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I love Alisa!

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why does noctis wear only one glove and on his non sword hand?

How are they difficult?

what the fuck do I do to counter noctis spam

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The command you need is actually n,b,n,f and it's easy to do it too fast and skip one of the neutrals or to miss the b input due to socd cleaning if you're holding f before doing the move.

I sort of see what you mean. I play on keyboard and found the rhythm pretty easily though.

Man, Eddies are such easy wins. They know maybe like three to five moves and they refuse to play any character they can't cheese with

low rank eddies*

How can an input have a neutral at the beginning, fil?

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You still should have written it as b,n,f and not as n,b,n,f

But b,n,f doesn't work if there's no neutral before it unlike f,f+2 for example.

I leave against king because I refuse to learn how to disrupt command grabs

based tmm


Does yoshimitsu get any way to force a 50/50 that doesn't rely on trickery or your opponent being unfamilliar with the matchup? I can't get through a good turtle at all.

Yeah it's called frame advantage

He doesn't have very good +OB moves though, so if you can't hit them in the first place you can't mix them up either. This makes it really easy for an opponent to sit on a lifelead against yoshi.

Have you tried doing a low in the neutral

What a baby. You need to re-evaluate yourself.

Duh. But it's tough making a comeback with only lowpokes and d/f1. His higher reward lows are all very risky in one way or the other.

I could beat you in a fight IRL bitch
fists only coward

*chainthrows you IRL*

I dont think there are high reward lows that are safe in the entire game.
Anyways has the thought of watching good yomen play come to you? Because it's a good thought

*RDC's you*

Yeah but most good Yomen take huge risks or rely on crazy tricky stuff to open their opponent up. That isn't my style at all, I prefer to just poke away and Yoshimitsu's pokes seem average. Maybe I should just stick to differend characters.

*presses 1+2*

If you don't want to do crazy things Yoshi is not for you

What if bear twin pistons was hit confirmable?

Guess I should've known. Thanks for the feedback anyway. I'll still play him a bit for fun but won't pick him in tourneys anymore. Should just stick to what I'm best at, and play characters that reward me for playing as such.

>I prefer to just poke away
I thought you wanted to do 50/50s
>Yoshimitsu's pokes seem average
Yoshimitsu's pokes are good though

Don't listen to that idiot. Yoshimitsu has a very solid toolset of pokes, has above average punishment, a great df2, and excellent oki.
Both you and that guy dont know shit about the character and just follow hearsay

Yoshi's pokes are good but don't seem like anything special. I'd rather play a character centered around having really good pokes.

If a 13 frame mid poke that has a CH launcher extension isn't a good poke I don't know what is. Stop theoryboaring

>follow hearsay
No, speak from my own experience. It might not be accurate but it's how he felt compared to other characters I've played a lot of.

Or maybe you're bad and shouldnt blame the character
Your experience doesn't change the fact that yoshi is extremely versatile and has a great allround movelist.

I thought you wanted to force 50/50s, not do pokes.
Either way Yoshi does both very well

how to practice with an arcade stick? I can't move at all, I'm a fucking stone when I try to move or dash.

Why are you talking like Yoshi has some God tier poking game? He's good but not amazing and very much outclassed by other poke centric characters. The guy doesn't seem to like funky stances, unblockables, and Oki traps like sword spin so that seems pretty clear he doesn't like Yoshi at his core. He probably would be way better off picking Kazumi if what he values is a purely poke centric gameplan.

Do you have an actual arcade stick or the shitty mini knockoffs?

Do tell me how he forces 50/50s so well?

an actual one

Link the post where I said he has "god tier poking game".
oki, after a punish, crouching in the neutral to force a mixup with his low launcher

Start by practicing KBD and trying to sidestep stuff in practice mode. It'll take you a while before you're comfortable with it.

Alright good, it'll make you enough money to maybe get a hitbox

True, but I'll need to get the knockdown first which I struggle to do when behind
>after a punish
This goes for almost any character, and someone that's turtling properly won't do an unsafe move at a lifelead, there's no point to it
>crouching in the neutral
I keep on getting hit out of that. I think people don't fear it enough like they do with Shaheen for example.

Thanks, what where the imputs of KBD? b,d/b,b?
actually nevermind, I will find a video.

I don't think so, it's kinda old and I'm going to mod it soon, and I'm more interested on Mixbox than Hitbox.

>Link the post where I said he has "god tier poking game".
I didn't say you said that, I said you are talking like that's the case. Why are some Yoshi mains so insecure? This isn't the first time where someone insinuated that Yoshi may not be the best in a facet and a defense force rolls out to say "UM ACTUALLY YOSHI CAN DO EVERYTHING AT A TOP LEVEL". Yoshi clearly doesn't suit this guy's playstyle so just let him play someone else.

>True, but I'll need to get the knockdown first which I struggle to do when behind
He's got a good set of lows and mids, and stances with good mixups, you don't need much else for a comeback
>This goes for almost any character
But not every character has an unseeable low launcher for the mixup
>I keep on getting hit out of that. I think people don't fear it enough like they do with Shaheen for example.
Assuming that's true out of low ranks, what makes you think people fear Shaheen crouched more than Yoshimitsu crouched?

>"why are you talking like yoshi has some god tier poking game"
>saying a character has solid tools is now "talking like they're god tier"
Stop strawmanning any time

When I played shaheen in yellows people respected me crouching in the neutral. When I played yoshimitsu in yellows they instantly hopkicked at the sight of it.

You didn't answer my question so I'll repeat it. Read it this time.
What makes you think people fear Shaheen crouched more than Yoshimitsu crouched?

I'm pretty sure it's the range

In my experience they did fear it more. Maybe it's just because they were unfamilliar but whenever I tried to do it they retaliated by mashing (not that it always worked in their favor, but it still what they did)

Eat my ass you aren't reading the posts of the other guy. He said he wants a strong poke game and you keep bringing up other shit about Yoshi. If the guy wants a character heavily focused on pokes then he should play a different fucking character.

Actually he started the conversation saying he wanted 50/50s

It's because of his scary picnic blanket hat. He might have a bomb unblockable.

I'm loving to play as nocti2222222

Both FC mixups only really work up close. If Shaheen can only hit you with slide then there's no reason not to crouch block.
>still going with the anectodes
Hey nobody crouched when I wavedashed with Devil Jin, I guess his mixup is fucking trash

wtf people mash my kazuya when I crouchdash this character has shit 50/50

>they're still talking to him
For fucks sake people, if someone is too dumb to do crouch into stand-block and punish the hopkicks then they dont deserve attention, stop fucking talking to that idiot

>in yellows
conversation should have ended here

shaheen's range on either his ws elbow or his hopkick is still longer than yoshi's mixup range