, freeze/lockup? Find your crash log stalker.
Check your Documents or game install directories for the xray_[your name].log file. If you can't find it, look in the location specified at the top of fsgame.ltx. Copy the last few lines from the log and paste them here if you want any help.

>Quickstart Guide
>Mod Guide
>Miscellaneous Guide
>Start guide, beginner tips, and much much more
>HUD guide, modding basics, mod reviews, and AMK mod guide
>Why Complete is bad and you shouldn't play it
>Performance Guides, Steam settings
>Common misconceptions about Shadow of Chernobyl game mechanics
>The Zone Manual: Every Mod You'll Ever Need for the True Ukrainian Experience
>Pasta summaries, streamer listing and more

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Mods and Repositories | Often out of date; use only as a last resort!

>Shadow of Chernobyl
>Clear Sky
>Call of Pripyat
>Game Repacks + Modding Tools
>Downgrade Patches (drag-and-drop)
>Unpacked Gamedata + GSC Backup HDD assets
>Old Builds (dated from June 1st, 2002)

>Lost Alpha (Don't play this)

>OGSE 0692 AE (Don't play this either)

>Oblivion Lost Remake
>Joint Pak 2

>Call of Chernobyl

>Don't have Call of Pripyat but want to play Call of Chernobyl?
-skip_reg on the .exe starting path after " or if you're using CoC on Steam game>properties>set launch options
Alternatively use this registry file mega.nz/#!uoYinJ7I!Lqj2DNIAkaVkcFUa1PLZzj80cVhAFK5D-9zbU2Iy5KI

>Xetrill's Modified LuaJIT for CS/CoP - improves performance, especially in script-heavy mods.

Last gay: →

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Autistic missions/long term goals for Last Day:

Night ops:
>Start as Merc in Dead City
>Get some sort of night vision and a silenced weapon
>Unlock/buy the route to Limansk if it is blocked
>Your mission is to hunt Monolith every night
>Start mission at nightfall and be back before sunrise in the Merc base in Dead City
>Works especially well with the patch lottery Aslan is running

>Be Merc (works with any faction in different regions)
>Get a Squad (download an addon if you can't take people with you)
>Clear the whole Dead City area of mutants
>If you feel lucky try doing it in Red Forest
>Every Squad member must survive the mission

>Start as a loner in Cordon
>Fight your way to the power plant and join Monolith
>Kill every faction leader

>Start as Merc in Dead City
>Preferably unlock all routes
>Take a hit mission from Dushman/Aslan
>Eliminate the target with a long range weapon and escape without any further violence
>Additional conditions:
>Do it when at nightime
>Always Snipe your target
>You can only travel by day, that means you have to sleep during your travels when it gets dark/seek shelter

Night crawler
>Start as Scientist
>Enable daytime radiation
>Your research has shown that the Wish granter has somehow influenced the spread of daytime radiation and psy effects
>Your mission is to reach the wish granter and destroy it (throwing a grenade at it will do)

Cheeki Breeki
>Start as Bandit
>Get Rich (at least1,000,000)
>You are not allowed to hunt for artifacts yourself
>All your riches come from raiding, pillaging and killing
>Your main goal is to rob as many stalkers and take their artifacts so you can sell them off

Lonely Roads
>Start as Loner, Daytime radiation ON
>You are disfigured by radiation
>You're basically an abomination that is only welcome in Cordon Loner bases since the guys know you there before the accident
>Your goal is to reach the Wish granted and wish for your disfigurement to disappear
>You have 15 days

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>Night Ops
That sounds like fun and Limansk in Last Day is comfy as fuck.

How do I get past the turret at the cordon military outpost in OGSE? Being pounded into the ground has lost its novelty.

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Git gud shitter


These seem really fun, screen-capped for future enjoyment.

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They're all really shit

Try doing this in Last Gay

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Glad you enjoy them. I'll write some more up later today.

These challenges can be seen as a way to make the game harder, but for me the main purpose was to have a reason why I'm doing the stuff I'm doing. I think CoC based mods sorely miss that. So its mostly about immersion and then difficulty.

Oh, I just called them that for lack of a better word mostly because I've been up awhile, I look forward to more man.

Slug rounds fuck turrets up with one shot, especialy once you get the Unique scoped saiga 12

Is exoskeleton a piece of shit or am I doing something wrong? Even with a mod that gives it a sprinting upgrade, I still end up slower and with less overall protection than my upgraded black science suit. I can carry more ammo but it's unnecessary and I can't sprint for as long, not to mention the science suit pretty much makes me immune to radiation.

yeah i think energy conservation is probably more important in the long run and exoskeletons arent particularly good for that. i usually go with upgraded sphere m12 + skat9

Depends on mod, MISERYesques tend to give it Class V armour which makes a lot of bullets just bounce off. Though with other mods, it's a bit dicey.

I personally don't like using them, It always seemed better to pick up a suit and a helmet, or SEVA/Garbage bag.

What are some movies that have a STALKER vibe to them, e.g. Stalker (standard) and Annihilation.

Dead Man's Letters, sort of

Post loadouts

For me, it's a scoped revolver for sniping and a powerful & durable assault rifle, accuracy doesn't matter, for med to short distances.

Any mag fed shotgun and an ax.

Why isn't Shilkaposting a thing?

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Bah, wrong thread. I'll go ahead and kill myself

Wow that's literally STALKER the movie, and Dead Man's Letters seems really, really interesting, thanks for the suggestions.

shotguns are not allowed

>Wow that's literally STALKER the movie
It's rather amateurish made and takes the movie and games as inspiration, of course the book too. Still a must see for any S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan.

>Dead Man's Letters seems really, really interesting
One of the greatest soviet films.
You could also try O-bi, O-ba. Post-apocalyptic movie from Polska, 99% underground dwelling and crazy people.

FT2000 is a piece of shit

Sniper and SMG, is really fun IMO, it doesn't matter if the sniper is bolt, or mag fed, whatever I'm shooting just has to drop in one shot.

rpg + galil ace + radiation suit

Kill yourself

Why not?

They're too loud and it scares me.

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List of shit weapons:
- any assault rifle using 5.56x45mm
- shotguns heavier than 3.0kg unloaded
- anything else heavier than 4.0kg unloaded and without attachments
- any melee weapon heavier than knife

>O-bi, O-ba
This will be the one I check out first I have decided

>rather amateurish made... Still a must see...
I would never let that get in the way of fun, amateur film is nothing BUT raw and fun.
Thanks again for the recommendations, if you happen to think of any others I'd really appreciate you posting them.

List of shit armor:
- exoskeleton
- any armor you wear for its resistance to impact/bleeding (bulletproof)/rupture/splinter damage

>Using weapons
>Using armour
Massive shitter coming through.

what's the item code for bear detector? so i can spawn with it in last gay