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Previous: Lostbelt 1 releases on the 4th of April
Apoc collab confirmed and there's an Apoc epilogue event in late April
With the update on 4/4 you will be able to return to the skills selection screen, 1* and 2* CEs are also getting revamped.

Half AP campaign for non-cleared free quests and main story events until 12/4

Alternating class rateup 29/3 to 12/4
Saber: 29, 5, 12
Archer: 30, 6
Lancer: 31, 7
Rider: 1, 8
Assassin + Extra: 2, 9
Caster: 3, 10
Berserker: 4, 11

March 2018 Monthly Mats
>Forbidden pages
>Proof of hero
>Yggradasil Seed


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: November 29)
View listdocs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine

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good goy rmb to roll for class gacha

First non-star Ruler soon

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>tfw no gold berserker
I'm saving for holmes but this gacha is tempting me
Send help

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This is a real banger, lads.

Same but i know that it's a terrible idea

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Are you guys going to fall for the class bait gacha?
Might try rolling in the Rider gacha because I just realized that I don't have any non-welfare gold Rider servants.

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>no chacha
Are you motherfucking newfags?

>tfw my only gold rider is astolfo
I'm gonna save.

Nope, I'll be saving.

>singularity servants picture
>no CasCu in sight
No matter how many of them I see, I always hate this.

The artist didn't include Fuyuki, unfortunately.

I really want Tomamo and Gorgon
And i will spend one ticket for both.
Maybe roll 15 quartz for casters or extra if new servants will be shit

I'd roll for Gorgon but my chances are terrible. Think I'll keep saving for Summer

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Fuyuki was shit.

And yet Septem is still in the picture.

Post more Orders fanart please.
On a related note, is there anything similar but for EoR? I can't recall anything.

Ask and you shall receive, lad.

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need 12 more friends and I'm full

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Your mouth is shit

One thing what always stuck me with Siegfried's Fate lore is that apparently Kriemhild sold her soul to the devil to get revenge for his death. I can't recall her doing that in the original myth and now it will be that one weird detail they decided to add and never quite explain.

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Fuyuki was worse than Septem.

Fuyuki isn't an order formally, the artist didn't include it.

I like how all singularities arts try to hide Kingu's eyes

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I think I came across one in Twitter a month ago but forgot to save it.


She's a Beast.

I have two slots left.

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Im going to roll for my goddess.

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vorefags begone

I just added you, i'm quite new so all my servants are shit.

Make me.

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You guys that're rolling for Gorgon, what did you choose for your free SR? 'Cause she was my choice.

I don't know if I should aim for a NP3 mud

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I decided between Gorgon and Suzuka a long time. And then i chose Suzuka.

I picked her of course, i want to upgrade her NP though.

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I saw one once, but it's just nowhere as popular.

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Gorgon's just a big softie, she wouldn't eat anything larger than Fou.

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Not rolling for her as i got her when rolling for something else but i picked my number 1 choice of CEO with Snake being second.

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>they want to make me waste all my quartz before new gacha
>but they don't want give me Dantes gacha
Bad try DW, bad try

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When is the next batch of SQ's supposed to start

Why the blush?

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>both jeannes but no marie or her harem
>nero and fucking altera instead of nero and any of her allies or other characters that actually mattered to the plot
>okeanos is decent minus the lack of jason and/or medea
>london crew is missing based authors
>america is okay, would rather helena or rama made the cut as well but whatever it's already big enough
>camelot is just lion king and bedi but it's a good scene so i'll forgive it
>throw king hassan in and the babylon one is acceptable
>"wahh muh roman" x2
>wait where the fuck is fuyuki

What fucking awful choices

This is great, still some questionable exclusions but at least the scenes depicted are good and the limited space is a good excuse for it, but I dislike the emphasis on Roman.

Listen my story guys
I roll for her during 9kk downloading
But all i got is Ishtar NP 2

>rolling the bait gacha when we're a week away from LB1
I hope none of you're doing this.

I don't give a flying fuck about the new servants.

Well i spent all my 120 quartzs for Saber gacha.
But there is good news. I've got 3 mapo tofu. This is good catalyst for new gacha, right?

