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I only read moege

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How is moebro so fast every time? Is it a script?


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Me too!

I want to fuck her!


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Does Sayori ever get tired of drawing the same face over and over again?


It's the hair and eyes that make a girl anyway

This is why Sayori is shit.

I want to massage her boobies

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>does a chink ever get tired of doing repetitive shit
The answer is no

Do you hate Wagamama too?

Holy shit, I forgot how bad S;G's art was.


It's a shame Hiroshi didn't get to fuck Ai before they broke up. How fun it would have been if he had broken up with her while he was in the middle of fucking her pussy.

I don't like the fact you can hugg your sister.

Shy girls are the best


End of Japan

Ah... Fureraba...

Good riddance, chink had it coming.

"VR" game

Does it right as he blows his load into her
Then keeps fucking her while pinning her down and repeating that they are no longer lovers
Ejaculates again, balls deep
Starts choking her while fucking yet again, and with a final orgasm he spews all over her body

Ah... Magical Marriage Lunatics...

I love cute delinquents, especially Renna.

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>my wheelchair got a flat

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I want to punch that fucking bitch holy fuck goddamn cripple shit.

Ah... The Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me...

I love Suzu

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Post a scene that made you smile.

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Ah... Sanoba Witch...

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Ah... Nekopara Vol. 4...

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Is it worth it to patch add the R18 patch to Dies Irae? I already started reading and so I don't really think I want to go through the trouble of patching it unless I'm missing something really important.

waste of good art and girls

not really, the H-scenes are trash

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But are they Nasu-tier trash? Because if that's the case then I might do it.

i just dropped 18 dollars of change all over myself.
recommend me a vn that will push me to suicide.

I constantly have a shiteating grin on my face when reading moege

RIP Mochi Yomogi


You should do it for at least uncropped CGs.
shit taste
They are good. Don't listen to this retard.

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What am I looking at here?

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I'm going to sleep, /vn/. Wake me up when fureraba is out

Ah... Maitetsu

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You, bocchi. I'm bocchi.

Why the fuck do mecha's rifles need optical scopes anyway?

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yeah why not just put like a bluetooth camera in it or somethin..

cause it looks cool
fuck you

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Because the US was already preparing for Pilot vs Pilot combat while developing shit. It's why the F22A Raptors in the universe mimic ours because they too have the crazy stealth capabilities and whatnot.

Also, they don't really explain why the weapons have holos but I like to assume they use them (maybe)

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So the BETA know they're dealing with a tr00 operator.

I'd fuck Chaika.



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dont fuck the cutie

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Dead fish eye Michiru is best Michiru.

Nah, it's retarded. Yeah, I get it's ***supposed*** to be science realism, but MLA need to step up their mecha designs.

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slut girl is worst girl

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>tfw I'll never kiss Michiru


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I don't like how Momoyo was a joke powerlevel character then they just introduce a handful of similar characters in S. It'd be like adding more Saitamas in OPM. I'm here for Yamato's SoL anal trainer not DBZ: Waifu edition.

Is there such thing as something that will translate a VN in-game for you?
I've been trying to find an english translatino for Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi but I'm very unsure whether an english translation even exists
I'm a newfag so bare with me


>he doesn't like Mary Sue finally getting BTFO

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Just more butts for Yamato.

>I'm here for Yamato's SoL anal trainer not DBZ: Waifu edition.
I don't know whether to insult you for wanting even more SoL nonsense or agree with you because the DBZ stuff is honestly boring as shit

In the end I'm just going to post this image and call it a day

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>not liking DBZ anal waifu SoL

>I'm very unsure whether an english translation even exists

I want the long silver hair one to step on me

thank you man, I'll check it out

Yes I checked vndb and it didn't say there was none, but firstly I don't know if that includes fan-translations or not, and secondly theres YouTube videos of the game in English.

If it's not on vndb there is no translation

If you didn't like the day to day parts, or the over the top stuff what did you enjoy?

I normally love it, but Momoyo's character was too extreme in the first vn to be a Mary Sue, it was just an over the top joke. Her (only) nearest competitor was a guy who fights by summoning Bishamonten.

For clarity to show it really does get the scripts. you can at least then start translating parts until the hacker fixes the repacker if it is still broken.

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I enjoyed it all, but I only did so because everything was in precarious balance

If there had been too much of one or the other, it all would have been shit

I'm glad I know that now but that still doesn't really explain why there's YouTube videos in English

Finished Ann's route and it's really discouraging me from doing Tina's. I really want Elle to be happy.

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Someone just wanted to show that particular scene in English, that's all there is to it.

I want to be happy too, but we can't always get what we want.

I think already it's out of balance with the over the top stuff already and I'm not even that far into it. But I generally enjoy SoL stuff when I'm not reading chuunige, everyone has their own thing.

It's a small thing, but I love when they have cicada singing in summer scenes.

What's your favorite element on the periodic table?
Mine is Hg.

>Elle will only be happy seeing Ann being deep dicked by mc for the duration of his lifespan
I don't think so.