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Fuck the mage tower, fuck the appearance. I didn't want it anyways!
I do :(

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*voice breaks*

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>Stop contributing to the command center.


/console ffxglow 1

eternal master race

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But it just got destroyed

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I just spent 3 hours making my elvui setup pixel perfect
Am I autistic?

What's the EU /wowg/ guild? And how bad is it?

Homeward bound

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Is there any way to turn off the class colors in the general display? Just turn them all green like they used to be? Having these fucking DK bars be the same color as the enemy ones gives me a moment of confusion in fights.

autistic for using elvui, not for maxing it pixel perfect


It's worth taking the time to setup the perfect ElvUI.

Pic related.

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Compared to the fact you're going to use it for hundreds of times that long?


Its Argent Dawn Alliance!
Bad as in skills or as in degeneracy?

Is it related to in any way? I meant degeneracy.

BEST Shemale reporting in!
Straight out of Shadowforge.

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Anyone know where I can find the best piles of poop in WoW to pose my character with?

which addons are must have, no cosmetic I love the stock UI

>tfw spec has shitty challenge appearance

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What's wrong with elvui? Honest question
Been raiding my whole wow career w/ stock blizzard ui but one of my guildies suggested using elvui instead

what class can i just do real good with in bgs

>paladin in full cm set with lightbringer tabard cloudsong warglaive
>paladin in full judgment with campaign/balance of power ashbringer
>paladin in death knight gear
>death knight in paladin gear
>prot warrior with the mage tower skin and tusks of mannoroth
>cloth class in black mage weave
>warlock with a t20 helmet jumping around everywhere to show the wings
>havoc dh with xavius shoulders and any of the red palette artifact skins
>vengeance dh with the hidden skin, but one of them is tmogged to the fang of twilight

i know i've got some of you shitters pegged and none of you are unique

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A dps/hps meter
Weakauras 2

Nope, this is the reformed I AM MY SCARS guild since the previous gm ditched us. The degeneracy is not that bad but its certainly not normal

Explain this shemale meme. Why don't you just call it a female?

mfw using stock UI & weakauras

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Please do. I will gladly rate and critique.

So, continuing from last night, what girl(female) races is the Dark Iron Musclefu interested in?

>tfw spec has great balance of power appearance

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>paladin in warrior t3 bought from bmah

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>prot warrior with the mage tower skin and tusks of mannoroth
I kinda get most of these but I don't see what's wrong with this one

It's pretty ugly, don't know much else about it besides how much some people bring it up

I want to feel best shemale's hot and heavy girth dominate and smother my puny human thing!

I don't even know what most of these look like and wouldn't recognize them

>grinding field medic title before they remove first aid in BFA
>getting the same quest item 3 times in a row
>takes 30 minutes on average and sometimes more than an hour to get one of these shitty items to drop
>there are 16 items you have to get
Worse than grinding for a legendary holy shit

Hm. I very much doubt that.

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Building a transmog around the prot tower skin basically builds itself, you just pick all the shit with visible bones/tusks stuck onto them, and tusks of mannoroth is the most obvious choice

>thought you only had to get nightfallen revered
>finally get it
>hey get valajar revered lmao
i hate balance of power so much

What server do you play on?

Ret pala desuwa

can somebody tell me if EU Chamber Of Aspects realm is lively? want to change realm to some 50/50 A/H ratio

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What spec?

how do i git gud at sub rogue?

Is it an RP server? Because faction ratio only really matters on RP/RP-PvP servers

Because Female's don't have massive cocks.
In general? All of them. As long as they are played well. Or are you curious about specific cases, Bimbo?
Who knows.
Maybe you should move your butt-slut ass to AD if you want that to happen.

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its not but i would like to make A and H characters without switching to lively realms for each faction

>Can get BoP appearances next expac
>Doesn't matter at all

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Why can't we have other troll subraces instead of Vulpera
>inb4 the Armani will never work with Knife-ears
There are the Revantusk

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I-I was curious about more specific cases, M-Ma'am



Pretty dead realm.

Warlock's/Paladin's are all pretty good, especially prot and demo

Literally an Orc with tusks

>I want to play an Orc with slightly bigger teeth.

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didnt know about this site, thanks

LF Pala

I haven't.