I can't tell is Solomon is a woman in this picture or not. Looks like it because I see a tit concealed by the hair.

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>lvl 41
>Jalter as the only 5*
I'm not sure I should add you
>George in Rider spot
Ok, I'm sorry I doubted you, added

>emphasis on Roman.
>on China Shangai fes official commissioned picture which has them built him his temple throne room in real life size, his gold rings and a huge tribute with fan gifts
You don't say.

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>5* AoE Caster
>FSN Fanservice
>Avicebron will probably be in the story gacha or get put back in the Apo epilogue gacha
>dude look how far back I can lean lmao
>can't roll the best boy
>Berserker Atalanta might be just a costume
The real gacha's just as shit as the bait one.

She is seeing it

You can always delete me later if you need a slot, I just need better friends to get through the singularities.

Poor Goetia, he has to share her with the 72 pillars.

This is exactly what I mean. He was a fucking terrible character and the highly telegraphed shitty twist that he was Solomon and his death did nothing to change it.

I can't stand how just because he died people now act like he wasn't trash.

Feels cheap that only Bedi and Mufasa got to show for Camelot.

I think he's a dude. The pixiv log is tagged as fujoshit and there's nothing about genderbending in the tags or description, nor anything resembling that in any of the other pics.

That's definitely a pec, user.


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You are pathetic

It's Solomon, who cares if it's got a dick or not.

More gay servants when?

Don't worry, I don't plan of deleting anyone from here, I'm even keeping some of you that stopped playing more than 200 days ago
I miss my day1 bros

I'm saving in case the Apo event gives us Achilles and/or a Semiramis rerun, so fuck you.

>mfw your favorite character will never be this loved
Poor Helena.

Now, here we see doors that have evolved to escape their prey via camouflage.

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Soon I hope

I didn't think any of you exist

forgot pic

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Hey at least her artist loves her.

Not him but he's mostly right. I'm not rolling in this bait gacha or the Lostbelt 1 gacha because they're both shit. Apo characters that no one asked for, literal dogs and a Persona. I'll only roll if Kirei is confirmed.
Just because it's new doesn't mean it's good. Stop eating the shit that's being fed to you.

>lol im a edgi boi lol

How far it's possible to go through with a lvl 1 acc during quarter AP story? Doing just story quests for 2 weeks with natural AP regen. I'd guess at least completed London. Maybe even America.


You're right. But it's always heartwarming to see these displays.

>so buttblqsfed he’s resorying to you’d

Make your own Theosophic Society.


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History gets a cool Rasputin.
Hellboy gets a cool Rasputin.
We get a reference to a thirteen year old eroge.

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when I started a NA account, I went all the way up to akeanos without needing to wait. earl on game you level up incredible easy, so you AP restores extremely quickly

I'm not that much into Rin but Ishtar makes me really hard

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Yeah I forgot about lvl up refills. So probably even at least half Camelot. Because that's about the point where support SSR can't always carry a stage on their on and you need more leveled Servants.

Shut the fuck up!
Kirei is the coolest!

shut up about Kireddit

Which is a cool Rasputin.

Saving for Gilgamesh during Golden Week, so no.

Who you gonna main in Link bros? Personally I'm an #Altertoria man myself.

No, it's a cool Kotomine Kirei, not a cool Rasputin. Rasputin is way too iconic to be wasted on a demi-Servant who doesn't look anything like him.
That comic's dialogue is pretty cool though.

>including Ereshkigal, a literally who with one node's worth of screentime
>cutting important characters like Tiamat, Gorgon, Ushi, even King Hassan
Shit taste artist.

I don't really like Kirei but I would rather have him than "lol Rasputin was a girl all along haha also a slut"


Altera and Lancelot

I'm not that much into Ishtar but Rin makes me really hard

Especially Rin drawn by Zucchini, Inomaru, Kyokucho and pokonyan

>Lancelot, announced 24 hours ago, 120k views, 1k likes
>Arjupajeet, announced one week ago, one of the favorites of the fujos, 130k views and 900 likes

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>/alter/ being spammed with poo



Where do the cakes go? This is important

>Poos so BTFO by Lancelot that they started to spam alter