NB hunter After I maxed my NB warrior.

A Shaman, who I quickly abandoned and just transferred my other one because the 110 boost gives you nothing for Legion

I still havn't spent my 90 boost

Only used the 100 out of despair that my Druid wasn't going to get any new abilities of note for like two dozen levels, and regretted it because it fucked up my bars

If you keep teasing me like this, I just might! I'm getting worked up just thinking about burying my face into your sweaty, pube-coated sac.

Toge stop being lewd

how is this different from brown orcs, grey draenei, purple blood elves, skinny night elves, grey dwarves, and night elves with tusks

Take it somewhere we don't have to suffer through your posts, you thirsty virgin.

Speaking of UI, thinking about playing this game again. I've got the free time now that I havn't had for years. Bought the expansions, gonna lvl up my old charactres instead of using this boost feature I think, get to know the new shit.
Anyway I've changed computers a few times since so I had to reinstall and don't have any UI folders anymore.Have a few pictures though, can anyone help me remake my UI? I remember how things were and this new default layout seems kinda plain.

Ugly? Elvui is ugly? looks god damn beautiful to me. Perhaps I'll do something like that.

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warrior, rogue, mage, warlock, or monk for pvp?

That just leads to further questions. Males have "massive cocks", and I seriously doubt you're a female irl. Why not just play a dark iron male?

Because ERP my man, get with the times gramps

Atlas Bar still exists, but god damn dude. Do you really want to recreate that?

Details! is the healing/damage addon that anyone with sense is using now, weakauras are used for tracking of.. basically anything, including your party, and ElvUI is probably the easiest base to start from.

So we can deduce that the BfA Pre-Event stuff happens during the Burning of Teldrassil, doing Lordaeron related quests and stuff, and rebuilding Stromgarde, like gather this and that, and fend off those and these.

just use the default ui with keybinds?

A deduction isn't a hunch or pure asspull user

Forgot pic

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Well how about you specify your case then?
Because that is what matters, isn't it? If this Dark Iron Bull is interested in breeding you silly.
Is it really teasing if I just state the obvious? Don't kid yourself. We both know you are already thinking about it.
>he actually doesn't know

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Sucking off males is gay

t. soygoy

wouldn't expect a turbovirgin who's so thirsty he fucking mismatches transmog colors for maximum skin to understand

Goblin Hunter which I quickly deleted because turns out I didn't like hunter or goblins

I do actually know. I feel for the futa erp trap a while ago, I'm just trying to help others avoid that path

>Following the Destruction of Theramore, when Jaina Proudmoore approached the Council of Six for help against the Horde, she asked them if they would react when the Horde burned Teldrassil.[2]

God damn is Jaina behind it in the end? SHe'd do anything to get a good excuse to murder Horde now.

>Almost 200 Garrosh kills to get Tusks this week alone

Should I kill myself guys?

I dab on you kid

>Do you really want to recreate that?
Why not? What's wrong with it?
I've got a few more pictures from later, with some changes. But I want the general feel of the UI if it's still available. For nostalgia reasons I guess.

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rip shandris

How mad will the Alliance be when we learn that Tyrande burned Teldrassil so the Horde doesn't capture it?

Would be a dumb reason to kill yourself desuwa

it's dead as fuck, and CRZ with Silvermoon (alliance dominated) makes it anything but 50/50
t. stuck there since wotlk

warrior or mage for pvp?

why would anyone care

Just a bit of a clusterfuck I suppose. Its your UI though, pretty much the most personal un-objective thing in the game so you can have it however you want.

Hope to god you're not going to run the game in 800x640 though.

Most of those addons still technically exist like Z-Perl for unitframes but most people have moved on to other things

And the most recent version.
Is anything close to these an option with todays addons? I imagine most of the old ones I used are discontinued.

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Alzu from paragon has a pretty nice UI. Though I've made a few changes to it.

>Jania is mimicking Arthas' moves in the Hall of Reflections in the Escape from Stormwind scenario
>Ice walls, blizzard, slowly walking towards her enemies

Maury Ballstein

man nothing better than firing up some wow while blaring the latest episode of the instance right guys

are you some sort of fucking admin?
stop posting you ban immune mentally ill tranny and get a fucking life